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Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. March 18, 2012 by Brian Talbot Scenario: You and your spouse and were getting deeper and deeper into credit card debt.
If the final papers have not yet been drawn, we would strongly suggest terms for payment of this loan be worked into the divorce arrangement. While we would hope the spouse would do the honorable thing, if the divorce ended on bad terms, as most of them do, spite may get the best of them and they will simply walk away from the debt without paying you another penny towards it. If the payments are too high, you might consider contacting your lender to see if they can rework the terms of the loan. You will end up paying more over the term of the loan, but the payments will become more manageable for you. Enquiries generated via this site are passed on to independent financial advisers and loans brokers. Achieving some sort of balance and routine in your life is great because it can help eliminate stress and tension. It turns out that women tend to live longer than men and one of the oldest verified people in the world is French woman Jeanne Louise Calment who lived to be 124 years old.
When I look into what their lifestyle was like, it was very active and while I can’t confirm whether they had boatloads of stress or not, I could take an educated guess that they must have kept their stress levels low in order to live so long. Historically, women were not expected to go out and get jobs and stayed home and took care of the children. The American Psychological Association confirmed in a 2014 survey that money is the leading cause of stress among Americans especially for parents and adults from the ages of 18-49. I’m going to get off my soap box now and share 7 easy and much-needed ways to de-stress after you’e had a long day.
A few weeks ago he told me how he felt like he could never decompress and shift his mindset from work to home after he clocked off since his drive home was only about 10-15 seconds long. Since my son greets me with open arms each day before I can even get my shoes off, my commute helps me de-stress after a long day quite a bit. In the winter if it’s too cold to go outside, you can always stretch or do a quick workout or some yoga at home instead. I don’t do much meditating, but I hear it’s a great way to relax your mind and body indefinitely.
While electronics are great tools to help you get things done and speed things up, you run the risk of feeling like you can never slow down. Yes, I decided to create a ‘De-Stress Series’ and include 3 to 4 more additional posts just like this one to help you determine your go-to methods when it comes to de-stressing in other areas of your life.
That’s great that you found a way to de-stress when you were working such a stressful job.
I’ve started understanding how much better I feel when I exercise after a stressful day.
Usually after work I just make dinner and either watch a little tv, read, listen to podcasts, or play my ukulele.
I used to live next to a forest, and to de-stress I would just go for long walks along the trails. He founded CMC, which is in the Westwood section of Pittsburgh, in 1966 with the help of some investors and a secretary. He served as president of the Pennsylvania Unit of the American Collectors Association from 1979-1981, and also served as national director of the American Collectors Association for Pennsylvania from 1987-1990.
A native of West Pittston, Luzerne County, he served in the Navy in World War II and he graduated from Wilkes College in 1955 with B.A.
In addition to his wife and daughter, he is survived by a son, Jeffrey Kane, of Santa Monica, Calif., and a sister, Margaret McCormick of Mechanicsburg.
Since then I’ve made a few small modifications to the spreadsheet and I am now sharing it hear for a free download to my clients and followers. Using this sheet will help you accelerate your debt payoff much faster and calculate an easy to follow plan.
The debt-snowball method is a debt reduction strategy, whereby one who owes on more than one account pays off the accounts starting with the smallest balances first while paying the minimum on larger debts.

