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Even the skeptical do acknowledge the efficacy of self hypnosis, particularly in helping people get a handle on their anxieties. In particular, self hypnosis can help to control the sort of anxieties that are born out of situations, which people feel they have no control over. HypnoBirthing is one technique that many women have found to be of great value in the process of birthing. Here hypnosis can help women feel relaxed and more in control on the situation; in this case being childbirth. Then there is the virtual gastric band, that obviates the need for actually surgery and makes a person believe that they have undergone the surgery to make them eat less. There is also the possibility that hypnotherapy could come to the aid of those who have different kinds of phobias and Tourette’s syndrome.
Self hypnosis is something we tend to lapse into on a regular basis without even realising it. One of my favourite techniques in self hypnosis, is the 3-2-1 technique or some call it the 5-4-3-2-1 technique and was originated by Betty Erickson, who was the wife of pioneering hypnotherapist Milton Erickson.
The idea of this self hypnosis induction method is pretty much the same as in a lot of other methods.
So, Get comfortable first, and you will then concentrate on things that you can hear, touch and see. When you have focused on the third image, simply go back to the start, but this time hear only two things, feel only two things and then see only two things, hear one thing, touch one thing and see one thing. You can use this technique to get to sleep or to enter a nice trance like state of mind and body. You can experience this event through your own eyes and ears and then you may experience the event as if you are looking at yourself from a distance, or 3rd person. Then when you are done, float right into that body and play the whole thing out trough your eyes, in the 1st person. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The 7th Path™ System was also influenced by The Course In Miracles, his study of Psychology and Hypnotherapy, as well as spiritual practices such as Ascension. Then The 7th Path™ acts like a deprogramming device that removes old limiting beliefs and patterns.
Once some cup-emptying has been accomplished, then the practitioners can use the system to make just about any kind of improvement that he or she wants to make in life.
You can learn the 7th Path™ by working directly with a hypnotherapist in individual one-on-one sessions or in classes with other students. First receive an introduction to hypnosis, where you learn about hypnosis and the subconscious mind.
There will be a demonstration of hypnosis where you get to see how it works and ask questions.
Then you will get to learn how to induce hypnosis in yourself and give yourself the 7th Path® suggestions. The trance state is so familiar that it is common for people to disbelieve that they have been hypnotized the first or second time it occurs.
In my experience the easiest way to learn self-hypnosis is in the hypnotic state, so I teach it to my clients whilst in session and then we practice it together.

Then I like to visualize going down a marble staircase, counting from ten to one, and saying to yourself with each step that you are doubling the relaxation. Then when you feel yourself in a comfortable and relaxed hypnotic state, visualize the positive outcome you desire. If you would like to make a self-hypnosis tape for yourself, please see our Free Self-Hypnosis Scripts page for more information and sample scripts. Welcome to the website for Geoffrey Knight’s professional hypnotherapy practice in Portland, Oregon.
This article in the Daily Mirror speaks about use of hypnotherapy to help people control their anxieties.
This helps those who indulge in compulsive eating by giving them more control over their diet so they can take charge and help themselves lose weight. If you drive a car, you will know this feeling as suddenly coming back to the real world having been somewhere else completely different in your mind. It is all about allowing yourself to focus on something that is involving and fixating your attention.
This could be a ticking clock, birdsong or even the sound of your own breathing, it can really anything at all that you can consciously hear.
The sensation of shoes on your feet, perhaps a feeling in a muscle or a group of muscles, or maybe the temperature of the air around your skin (Cool or warm).
Using the power of your imagination just allow an image to come into your mind, it can be anything at all, it really doesn’t matter.
Within self hypnosis, My favourite technique is to use age progression and see something going really positively. The Practitioner dedicates time each morning and afternoon to the practice as well as a short period of time before going to sleep.
For example the practitioner can become more confident, improve self-esteem, improve mood, become more motivated or over come bad habits, addictions and compulsions.
You can also learn self-hypnosis from the many books on the subject, or from tapes and videos made by hypnotherapists. It is a bit like meditation in that you should chose a convenient time of day, such as first thing in morning, and sit in a comfortable chair, feet on the floor and no limbs crossed.
Continue the deepening of the trance state by, for example, going into and exploring a garden of your own imagination. For example when you want to lose weight, visualize yourself three months from now weighing 25 pounds less, see yourself eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting out sugar and snack foods, getting slimmer and more attractive. It is a powerful tool for changing your own reality, and in some ways self-hypnosis is similar to prayer.
Geoffrey offers private hypnotherapy sessions addressing many different concerns for adults and children. You just drifted off somewhere, and although you may feel that you were completely oblivious to the world, you were still in control! And if you can place yourself into a trance then you have a great opportunity to be able to use self hypnosis techniques to help yourself improve whatever it is you wish to change. This allows all the clutter in the mind to be cleared and the mind can then begin a journey of slowing down. If there are very few noises (at night time for example) then you may even listen to the same noise but find three different qualities to it.

This could be yourself carrying something out with more confidence, or saying something really assertive to another person. It was through conducting thousands of hours of hypnotherapy that Calvin Banyan developed this very special form of self-hypnosis.
People who have experience doing a form of meditation will notice right away that this is a profound leap forward. Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming and not been aware of things happening around you? The main difference between these types of trance and purposeful self-hypnosis is the lack of specific motivations and suggestions towards a goal. Make it so real that you feel yourself zipping up the clothes you had put away and admiring yourself in the mirror. The more real you make it, the more feeling you put behind it the more powerful the effect.
This website provides information about Geoffrey’s practice as well a wide range of hypnosis articles, descriptions of common problems that respond well to hypnosis, self-hypnosis scripts and videos, and other valuable resources.
Simply go forward to an event that has yet to happen and see it unfurl in the exact right way. He noticed that there were similar insights that his clients consistently made when they made the changes that they wanted to make. It will give you everything that you wanted from meditation because of how it combines hypnosis, meditation and spirituality. Have you ever been so absorbed in a book or watching a movie that you haven’t realized an hour or two has gone by? People in a hypnotic state appear to be asleep, but their brain wave patterns show alert wakefulness. In my practice I regularly teach my clients self-hypnosis, because using it between sessions helps compound the suggestions and speeds up reaching the desired goal.
Take several deep breaths, holding your breath for as long as possible, and as you breathe out relax your body from head to toe. Use your sense of touch and feel by imagining, for example, taking your shoes off and walking on the lawn in your garden. You are physiologically deeply relaxed but your unconscious mind is absorbing the images and instructions the hypnotist is giving it. It can be used in any situation where you need to change your physical, mental or emotional state.
Enjoy the freedom of walking barefoot and feel the cool, moist grass on the soles of your feet, “squidging” up between your toes! In fact, it is such an important tool for making changes that I regularly teach classes in self-hypnosis.

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