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Administration of Justice. The people have no confidence in the administration of justice and the guarantee of the rule of law in Guyana. Cicero Quote“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh had to be referred to the Committee of Privileges twice this year. Public protests have become the most effective expressions of resistance against the PPP’s disregard for human rights and its mismanagement of public health, public security, public transportation, public works, the public education system, waste management and the social protection of vulnerable groups.
The effects are evident in the declining population, the high rate of emigration, the spate of suicides among adolescents, the large number of school dropouts, the unavailability of new job opportunities, the huge prison population (of which youth are said to comprise 75 per cent) and the rate of interpersonal violence.

When not cleaning up after or fending off the advances of his two cats, he enjoys reading, working out and working on projects that do good.
He was referred, in the first instance, because he refused to comply with Resolution 15 that was passed by the Assembly on the 27th June 2012 which required him to lay a report in the National Assembly on all Extra-Budgetary agencies including the Guyana Development (Lotto) Fund and GGMC and directed him to pay all monies being held by these agencies into the Consolidated Fund. The persistence of other vector-borne diseases – such as dengue, filaria and malaria – is a threat to public health. This country has become more unsafe, unsanitary and more unstable than ever before, owing to the high rate of crime and the low quality of life.
These, together with combined cost of corruption, cronyism, graft and the narco-driven crime wave, have taken a toll on the people’s quality of life. These are signs of a dangerous and deteriorating social situation.

APNU also complained that Singh spent money that was outside of the sum approved by the Act of Parliament No. Guyanese are largely uninformed of the dangers that these diseases pose to the population both in the hinterland and the coastland.
The people are still angry over the Administration’s mismanagement of the fatal outbreak of gastro-enteritis in the Barima-Waini Region last year.

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