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As scary as some people find sharing to be, I actually find that sharing is what I love most about writing. One of the things we revisited throughout our time together was the idea of developing writing habits. This habit has a beginning and an end (with writing in the middle) and it is portable, I can take it anywhere with me at any time, and it really helped me focus on that great feeling of having written something. Developing writing habits and finding friends to talk to about writing, people who will really critique and support you, is so important. On Sunday, I loaded up my car and headed off to Indiana to meet up with other Choice Literacy contributors to write and talk about writing. Brenda put out rows and rows of cards with writing affirmations on them and asked us to walk around and choose 2-3 that really resonated with us.
While I'm sure we all feel relief or satisfaction to know we have written something, I know I didn't always make a conscious effort to really relish in the happiness. How To Write A Resume.org was designed for everyone from the novice job hunter to the HR professional.

I'm so thankful to Brenda Power, founder of Choice Literacy, for inviting me to be part of this retreat.
Writing something that makes someone else think or laugh or ache or want to write, too, is the most exciting part about writing. Here I am hard at work, I found all sorts of writing places but when it was time to spread out, I ended up in our room on my bed. I'm at a place in my writing where I just need to push myself to make the time to write but also that I need to celebrate when I do get writing done.
I love writing, I love the writing process, I love sharing my writing but being at the Choice Literacy writing retreat helped me really see myself as the writer that I am. As soon as I got there, we were sent off to write and bring back something to share with a small group.
The whole time we were there, I was flooded with inspiration from the writers around me and the time to really think about my own writing.
I've been reading The Productive Writer, which Brenda gave us at the retreat, and am so excited to share some of the ideas about writing.

It helps to surround yourself with other writers and to be able to talk about writing, support and inspire each other.
So far I feel like I'm owning my writing in a different way and feel empowered as a writer. It was awesome to fall asleep after talking with Katherine about writing and then to wake up and start talking about writing all over again! If we look at writing as a way of communicating, then sharing our writing is an integral piece.
They say that so much of running a marathon is mental and I think it applies to writing, too.
I believe in giving students experiences where they can share their writing, no matter where they are in the process, I think it's great to give students an authentic experience with sharing their writing.

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