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If you're performing numerous workouts a week, it's vital you're on top of workout fueling before and after. Getting in both protein and carbohydrates during this period is what you want to focus on, with the amount of carbohydrates typically varying depending on your body weight, the intensity of the workout, the duration of the workout, and the structure of your overall diet.
Anything under an hour and you should be able to get away without having a during-workout drink, but if it's verging on going over that, then a during-workout shake may be a good idea. If you're working towards fat loss, then you need to keep in mind that any calories you take in during the workout will have to be counted towards your daily total. In retrospect though, a fat loss weight training session should not be going past the one hour mark in almost all cases since you'll be at a higher risk for muscle mass loss anyway and volume should typically be reduced. Another thing to watch out for - that can indicate the need for a during-workout drink - is how you're feeling during the workout.
If You Get Dizzy, Light-Headed, Or Suddenly Feel Very Weak, This Is Indicative Of An Energy Crash. Note though that there are other options you can use to solve this problem if it's occurring. If they are very simple then that could be what's causing the crash (due to a large spike right before insulin causes them to be sucked up by the body). The way to test if this is the case is to swap some of those carbohydrates for a slower digesting source. Your 12-Week Daily Video Trainer - Thursday, Week 8: Pre-Workout Nutrition!Kris Gethin is your own Daily Personal Trainer! Generally if you're just doing some moderate intensity cardio for ten to fifteen minutes, a between shake will not be necessary. The best plan is to just perform the cardio training at an entirely different time than the weightlifting, but in some cases that is not always possible.
The final thing to think about with this topic is what you want the structure of the during-workout drink to be.
Instead, go for a light combination of about 15-20 grams of protein, and an equal amount of carbs. This should be more than enough to help prevent any light-headedness that may be taking place (often as little as five grams of carbs can help with that) and provide the body with a small stream of amino acids to prevent metabolizing the muscle tissue. It is important to think about the sources of protein and carbs for this shake as well, since some will sit better in the stomach than others. Opting for an isolate protein powder rather than a casein variety will be your best choice on the protein side of things.
For your carb source, an excellent option is GENR8 Vitargo S2 since it will move through the stomach twice as fast as other carb sources, without causing a massive energy spike that sugar would cause (since it's sugar free). GENR8 Presents: Vitargo S2 VitargoA® S2 is the super-soluble form of VitargoA®, a patented, molecular carbohydrate with ZERO SUGAR. You really do need to take care with the ingredients you put into this during-workout shake, so investing in a good quality carb and protein will make a big difference in how effective this set-up is. In the vast majority of the cases, setting up a good pre- and post-workout nutrition routine will be your smartest plan and will help ensure you get what you need to reach your goals. Let's have a quick look at some of the most beneficial supplements that endurance athletes can be using. Shannon Clark is a freelance health and fitness writer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Marco Cosentino, the Managing Partner of Bosse Sports Spa & Style and Bosse City Club and Spa, said that instilling healthy and fit values into America’s youth was one way to fight the obesity epidemic, and that emphasizing cardio could bring our world one step closer to winning the battle. The Xdream, a bike produced by Trixter, simulates users riding in locations such as parks, mountains or the desert, and allows up to six riders to face off against each other at any one time. Although entertainment is a huge factor, good quality equipment and machines that produce biomechanically correct movements are important in cardio equipment as well. According to Lynn Luczkowski, a representative from Cybex, the new Arc Trainer’s are equipped with the Muscle Map™, which actively shows users which individual muscle groups they are working to achieve targeted results, and an E3 View™ that engages users with a selectable display of exercise data and video entertainment.
Cosentino has seen the transformation of cardio fitness and equipment over his course of working in the industry for almost 30 years.
Mitch Batkin, the vice president of Sport&Health has also noticed the increasing partnership of technology and entertainment within cardio equipment.
