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Updates in Your MailboxSubscribe for encouragement to live, learn and parent outside the box. One thing you realize as you get older is that changing your mind is often a sign of maturity, not immaturity. I enjoy reading the thought processes behind why people change their mind about certain topics.
These include everything from parenting to Christmas, public school to homeschool, Santa to Halloween and more. This should go without saying but since some of these topics are highly controversial, please remember that the inclusion of a link is not an endorsement of the content in the link. Ongoing project on dogma and public opinion, in which the sentence itself marks a moment of changing dogma and provokes a dialogue. The first day of the event, the neighboring vendor struggled to understand what our booth was all about. He claimed that cleanliness and religious beliefs weighted more heavily than other factors in the decision-making process. Then I told him, with what I hoped to be received as sincere promise in my voice, that I’m not anti-circumcision. So like a good neighbor, I informed him that neonatal circumcision carries the risk of death, too.
That means in a fully aware and properly educated state, the circumcision rate drops drastically (global rates of intact foreskin support this). I told him that many men do complain, and the thousands of men who are restoring their lost foreskin are very real. I wonder if the vendor guy knows that in Finland, where the neonatal circumcision rate is basically zero, only 1 in 16,667 men ends up getting circumcised.

Here is a video of a man speaking about his experience after electing to circumcision at age 18. To be anti-circumcision without clarification may imply an intactivist, if he could, would also take away the option for an adult man to opt for a purely cosmetic, medically worthless, and tissue destroying circumcision. Intactivism welcomes anyone who wishes to question circumcision, or to explore how to regret, and even mourn, what they’ve come to see as a bad decision for a child or for themselves.
Description: It’s very natural for us to be conformed to the world’s way of thinking—in fact, it’s our default setting. As you gain more life experience it is inevitable that you may reconsider views that you once held. I asked in a couple of blogger groups if anyone had posts related to changing their mind about something. I share resources and encouragement for parents and grandparents who live and learn outside the box due to unique needs in their family. Quick at the draw, my booth mate was prepared to debunk the hygiene myth, as well as the more sensitive ones exposed in circumcision’s true history with Christianity (click for Judaism). I’m anti-forcing circumcision upon the babies who cannot defend themselves, and upon the grown men who were mislead by doctors in a cutting culture to believe all the fear-mongering about foreskin. Once they see their sons whole and healthy during diaper changes and baths, and seeing them happy and cheery all the rest of the time, they are amazed and astounded that they ever thought of cutting off any part of them.
I am pro-foreskin, pro leaving babies genitals alone and pro giving males right to enjoying a complete body for life. But those thoughts can easily become toxic and overwhelm us with anxiety, worry, insecurity, negative attitudes and fear of failure. When you allow His Word to transform your thinking, you’ll find victory and success in every area of life!

Sometimes life circumstances mean that you have to re-evaluate shallowly held beliefs and expectations because you discover they really don’t fit with the reality you are facing. But I cannot neglect to recognize the possibility of his genuine preference for a surgically modified body.
We don’t refer to breast implants as mammary mutilation or a pierced female prepuce as female genital mutilation (oh wait, we do now apparently), but would we do so if the procedures were performed on infants who could not consent, especially as any and all body modifications that change form and function do risk hazards to health, ranging from minimal to significant?
Doing that would be entirely inconsistent with the proposition that a man should have the choice to keep or discard his sexual body parts. I cannot ignore his insistence of gratitude that his circumcision took place when he was a baby, (adult circumcision carrying the risk of death from general anesthesia and all, he reminded).
Those who sincerely regret their mistakes can be some of the best persons one can encounter in life. He has equipped us to replace those negative thoughts with the transforming power of His Word.
Get inspired by the creativity other churches are using and go make your own bit of awesomeness.
That one man in 16,667 should have the freedom and rights to do what he wants with his body, for medical or personal reasons, just like his peers, so long as it poses no harm or danger to others.
This is so they will be able to decide, at an age of adult discretion, whether they wish to keep those body parts, or sacrifice them to some shadowy, desert deity from the ancient Middle East or to the greed driven coffers of the American medical industry. And we welcome men who were mislead about how much circumcision takes away from them, regret the decision, and need a safe place to vent and seek consolation from many, many others of like mind, and quite a few of like experience.

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