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I’ve just released my first Facebook experiment: a game called Do You Know Your Friends? The game took about 6 days to complete (after spending a couple days trying to understand the Facebook API). I’m trying to determine if Facebook can be a profitable channel for distributing games.
NewletterSubscribe to my newsletter and receive the latest news about my games and be the first to know about my new releases! The very fact that so many people would venture out on a chilly, blustery Tuesday evening attests to the increasing interest in what Dr Helliwell calls the science of happiness.

Beyond reminding us that money (sort of), material goods or being miserly don’t promote wellbeing, the happiness research findings are aligned with the principles of Balanced Leadership. The other striking aspect of the happiness research is what it infers about the shadow side of the fear-based world (remembering that the Balanced Leadership model validates and encourages the planning, direction, implementation and targeted outcomes that represent the positive aspects of the fear-based world). It’s basically a quiz game written in Flash that asks you questions about your friends and gives you a ranking based on your score.
Dr Helliwell’s infectious style had the audience of 300 singing and clapping along within the first minute of his presentation (I need to try that in my next workshop!). The fact that countries around the world as well as global organizations like the UN are seeking advice from Dr Helliwell is further evidence of that growing interest.

Pick funny pictures, demotivational posters, memes, jokes and one-liners to cheer up your Facebook cover! Put another way, we’ll be happier if we have enough money to cover our needs and if we feel we are valued, contributing, relatively autonomous and engaged members of our communities.

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