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Credit Alexa Ard Reno's City Council seat for Ward 1 is up for grabs and, so far, three people are vying for it.  Reno Public Radio's Michelle Billman reports. The Paper Tiger Blog contains great ideas on better ways to stay organized, clear your desk, reduce stress and spend less time managing information.
It is that time of year again to get ready to clean out and dispose of those files and records you no longer need. The important thing is to realize what documents you should keep and which ones you can dispose of.
In order to keep your paper files in order, you of course need to file them first so that you can find them later, because retrieval when you need a file is most important, but you should know when you will be cleaning out your filing system as well. Sure, you may know what a filing system is, but you may not be familiar with an indexing system. Once you enter the data, you put the paper in the corresponding numbered file in your filing cabinet.
Implementing Paper Tiger Filing System Software for document management will help put a stop to over-flowing filing cabinets, so you’ll be better organized and more productive. The File Clean Out Report is one of the most useful reports that I recommend my clients use as a maintenance process for their files.
With companies wanting to go paperless, it is even easier to get a handle on what files are on hand and what they truly need. Government confirmation of your return and refund from last year. Order a return transcript from the IRS. Records of charitable donations, including receipts. Charitable organizations often send out a year-end summary of how much you donated.
Better yet, get yourself into a paperless filing system, such as linking your accounts in LearnVest’s Money Center, so that you have a searchable database of transactions and donations. LearnVest Planning Services is a registered investment adviser and subsidiary of LearnVest, Inc. Remco Storage Systems has been supplying the federal government with efficient storage and filing systems solutions since 1976.  Whether you have needs for an information based filing, imaging solution or a warehouse material handling storage solution, we have the experience and resources to help make your facility more space efficient. If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then we can help by developing innovative solutions to increase your storage capacity, productivity and efficiency.
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Hi Espiando, From the queen of colonoscopies since 99 when colon cancer was found till now when for the first time in 15 years nothing was found so I am sprung for five years,I salute you.Be well always,Ann. You’ll have to think about the number of files that you work with on a regular basis to determine the amount of space that you need for your documents.
Your file folders and labels can be brightly coloured to your personal preference, or they can reflect your organisational topic areas. Once the decision, whether to file a patent, is taken positively, one needs to decide, how to proceed and where to file first. Provisional application as the priority application is very popular in US and also attracts a lot of foreign patentees. Another risk related to provisional patent applications is that further improvement of patent specification and claims might differ too much and the expert might ask to correct it or withdraw the regular application.
Except of national patent applications, international or regional patent applications might be filed as priority patents as well. To summarize, priority application filing decision depends on level of perfection of the idea to be protected and the overall patenting strategy, like number of countries, desired time-frame and available funds. Document management is an important tool for getting and staying organized, and keeps your filing cabinets from getting too full and over-flowing. If it is only once a year, mark that date on your calendar so you have a goal date to start and to complete this task. When you’ve converted your filing system to Paper Tiger, and you need to find a file later, you simply conduct a Google-like search in the database for whatever keyword you’re thinking on that day to find where your file is located. If yours doesn’t, contact them to request a receipt or use bank statements or cancelled checks. If you cannot find one at the last minute, take our Ace Your Taxes Bootcamp, and make full use of our tax resources in the Knowledge Center to answer any questions.
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In fact, imagine that you’re working on a job, reach for the stapler or paper clips, and see which part of your desk is more easily accessible. Make your work station just that: an area that works for you and enhances your ability to get the job done. You may want to purchase a cabinet that has more than twice the amount of space you need to allow for expansion of the client base and the documentation that you’ll be keeping.
Make sure that you buy quality materials that will hold up to regular use and that will help you get the job done. As mentioned before, idea protection is long and costly process, therefore it is very important to choose wise patenting strategy.
Assuming that the ideas to be protected are rather new and undeveloped, a route of US provisional patent application filing is popular. The meaning of provisional application is that the applicant files the application, which might be not in the final terminology or containing just preliminary draft of claims, etc.
