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Suffering from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence can really restrict how you live your life. A lack of self-confidence is really a fear of being judged – by yourself and by others. It can become hard to see a way to see things positively, instead it is easier to become more withdrawn and see only the worst in ourselves, expect only the worst from ourselves, and never imagine that things could be different. My Colchester personal coaching and cognitive hypnotherapy practice is located at the Lexden Health Practice.
I offer bespoke hypnotherapy and life coaching in Harley Street London, Colchester (Essex) and Dedham (Suffolk) areas. Being calm, confident and in control can be life-changing when it helps you find a date, win a promotion or overcome limiting beliefs.
You walk into a crowded room and, suddenly, all eyes are on you and all you want to do is run away. Those heart-stopping moments when confidence deserts you can be transformed into positive, empowering experiences with a bit of hypnotic reprogramming that helps you to build confidence. When you build confidence you can be more relaxed, self-confident and also in charge and this could be life-changing if it allows you to get a date, advance at work or overcome old restrictive beliefs.
You can feel a deep sense of inner satisfaction as you learn to feel comfortable as you really are. You can enhance all these life skills and more by building your core inner confidence with hypnotherapy. A healthy sense of security and self belief gives us the courage to grasp opportunities and the strength and tenacity to fulfil our potential.
Karen’s collection of audio sessions uses calming, lyrical words, thoughts and suggestions to powerful effect. A clinical hypnotherapist, master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) practitioner based in the South East of England, Karen Martin has many years experience treating a wide range of conditions and disorders. Specialist Hypnotherapy for Weight, Smoking, Confidence, Fertility, Stress, Phobias, Relationships, Sexual Issues & More. Confidence & Self Esteem How hypnotherapy can help you regain your confidence If you are lucky enough to be super-confident you can’t even begin to imagine how it feels to live your life without it. Working with Kate was nothing short of phenomenal, she is a master at what she does and I highly recommend her to anyone! I’ve been through all the books, the stop smoking sessions, but all failed me, I kept smoking!! I went to Katie during a very stressful relationship breakdown which was affecting most parts of my life. The good news is that hypnosis is an excellent way to change the way that you feel and I help you to evolve strategies that will work for you so that you can build your confidence and heighten self esteem and find the life that you want.
People get tied up in negativity fear worry anxiety pessimism depression and despair – they are locked into a negative self fulfilling cycle of thought. That may seem impossible and yet I have helped hundreds of people get past their lack of confidence and teach them how to build up their self esteem. I use a tried and tested technique called Hypnoanalysis combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming to help you find out the reasons for lack of confidence or low self esteem and ensure that you find strategies to deal with the blocks to your success.
You can talk to me for FREE to see how I can help you – just call or email and leave me your number and times to call and I will call you.
DISCLAIMER: Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and should not be considered a replacement for Medically advised treatments and results can vary from person to person. Especially around my relationships, the coaching Kris provided resulted in several shifts in perspective and confirmation of my feelings, thus giving me more clarity and security.