Batkin has used the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer App, which according to the Life Fitness’ website, allows personal trainers to virtually create a cardio workout on the days they aren’t working out with their clients. Once you get your members excited about cardio training through technology and entertainment, Batkin emphasized the importance of members completing cardio workouts that burned the maximum amount of calories, and that integrated as many muscles as possible simultaneously. Rich Scarpati, the owner of the Fitness Factory Health Clubs in New Jersey, understands the importance of differentiating himself from the competition.
The Woodway Curve is one piece of equipment that has allowed him to gain an edge and provide for his members. While recently visiting the Technogym head quarters in Cessena, Italy, Scarpati was given the opportunity to try out new developments in technology and fitness via Technogym’s VISIOweb. According to Technogym, VISIOweb is an “innovative Internet Digital Platform that drives customers to your facility by transforming their cardio training into a new, connected, empowered and inspiring wellness experience.” Allowing members to surf the web, access Facebook, play games such as Scrabble, watch TV shows and listen to the radio among other activities, Technogym argues that VISIOweb encourages even the laziest of people and those addicted to social network sites to have no more excuses for skipping out on exercise. VISIOweb, along with other advancements in technology can be found in the new Technogym VARIO, said Scarpati. Scarpati has planned to keep providing the latest and greatest in cardio equipment to members.
Clubs can assist in counteracting the obesity epidemic by making cardio not only effective, but also fun and entertaining for members. About UsClub Solutions Magazine is the #1 business resource for the health and fitness industry. Register for a class ahead of time: It's harder to bail when your hard-earned money has all ready been spent.

Write it down: It seems straightforward, but something as simple as adding your workout schedule to your calendar or keeping a Post-it note on your mirror can help hold you accountable to the plan you've set in place.
Phone a friend: Instead of hitting up happy hour or a restaurant right away, schedule fitness dates with your friends. Just about anyone can benefit from working out tips, especially if you find that your fitness routine has grown stale.
Add exercise tools like stability balls, medicine balls and resistance bands to incorporate different moves into your program.
When you always exercise alone, it may be tempting to pass up your workout due to a myriad of excuses. Women, if you don't lift weights because you're afraid of "bulking up," you're missing out on a prime calorie-burning activity. Slow and steady should be your mantra when lifting -- use your muscles, not gravity to move those weights. Use whatever is available, like a park bench, and incorporate it into your fitness program. Likewise, you should train both sets of complementary muscle groups: biceps and triceps, quads and hamstrings, pecs and trapezius.
Dancing and playing sports are two great ways to burn calories, but provide a lot of fun at the same time. Feeling good about yourself in the area of fitness is important for your self-esteem and it can be something that improves your mental attitude toward life in general.
Remember during your workouts that your abdominals are muscles, just like any other group in your body. Every year, thousands of people are committed to using fitness as a means of becoming a stronger, better person.
At the end of your exhaustive workout session, rather than reaching for a sports drink or water, try chocolate milk. If you want to get better results from your fitness routine, measure your progress — literally. While there are many great aspects of regular and rigorous training, very little press is given to the very real problem of exercise addiction. While not recognized in the standard DSM-IV, a diagnostic manual used by the American Psychiatric Association to catalog disorders, excessive exercise is linked as being a symptom of an eating disorder such as  bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa . Sadly, there is not much in the way of research into exercise addiction itself, however there are more and more cases of individuals that appear to have very real problems with exercise and who experience the classic symptoms of depression and withdrawal when it they are unable to do so.
Usually an individual suffering from exercise addiction will make decisions to work out even if it affects their physical and social well being and will become irritable and depressed if not allowed to follow their routine. The obvious question that comes to mind for most is where do you draw the line between healthy exercise patterns and an obsessive pursuit. If you do find that you are sacrificing important aspects of your life to be able to exercise then you may want to seek professional help. Celebrity personal trainer, Kevin Richardson is an award winning health and fitness writer, natural bodybuilding champion and the creator of Naturally Intense High Intensity Training™. OCD is a serious matter and very often the person that is suffering from this disorder is unaware that there is a problem.
If you get the important nutrients into your body immediately after the workout, you literally jumpstart the process of repairing the muscle cells and resynthesizing muscle glycogen since the muscles are so drained and will suck those nutrients right up. Some individuals run across information about this and wonder if they should be drinking something while they are hitting the weights.