PCT, EP applications are also well suited for priority applications filing, just maybe for PCT the filing procedure is more complicated and might take more time to file. Also with US provisional applications there are certain risks that the priority date might be not recognized in other countries, which happens very rarely I guess. Of course, much of it depends on whether you are cleaning out your filing system for your personal life or professional one.
While you should keep supporting documents like receipts in case of an audit, for a minimum of seven years, the actual filings should be kept for good. It is a good idea however, to make sorting through your documentation on a more regular basis than annually or set action dates in Paper Tiger for when specific files should be tossed or archived at certain times throughout the year. Information shown is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended as investment advice.
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Running a successful office means that you must have a filing system in place that works for you, not against you.
Also think about where your files should be located to make them more convenient for you to reach.
You’ll want to complete this entire process before you buy any new materials to help you with your job. If you click here, you will find a plethora of files, pockets, binders, writing supplies, and all sorts of materials that will enhance your filing jobs. In this case it is very important to have a specification prepared as detailed as possible, whereas the claims can be not full. Then the applicant has up to 12 months for filing a normal patent application, by claiming priority of the provisional application or convert the provisional application to regular patent application. In our practice this has not happened, but one has to keep in mind that first of all patents are treated according to the national law in each country. Either way, using an indexing filing system like Paper Tiger Filing System Software for document management, will help make your document review, tracking and disposal that much easier.
Other records to keep indefinitely include anything of a legal nature and for businesses, all of your financial records. Getting your paper files in order for proper document management is an ongoing process, but setting up your filing system so that it is easy to maintain will help you carry forward your momentum. Disposing of records, making sure they are in the right place or making sure paper files added are indexed into the filing system software database should be done on an as needed basis. When you receive a new document, you type the name and keywords of what it could be filed under into the filing system software database. Instead of pulling out each file and shuffling through each paper to see if you need it, you can read the list of which papers you have and decide from your computer screen which to keep. If you take a few minutes to sit at your desk and think about the work that you do, you can develop a system that is more efficient and that allows you to be more productive on the tasks that you’re assigned. From your labels to desktop accessories to office planning tools, you should invest in materials that will last with regular use, enhance your ability to meet deadlines, and make you more productive and efficient no matter what the task. The priority period, during which the applicant has to file further applications is different in both cases.
For example, instead of just “car repair bill” as a file name, you may also put automobile maintenance, vehicle work or Audi repairs as keywords.
Or you can print a File Cleanout Report from Paper Tiger to make the decisions ahead of time or for an assistant to complete. LearnVest Planning Services and any third-parties listed, discussed, identified or otherwise appearing herein are separate and unaffiliated and are not responsible for each other’s products, services or policies. In case a regular patent is filed separately from the provisional application, the 12 months period for extension of the patent is calculated from the filing date of the regular patent application. If it is the result of an insurance claim, you may even use that and the word accident as keywords, too. Whether the application is converted from provisional to a regular one, the 12 months  period is calculated from the date of provisional application filing.
The area includes a big chunk of the MidTown District, a growing corridor for new shops and restaurants. Brekhus says she's proud of the support she and the city have garnered from small businesses in that area. "Unlike a mall, individual businesses in these particularly older retail districts, they very much depend upon the public improvements and environment, from public safety to street trees, parking management," Brekhus explains. He's a lawyer who lobbied to bring the ride-share company Uber to Nevada, and he wants to see less red tape for innovative businesses.   Lawyer Victor Salcido filed to run for Reno's Ward 1 seat during the first hour of candidate filing on Monday.
That these new entrepreneurs are changing the dynamic of how businesses are structured, and government hasn't kept up." Rich Van Gogh, who owns Liberty Fine Art Gallery, is also campaigning and wants to see structural improvements for MidTown and beyond. I think we need to widen the sidewalks, and I think we need better lighting." Candidate filing just got underway Monday, so this race could become more crowded before the March 18th deadline.

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