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The years of childbearing and parenting young children can be some of the most challenging. Lack of sleep is another issue that’s common in the childbearing years, with most parents fighting off fatigue and exhaustion on a daily basis. Pregnancy and the first year postpartum are a particularly vulnerable time in a woman’s life. As you can glean from the facts above, if we want healthy children, we need healthy mothers and fathers.
Psychotherapy, medication, or a combination of the two, are considered the go-to treatment for maternal and paternal mental illness. Exercise is a valuable preventative and treatment method for mental health in pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Research has shown exercise can significantly elevate mood in pregnant and postpartum women and should be considered a first-line treatment option, especially since so many mothers worry about the risks of antidepressants (Daly et al., 2007).
Exercise also promotes physical and mental health in pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting, and thus it’s truly a win-win.
Of course, lack of sleep can also impact motivation and ability to exercise, as well as the heavy responsibilities new parents face.
It is possible to maintain a regular exercise program with babies and young children at home. Postpartum family planning (PPFP) is the prevention of unintended and closely spaced pregnancies through the first 12 months following childbirth.
To pledge your support for postpartum family planning, sign on to the Statement for Collective Action for Postpartum Family Planning here. We invite you to join us for a very important media event at the International Conference on Family Planning celebrating the collaboration of family planning partners like you around the overlooked promise of postpartum family planning. This issue of Pathways explores Pathfinder's SCIP project and our success in reaching over four million Mozambicans with sexual and reproductive health services.
This issue of Pathways explores Pathfinder's ongoing commitment to addressing the urgent needs of pregnant women and how we are improving their chances for a safe delivery—from India, to Nigeria, to Pakistan. Pathfinder International works to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women, men and young people in developing countries. When I had Joshua almost two years ago, my mom came all the way from Taiwan to provide me with the Chinese postpartum care treatment. The basic idea of the Chinese postpartum care is that you need to take very good care of your body for 30 days after giving birth, and it’s supposed to help build the foundation of a healthy life after having your baby.
Here’s a picture of one of the packages of herbal soups soaking in the rice wine water. This entry was posted in Family and tagged Chinese postpartum care, herbal soups, pregnancy, Savanna by angelasaito.
I’m not blessed with children yet, but in my Hmong culture, we also practice a 30 day postpartum care.
It’s going to be ending of mine day, however before finish I am reading this great post to increase my know-how. This post will help the internet people for setting up new web site or even a blog from start to end. A doula supports and encourages the father and enhances his support style rather than replaces him. The father or partner, may be extremely willing and able to provide continuous emotional and physical support but has little actual experience dealing with the forces of labor. If a woman intends to use pain medications, there is usually still a need for hands-on labor support until a steady labor pattern has been established and an epidural can be most successful, usually around 4-5 cm dilation.
A doula can still be a source of informational, physical and emotional support with a cesarean birth. How long does a postpartum doula spend with a family and what hours can we expect her to work?
Doula support can last anywhere from one or two visits to more than three months.  Some doulas work fulltime, with 9 to 5 shifts. The role of a postpartum doula is to help a woman through her postpartum period and to nurture the family. A doula respects the partner’s role and input, and teaches concrete skills that will help the partner nurture the baby and mother.
I have a payment plan in place for my services but am always willing to make adjustments if necessary to better accommodate the family’s budget.
Time is suddenly consumed with caregiving, providing for, and spending time with children and family, in addition to previous work and personal responsibilities. In fact, a woman is thirty times more likely to experience a psychotic episode in the days immediately following childbirth than any other time in her life.
On the mild end, up to 80% of women will experience some change in their emotional healthduring or after childbirth. Maternal depression affects approximately 10% of mothers, after the postpartum period, each year.

Some estimate these numbers to be even higher, considering many do not discuss their symptoms nor reach out for help.
When both parents are depressed, it can have a significant impact on parenting, bonding, and the overall development and wellbeing of the baby and other children. Considering the high risk of mental illness during the childbearing years, it’s crucial for parents to be prepared. Psychotherapy, it’s now shown, should be considered a first-line treatment for postpartum depression (Stuart et al, 2003), which makes sense, since it can also teach skills and new coping strategies for the stressors of parenthood.
Finally, having a baby or young children can make it tough for many parents to find the time and space to exercise. Babies typically enjoy a ride in their stroller or sling while they sleep, and you can benefit by getting out in the sun and moving your body, too. Meet at the park and take turns watching the kids while the other goes for a jog, or start a babysitting co-op, where each person takes a turn watching all the children, and rotate. When my kids were very young, they used to stretch and do yoga with me, or follow along with my exercise video, or they’d ride their Big Wheel up and down the street, while I ran alongside. As we work to improve motivation, we will find greater and greater exercise stamina, dedication, and success! Not only do pregnancies during this period hold the greatest risk for mother and baby, the first 12 months after childbirth also present the greatest opportunities in terms of number of contacts with health care services.
Liya Kebede, Maternal Health Advocate, Fashion Model, Actress, and Founder, The Liya Kebede Foundation, please click here.--> Liya Kebede is an accomplished actress, supermodel, designer and maternal health advocate.
Not lift anything heavy, or read the newspaper, or watch TV, or use your computer, or read books for 30 days. Be in a very good mood, get lots of sleep, and have others help take care of you and your baby. Eat all sorts of Chinese herbal soups and brews, made with Chinese rice wine, chicken, liver, pig feet, peanuts, dates, goji berries, ginger, brown sugar, etc. My mom gave me some old Lao wives tips and tricks but it wasnt nearly as extensive and exhausting as the Taiwanese method! I do have a question tgohuh in my blog I can’t seem to put individual pictures side-by-side like you have here. In fact, a doula enhances their role by making sure the partner is taken care of and encouraged too.
Even fathers who have had intensive preparation are often surprised at the amount of work involved (more than enough for two people). A doula is there to support the woman’s decisions every step of the way whether she chooses to have pain medications or not.
She continues to be a calming presence before the procedure as preparations are being made for the surgery, whether planned or not. Others work three to five hour shifts during the day, or after school shifts until Dad gets home. Unlike a baby nurse, a doula’s focus is not solely on the baby, but on fostering independence for the entire family.
The doula will share evidence-based information with the partner that shows how his or her role in the early weeks will have a dramatic positive effect on the family. I am happy to work with my couples and even make referrals to other doulas who might have more flexibility, or doulas in training in need of certification births who would charge a very reduced rate and at times, nothing for their services. Men also experience shifts in emotional functioning after a baby is born and can develop Paternal Postnatal Depression (PPND).
It’s a season of high stress and no sleep that can take its toll on a mother or father’s mental health. This is most commonly referred to as “The Baby Blues,” and typically goes away without treatment. Only about half seek and receive treatment, and it is estimated that at least one in ten U.S.
Receiving education, like the statistics above, is a first step, and understanding the treatment options is a second. Considering the drastic effects of untreated maternal depression on the child, antidepressants are often recommended for moderate to several maternal mental illness. While this is no doubt a good thing, many parents give up their own physical and mental fitness as a result.
And the good news is that developing an exercise program now will not only benefit your physical and mental health; it will benefit your children, as well. Place him in the bouncer and do a yoga video, making faces and interacting with him while you do. My husband and I used to do this: he’d watch the kids while I went for a jog or did a Pilates video, and then he’d head to the gym to play basketball, while I stayed with the kids. We invite members of the media and our colleagues who have supported the creation of this tool to join us for the global launch of the Programming Strategies.
Kebede founded The Liya Kebede Foundation with the mission to reduce maternal and newborn mortality through advocacy and programs that increase access to safe motherhood services.

