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Don’t assume they’re always going to be enthusiastic, upbeat, confident or eager to take on the next challenge. Don’t expect them to share your enthusiasm about the latest change in policy or priority, just because you think it’s a great idea. Don’t expect them to get over it when something unpleasant happens, especially if you’re not willing to let them talk it through.
If you are beginning to wonder if you have a conflict that needs to be addressed, a morale issue, or an elephant in the room, put it on the table and deal with it. This article is part of a series of 26 posts for the month of April called “Blogging from A to Z,” an idea first suggested by Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out. Each of the items for sale on this page is professionally produced right here in the USA, by the same group of us who write all those articles and essays for Irregular Times.
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I’m going to offer this short-and-sweet list to remind you of things that you shouldn’t do if you want people to follow you. Expect them, just like you, to have bad days, be off their game occasionally, or be distracted by a personal issue. While you don’t have to be too personal, show some interest in the things that are important to them outside work. The charges you see include all shipping and handling, so there is no need for you to worry about any extra hidden fees.

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