Once the smallest debt is paid off, one proceeds to the next slightly larger small debt above that, so on and so forth, gradually proceeding to the larger ones later. So, say you have three credit card balances: $500 with an annual percentage rate of 10%, $2,000 with an APR of 20%, and $5,000 with an APR of 15%, you’d pay off the credit card with an APR of 20% first, because that’s the one that will cost you the most over the long run due to compound interest. Once you eliminate the balance with the highest interest rate, you’d move on to the balance with the next highest interest rate (the $5,000 balance with the 15% APR), until all your balances are paid off.
Here is a good article to compare the two methods to see what is best for you… The Avalanche Method or the Snowball Method.
Well I hope that this free download and debt reduction spreadsheet will help you reduce your debts faster and save you money. Jason is insistent on only drinking his coffee black and enjoys a "NO Suit NO Commute" Lifestyle! Once I saw that being debt free was in sight I put off needless expenses, and this morning I finally paid off my credit card.
You both realized the only way to get out from under the massive debt load was to get two debt consolidation loans, with each person getting a loan in their own name.
This way, you have a legal and binding agreement making your spouse is liable for this debt as well.
If they are not willing to work with you on the payment terms, you may have to take some drastic measures, such as an IVA or even bankruptcy. We are neither a lender or an independent financial adviser and as such are unable to offer financial advice. A few months ago, I got involved in some leisure research about some of the oldest people in the world. While raising kids can be quite stressful at times, I assume that most men wore themselves out throughout their lifetime by overworking themselves and stressing out over the family’s finances – since a lot of pressure was put on the man. While we’re all striving to hustle and earn more money these days, it’s important to understand that we need to find healthy ways to relieve our stress in order to improve our quality of life. While most people would balk at the sound of a hefty commute, one of my coworkers who lives less than a block away from our office is envious of my commute.
I have to admit, my commute home is rather relaxing – even in mild traffic – because I can turn on my music, reflect, and decompress before I even walk in the door. If you feel tense and don’t have a commute, try driving around the block a few times every once and a while. Most people meditate right when they wake up or before they go to bed, but I encourage you to meditate for a few minutes whenever you need to de-stress. When you’re trying to relax, it’s best to read a fiction book and not a non-fiction personal development book that requires critical thinking and for you to stop every few pages to take notes. It takes more time but it relaxes you more and you can even play calming music during your bath.
We have a rule in our home that means we don’t use electronics for at least 30 minutes to an hour each day.
Having your health and your mind is more important than anything so it’s best to do everything in your power to maintain it. I love taking a break just to go on a walk – and I cannot wait for the freezing cold weather to go away so I can get back to my lunch walks.
When I was in my first stressful career as an engineer I would take advantage of an on site Gym. I do believe that stress can kill so I love how you said exercising added years to your life. When I was in law school I had over an hour commute and it was a fantastic way to calm down before a big exam or to release frustration from a tough class. I usually opt for showers because it’s quicker but taking that extra time will be worth it!
Now, I live in a city and I no longer have my own car so it’s been very challenging for me to get out there.
Around my old house we used to have a walking trail and small pond nearby and I miss taking those scenic and relaxing walks. He founded the Credit Management Co., part of a tough industry that sometimes relies on persistence or harassment to get creditors to pay up, but for Mr.

It’s basically the opposite of snowballing, except you’re not paying off your largest balance, but rather your most expensive balance, or the balances with the highest interest rate.
Since then Jason has become a top producer for one of the largest, most well respected Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers in the industry, producing quality loans in California. Jason loves being outdoors and writing important tips on his blog (what you are reading now) and hangs with his wife kids and dog.
After going to school for 7 years, and travelling for over 6.5 months, the expenses and debt piled up.
If the divorce has already gone through and you were relying on their honor, you could be in trouble. Regardless of how dire your situation is at the time, you will be solely responsible for the repayment of the loan. It surprised me to find out at least the top 10 oldest people in the world were all women (sorry men). Escaping in a book with a great storyline is a pastime I truly enjoyed when I was a child and now miss. I know Bath and Body Works always has some nice bath oils, bath salts and stress relieving soaps to use. When you come home, make yourself a cup of tea and sit outside or on your couch and just do nothing for a few minutes. I feel like I am spending all my time in front of some kind of screen, so it’s almost a relief to be able to shut it all down and take a break from it! I should really try it, but I have no idea how to start clearing my mind because I’m always thinking about everything. It’s so important to find a better way to manage stress and balance everything in your life. I’ve been more conscious about conserving water lately, so I no longer indulge in my bubble baths.
My name is Chonce, and I'm a writer at my day job, freelancer at night, a mother all around, and a personal finance blogger in between. Clair, believes his compassion for people was a result of losing both his sisters when he was a young man.
It was after working for two financial firms that he decided Pittsburgh needed a quality collection company. I receive emails constantly and always feel like I have to respond as soon as I get them or risk letting them pile up. Because my job seemed to require more and more hours I would leave my desk at 4pm and hit the gym for an hour. I used to hate it but now I get a runner’s high that makes me feel motivated and centered.
Yoga is super relaxing and makes me feel like I’m getting a workout in too so its a double win!
I had to follow him in our car since he was driving the one that had to be repossessed,” she remembered.
Then return to my desk afterward to finish things up, and clear the email and VM of issues during a more quiet time after most everyone else had left.
I recently started meditating in the mornings and being more present really helps deal with stressful situations later in the day because my mind is less chaotic.
And, finally, I love, love to read a book or magazine and will often do it while taking a bubble bath or drinking a cup of tea. Join me in my journey of paying off $30,000 in debt and cleaning up my financial house along with my cozy apartment.

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