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You may need to get a house sitter for your dogs or children while you travel for ministry…your home will need to be clean. New Year, New Resolutions…  And the first thing I always think of when the New Year rolls around is Organization. Life Organizer Calendar and Menu Planner – First things first, you must get yourself organized and that means writing it all down, from appointments to family meals.
Toy Storage –  With all of the new items the kids received for Christmas, it is probably time for some toy storage solutions. Wood Cubicle Storage for the Family Room – I love these wood storage units and fabric bins in our family room. Small Stackable Bins – I absolutely love these small stackable bins to use for everything from snacks in the pantry to under the kitchen sink. Clear Plastic Shoeboxes – I must have hundreds of these clear plastic shoe boxes throughout my home and garage. Over the Door Shoe Organizer –  I use over the door organizers for just about everything except for shoes!
Large Stacking Storage Bin –  These large storage bins house all of my seasonal decor.
Plastic Baskets – As much as I use the stackable bins and plastic shoe boxes for the smaller items, I love these plastic baskets for the larger items. Large Wicker Baskets –  I use large wicker baskets throughout the house for holding bigger items such as shoes by the front door, or dog toys in the family room.
Stopped by from SITS Saturday Sharefest; thanks for (finally) getting this great idea into my head!
How much time do you waste looking for things you know are “around here somewhere”?
PS In a Boston study, Americans were found to waste 55 minutes a day looking for lost items, not 20 minutes. Whatever your stress looks like, chances are getting organized will significantly reduce its impact on your life.
Emily Chapelle offers motivating guidance to busy homemakers who are ready to make changes that last. Remember…the goal of getting organized isn't getting everything perfectly lined up in a row, it's making it work for YOU.
The first key to success is to make a list of everything you want to organize, being very specific. As far as the order goes, and which items you take first, you can do a couple of things--by room, or by type.
This might sound funny, but I've found that when I'm tackling any kind of big project, I need to have my head in the game, and ready for what's ahead.
When you're organizing a space, keep in mind how you're going to use it--what's most important there? Your space will also help you determine how much you can keep, and how you have to store it. Maintenance is necessary, but if you do it on a regular basis, it won't take nearly as long. August 25, 2008 by Nicole Cook Leave a Comment Please share:Getting organized is time-consuming, however the outcome is well worth it.

You will also need trash bags (for hmm… trash), boxes (for items you plan to sell or donate) and eventually you will need storage items so that everything can be put back together and given it’s own home. I also recommend a label maker, because honestly – labeling helps the entire family STAY organized.
21 Healthy Food Plan MealsMake a Salad Base that Last All WeekAmazing Secrets of Coconut Oil: You May Not Know! I recently started using homeschool workboxes for my boys based on the ideas in Sue Patrick’s Workbox System. My favorite part is how this setup  helps the children understand where we are in the school day and how much time is left. When I read about Sue’s Workbox System I immediately saw several  benefits over the system I was using. Logical – Filing boxes with school assignments and projects make so much more sense than writing things in a lesson planner then pulling them out one at a time all day long. Promotes Peace – Creates a smooth running well-structured learning environment (which make mom happy, and when mom is happy everyone is happy). Systematize -You can incorporate all those things you bought but keep forgetting to add to your school day like   like flash cards, games,  timelines, map skills, etc by placing them in a workbox. You can create Workboxes out of shoeboxes, magazine racks, file folders, crates, wicker baskets, etc. Workboxes are filled by mom daily to include the work assignments and materials needed for each subject. Workboxes include; workbooks, worksheets, books, flash cards, wipe-off mats, games,   arts and crafts,  stationary, snacks and little surprises. I  temporarily converted my Scrapbook Organizer Cart (with Drawers) in to a Workbox Station to get started.
When get the system to a the place the way I want it,  I will post how to use Workboxes with Heart of Wisdom approach.
It seems to me every homeschooler that hears about this system jumps on it! Please comment and share. I bought the e-book several weeks ago and am going to implementing it soon with the 9yo (the 14yo is pretty independent, still toying with whether to integrate him). Because of where your gifts are taking you, you will need to be able to move through your house with ease…not with clutter. Simplify your blog reading by signing up to read my blog via RSS (get updates in a feed reader) or via email (get updates delivered daily to your inbox).The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Emily at So Damn Domestic.
Print off a monthly calendar or buy a cheap one, and set dates for when you are going to accomplish each item on your list. No longer will you be searching for items, no longer will you feel embarrassed to have friends and family over, nor will you ever have to purchase something you know you already own but cannot find. Laundry baskets are usually readily available in households, and can be purchased relatively inexpensively. When it’s over, I put my notes in the correct tab and may use that later for inspiration for a new activity! Linking back to an idea or post to share with friends is completely acceptable and appreciated!
The majority of our school day is spent together reading aloud, copy work, narration, or lapbooking together.

Then, I thought of  the boys IKEA’s Trofast toy station ( we bought at IKEA when we lived in VA). Works great for days when Daddy helps as he can come in to our school room and see where the boys are and what they might need help on. I currently have a modified system of bins, so they can find their work easier and card charts telling them which work comes next, but I will definitely keep this in mind. Don't just put "Master Bedroom", because that's really vague, and there can be several aspects to just that one room.
It's vital to put a timeframe on each item, so you are working toward something with a deadline. Most of the jobs on your list to be tackled will need to involve sorting--keeping, throwing out, giving away.
In a few months I will be getting married and moving in with my husband, so I need to follow this advice and get rid of a few things we have in our home. They are probably also something that could be borrowed from friends or family members to save you any further cost.
Most of her recipes are easy and inexpensive, and she spends time showing you how to save money on food, preparation and cooking.
I have workboxes for each child (phonics, spelling, math, surprises, snacks, flashcards, handwriting worksheets, educational games, etc) interspersed with Family Workboxes for Bible, history, and science.
It will absolutely meet his need to know when we will be done, and take the pressure off me too.
She shares home organizing tips, hints for decluttering your life, time-management tricks, and other homemaking topics at So Damn Domestic. I don't use printable labels, because then I can't wash the containers, which is important to me. These containers will help you remove all items from an area or room and keep stuff contained. I can use 3″ bins for worksheets and workbooks but also use the deep bins to hold reading books and unit study books.
How exactly do you make that leap, and get started?  If getting organized is on your list, I'm going to share my tips and tricks that will help you on your way to getting organized in 2015! Make the header MASTER BEDROOM, then list underneath it all of items in that room that need to be organized. Everything in your home needs a place to be--a dedicated place where it is when it's not being used, and where it goes back to when you're finished using it.
You are going to be doing all of these projects over a matter of time, so once it's organized, keep it that way!
Yes, I am sentimental, and I definitely save keepsakes from my own childhood, and from my own children, but it's very natural to me to get rid of things when I'm finished with them. You can check out Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and even places like Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn Kids if you have a little more money to spend.
Several of these could be combined in a week, and others might take that amount of time on their own.

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