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A practitioner of body-energy massage is guided by the innate intelligence of the human body to encourage a free and harmonious flow of the bio-energy throughout the body, restoring a balanced and unblocked energy charge.
Melissa Ieraci, a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer, will take you through a journey of food and nutrition of plant based eating.
If you want to shift your energy, you can do so by placing your finger on the frequency scale, and gently moving your finger. Explore slowly and gradually, as you build your subtle energy sensing skill with ease and grace.

The physical body is the product from the healthy energy body called Aura and the mind the manager who governs the activities of all 3 bodies.Man becomes stressed and alters the functions of the chakras which are absorbing the cosmic energy for the vital health and development of the human system. For all the above said problems to be prevented and people can live for long years with crispy wealthy and healthy life. Pyramid healing with pranic healing, acupuncture, hypnotherapy is formulated to Soul healing for the ultimate happiness of man and make heaven on earth.
As you look at the chart, your imagination helps you sense various things happening in your aura.

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