I can either put in a gallery for multiple pictures, or individual pictures need to be aligned vertically. Research in this area indicates that the presence of a doula during labor actually increases the physical support and affection shown by the partner.
She may be the primary support person for the woman or have more of a background role of support, providing gentle reminders of how to ease discomfort or encourage labor progress. Even more important, many fathers experience the birth as an emotional journey of their own and find it hard to be objective in such a strenuous environment.
However, the majority of clients seek the support of a doula because they desire a birth with as few interventions as possible, including avoiding pain medications.
The doula can provide hands-on labor support using the many comfort measures in which she is trained, helping the woman progress in labor to a point when the epidural will be most effective.
She can stay by the woman’s side during the procedure, if permitted by the care providers, and can help preserve the events of the birth through video, photographs, or by writing them down on paper.
Some doulas work evenings from around 6 pm until bedtime, 9 or 10 pm., and some work overnight. The doula will provide a cushioning effect by accepting the mother within each stage that she passes through. Doulas are good listeners and encourage mothers to develop their own parenting philosophies. Research has shown that antidepressants and some other psychotropic medications are considered relatively safe for use in pregnancy and while breastfeeding (Chad et al., 2013). Some feel, with such a full life, physical activity is no longer as important as it once was. The event will include a stimulating town hall discussion with leaders from WHO, USAID, MCHIP and the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, as well as Ethiopian family planning service providers and maternal health advocates. She is supportive of both the mother and her partner, and plays a crucial role in helping the partner become involved in the birth to the extent he or she feels comfortable.
If it comes time to make decisions about the course of labor, the doula can instill clarity and confidence in the couple by drawing upon information shared at prenatal visit regarding their birth wishes to insure that an informed and well-communicated decision is made. The doula will help the woman stay focused on her birth plan and can provide a variety of coping techniques and comfort measures during labor that will aid in relaxation and encourage labor progress. After the epidural has been administered, the doula can protect the woman’s back and hips by maintaining appropriate positioning for her.
If the father accompanies the baby to the nursery, the doula can join the mom in the recovery room so she is not alone.
Treating the family as a unit that is connected and always changing enables doulas to do their job: nurture the family. They relieve some of the pressure on the new mother by helping her move into her new responsibilities gradually. Up to 15% of women will have depression in pregnancy, and as many as one in five will experience Postpartum Depression.
Maternal depression is one of the strongest predictors of future behavioral and cognitive problems in the developing child (Canadian Pediatric Society, 2004). Research shows that stroller, or pram, walking is an excellent way to improve mental health with your baby. She can also provide reassurance and a belief in the woman’s ability to achieve the natural birth she desires. Once the mother is settled back into her room, a doula can provide breastfeeding assistance and demonstrate positions to use that will be less irritating to the incision site. By mothering the mother, doulas make sure that the mother feels nurtured and cared for, as well as making sure she is eating well and getting enough sleep. Also available are Voice of America interviews with Koki Agarwal, MCHIP Director (click here), and Anne Pfitzer, MCHIP Family Planning Team Lead (click here).
When the legs and lower torso are numb it can be difficult for a laboring woman to push effectively. She can also continue her role as a sounding board for any questions or issues that the new parents may have, in addition to preserving the details of the amazing event they just experienced by taking down notes to be included in the birth story presented postpartum.
In addition, DONA International certified postpartum doulas are trained to help clients prepare themselves for parenthood, maximizing support and rest.
On the severe end of the spectrum, 1 in 1000 women will experience postpartum psychosis, a serious and potentially life-threatening mental illness that requires immediate treatment to protect both the mother and the baby.
A doula can remind her how to push and encourage her with each contraction, affirming her efforts. These doulas will help their clients to screen themselves for postpartum mood disorders and will make referrals to appropriate clinicians or support groups as needed.

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