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If you have been out in your RV for awhile you may find that you have accumulated stuff that is hidden in often unused cabinets and storage bays. Weighing your RV is one of the most important things you can do before hitting the road this RV season! Genetic markers found in a man’s sperm could influence his children’s appetites, suggesting that his seed could play a role in determining if his sons or daughters have a predisposition to obesity, according to research published in the latest edition of the journal Cell Metabolism.
As part of the study, Romain Barres, an associate professor from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research in Copenhagen, Denmark and his colleagues compared the sperm cells of 13 lean men and 10 obese men, and found that they possessed different epigenetic markers that could influence the appetites of their offspring. In a statement, Barres said that his team “identified the molecular carrier in human gametes” that can control the expression of genes in offspring, thus potentially affecting their health.
What this means, they explain, is that the genetic material transmitted through a father’s sperm could potentially alter the development of a future embryo and could ultimately shape the child’s physiology. While the research is preliminary, its findings show that our gametes carry more than just genetic information as previously believed, the authors explained.
Do you ever wonder if your RV might be too heavy based on the load it was actually designed to carry?
RV manufacturers place a label on every RV showing the vehicles empty weight, and maximum dry and wet weights.

RV's typically have more storage areas than the weight ratings to carry everything when those areas are stuffed to capacity. If you perform this necessary maintenance item then you will have a properly weighted and balanced RV that will get you to your destination safely!
Franz and Hilga have been RVing for 10 years, and enjoying full time RV living for 4 years (they live 365 days a year in their RV). The study authors found slight differences in RNA expressions and DNA methylation patterns which reveal that weight loss can alter the epigenetic information men carry in their sperm cells. In the context of obesity, it means that fathers who lose weight by eating better and exercising could influence the eating behaviors of the next generation.
Specific traits long thought to be fixed could be altered after all, and the way in which we live our lives may have consequences when it comes to the overall well-being of our children and grandchildren, the researchers reported. Well, according to many RV experts and insurance companies' statistics, towing or driving an overloaded RV is the major cause of RV accidents. It is estimated that nearly two thirds of RV's on the road are traveling with at least one of their load ratings beyond specifications.
They will also include a carrying capacity value so you can determine how much stuff you can safely put in your RV.

It is also important to consider the weight rating of your tires based on the expected load so proper cold tire pressure can be set at the start of a trip. Weighing your RV is the only way to know whether your RV needs to go on a diet, or whether you need to redistribute the load to even out the weight to create equal values on both your curbside and roadside tires. As far as load distribution on either side, you can make a quick determination by measuring road clearances on either side of the RV.
Over the past four years we have shed lots of pounds just getting rid of things we have but never use. If you are one inch lower on one side over the other you have a good idea that you need to move things around. As full timer RVers it's easy to get overloaded quickly as carrying all of life's necessities can add up! They can measure the weight under each axle, and if you are towing, hitched and unhitched weights to determine pin or tongue loads.

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