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A bore (or more specifically Ground Water Bore) is a shaft constructed to extract water from an aquifer. If a pump is required to lift the water from the well, it will normally be a submersible pump.
Bore installations typically take a day to install, depending on the soil we have to drill into. No wave, but like some vast sinewy reptile the entire river simply heaves and swells, left to right flow becomes right to left.
But last night the river bank berms, the levees, were equal to the Spring Tide, but only just. Scores of longboarders and kayakers made the most of it, even the sun put in a weak and milky appearance.
But the wave is simply the prelude, drawing behind it an astonishing hour which will raise up this extraordinarily alive river to burst the banks onto the flood – plain meadows after an implausible surge of around 20 feet. We went back upstream to the Severn bore as the surge arrived there in the same shuddering waveless way it had last night.

If the water flows to the surface without the need for a pump, then the bore is called an artesian well. To prevent surface water from entering the well and contaminating the bore's water, a concrete apron is placed around the wellhead. Depending on the quality of the bore water and its intended use it may need to be treated at a Water Treatment Plant before being used. Typically a Bore Pump Station is constructed over the bore shaft and the water is pumped into a limestone spraybed to adjust its pH. In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it. Millions of tons of floodwaters laden with the mud of England charging in the night with unmeasurable force for the Atlantic. Here the Severn is as wide as the London Thames yet the wave today was stunning -anything from three to eight feet.
The quality of bore water is checked to ensure that it complies with accepted standards for the parameters of turbidity, iron, manganese and corrosivity.

The water then gravitates from the spraybed into a reservoir, before being pumped via a Highlift Pump Station into the Water Reticulation Network.
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