Like many aspects of our personality, you probably picked this one up from when you were a child, possibly before you can even remember.
I am conveniently located for Chelmsford, Braintree, Kelvedon, Clacton-on-Sea, Sudbury, Ipswich and Manningtree. Karen can teach you how to approach professional and social challenges with positive anticipation.
Her clear, concise, rhythmic expression of the English language is universally understood, offering comfort, hope and reassurance when needed along with a range of tried and tested tools and techniques. Not only did she find the solution, importantly she identified the root cause – “why was I always picking the wrong people to have relationships with”. I felt immediate results after the first session and after the course of treatment I felt I slept well and not troubled by anxiety any more. I had chosen not to have an anesthetic as the natural recovery and healing time is much quicker without, plus there are no side effects. One session with Kate and I’ve stopped smoking, without Kate it would not have been possible. I am now less stressed and much clearer about how to move forward, and I feel I can now identify what is important to me rather than repeating the same old nightmare relationship patterns.
Before seeing Katie I had tried so many times to give up smoking using different methods without success.
If we have had trauma or bad experiences or bullying our self esteem and confidence can be on the floor – and we see no way out. You may find yourself being more accepting of your right to be confident in daily interactions.
It can mean that your dreams always remain dreams. Boosting your self-confidence through hypnotherapy will help you to get more out of your life at work, with your friends and family, and with dating and relationships.
You might have learned that life is full of danger from an insecure parent, you might have been embarrassed at school by a teacher, or maybe your parents were critical of everything you did. Just take a moment to imagine: What could you achieve with the rest of your life if you were confident in your own skin, if you were brimming with self-belief and ready to make your dreams a reality? I do not believe there is a 'one-size-fits-all' solution to any problem, but that we are all unique.
The work presentation in a crowded boardroom is looming and your mouth dries and your brain freezes at just the thought of it. Confident people don’t suffer the anxiety and discomfort of walking into a crowded room and feeling totally out of depth, they don’t panic at the thought of giving a presentation, going on a date, asking for a pay rise or even just talking to the boss. You may have been picked on or bullied by kids who didn’t realise the harm they were causing. What new opportunities – opportunities that filled you with excitement – would this new you have in your life? If you are looking for hypnotherapy or coaching in Colchester (Essex) or Ipswich (Suffolk), get in touch and I'll tell you more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy and how it could help you. The room falls silent for the wedding speeches and your well-rehearsed words are like dust in your mouth. As we go through life, small and large knocks to our confidence set us back further each time they happen.
If you were the person that walked into a party with their head held high and a smile on their face, what new people might want to get to know you who could take your life in a different direction? Even the most seemingly confident people, often lack confidence in some areas of their life – and lack of confidence can put your life on hold. Confidence and self-esteem often seem like a ‘nice-to-have’, however, they are essential to living a full and enjoyable life.

Confidence issues start young Natural confidence is something we’re born with; newborn babies express their feelings easily and are totally comfortable being themselves. Unfortunately for most people, our natural confidence skills are stifled at a young age, and although they are never truly lost, they remain hidden without good therapy. Francis Xavier Up to the age of 5-6, our minds are like sponges soaking up all the information from the world around us; learning critical skills such as walking, talking, reading, writing, relationship patterns and how behave in certain situations. This critical time for laying down the foundations to our personality and understanding our expectations of the world and what we believe others think about of us. It is at this time we form our “confidence programme” – and this programme affects how loved, deserving, successful and confident we feel for the rest of our lives.
With the correct foundations for confidence and self-esteem learned in childhood, it’s far easier to be naturally confident as an adult. The problem of lacking in confidence starts, usually during your childhood years, you picked up an ‘incorrect’ message that you weren’t good enough; perhaps you didn’t deserve the good things in life.
Even the most seemingly innocent incidents can cause a problem, such as a one-off remark or something on the TV. These messages get imprinted deep within your mind and your inner talk constantly reinforces these inappropriate thoughts, ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘I can’t possibly do that’ – sound familiar?
Hypnosis is the gateway to the subconscious, where, using specific technique, the source of the poor confidence can be located. With sophisticated age regression techniques, events can be revisited with ‘adult eyes’ and ‘reprocessed’ to update inappropriate thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are no longer serving you. Once the root cause of the confidence problem has been addressed, suggestion therapy can be applied to give your mind the ‘software’ for natural confidence. With the correct programme for confidence fixed in your mind, embracing opportunity and enjoying life becomes second nature. Many hypnotherapy programmes on the market are “suggestion therapy” based, and suggestion is primarily for habit based issues.
We use both approaches to increase your chances of success, simply because it is impossible to establish the type and cause of the problem without treating both.
Our sophisticated programme is a very powerful and thorough therapy, consisting of over 12 specific elements and is very carefully tried and tested formula, structured to achieve the very best success rates.
Using specialist regression techniques in hypnosis, we are able to find and address those initial problems that are running the incorrect program in your mind. We then replace them with a better suited ‘mind’ program so you have a new habit of feeling confident, successful and unstoppable! You would be surprised to know that even the most confident person has moments of self doubt, but because they don’t have that “rogue programme” running they are able to shake it off and carry on. We all deserve to live the very best life possible, we all deserve to enjoy and profit from our success. An investment into one of our advanced hypnotherapy programmes is a serious, committed investment designed to last a lifetime.
Free 15-minute consultation If you’re lacking in confidence, pick up the phone and talk to us – we are here to help!

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