Typically your workout should only be lasting for about an hour, but in some cases you may find they're going longer than this depending on the set-up.
If that daily total is quite low (you're on a strict fat loss diet), you may find it makes getting through the day on an even lower calorie intake quite difficult.
The first thing you could try is adding more carbs to your pre-workout shake to prevent the energy crash before the workout is through, and even more importantly, assessing the types of carbohydrates that you are taking in before the workout. You still can have some fast acting carbs if you like, but just create a more balanced pre-workout meal.
Some individuals will choose to perform their weightlifting first and then follow this with some cardio training. If the cardio is going to last for longer than this though (thirty minutes upwards) or is higher intensity cardio, then you may want to think about a shake in between.
In those situations, some protein during the workout, provided you are not feeling light-headed at all, could be beneficial. Since this drink is mostly meant to help get you through your workout session, you shouldn't be concerned with really topping it up with loads of calories. The last thing you want to have happen is for the shake to cause you to feel bloated, tired, or sluggish.
Isolates are designed to be rapid digesting, allowing the amino acids to get right into the muscle cells as quickly as possible.
In a few instances however, it makes sense to also supplement these with a during workout shake as well. Here are 5 training problems you might be having and the most effective supplements to help overcome each.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. At least that’s one way clubs can assist in the fight, and help members drop extra pounds — get the member running, walking, climbing or just moving. Although Cosentino sites technology as a cause for many American’s sedentary lifestyle, he and many other clubs are combining fitness and technology in order to positively counteract the rising obesity rates, and create a positive cardio experience for members of all ages. Simulating the experience of riding outdoors, users actually move the Xdream as if they were riding an actual bike.

Cybex recently released its new Arc Trainer that has been extremely popular amongst Cosentino’s members. Personal trainers can program a workout for their clients into a machine, preprogram their workout and send it to clients or have the clients download the workout themselves. The app also allows members to log their workouts and upload workout results so that their trainer can see what they have accomplished.
According to Batkin, interval training requires members to repeatedly alternate from harder levels of training to easier levels. A self-propelled treadmill, the Woodway Curve burns up to 30 percent more calories than a normal treadmill due to the fact that “instead of the member keeping up with the treadmill, the treadmill keeps up with the member,” said Arliss Fernandez, the manager of the Fitness Factory Health Club, Edgewater, N.J location.
He described the new cross trainer as giving members “the impression of floating in the air. With the increasing advancements in technology-incorporated fitness, it is almost inevitable that even more new and exciting innovations will emerge in the near future.
Club Solutions provides best practice, business resources that educate and empower health club professionals. This makes such a big difference — and is a major reason I've never skipped out on a SoulCycle class or a prebooked Saturday-morning yoga session.
You'll be less likely to switch things around if the plan is already in place, and you still get to spend time with a friend. You may find you need more than the recommended eight glasses per day if your workouts are intense. Muscle tissue not only burns more calories than fat tissue, even at rest, it also takes up less space. Don’t settle for using what you already know about fitness when you can learn something new to get yourself to a whole new level. The right weight will allow you to perform about ten to twelve repetitions of the exercise motion before you become too fatigued to do it again. Chocolate milk has been shown to hydrate as well as water but speeds the recovery time of athletes in training. Find an audio version of a book that you really want to read and listen to it only when you exercise. When you need motivation for a goal, pick something related to the goal for which you can track statistics, like your body fat, your waist size or the distance you can comfortably run. While not by any means in the same category of drug or alcohol addiction, more and more people exercise to the point where it causes some very real problems in their social and family life not to mention the injuries brought on by overuse.
Some in the field see it as a form of obsessive compulsive disorder- especially when there is some ingrown fear that there will be a weight gain or loss of strength or muscle mass if they miss a single session of exercise. These symptoms go away when exercise is resumed, very much in the way an addict’s withdrawal ceases with resumption of drug use. Exercise is meant to be means to an end- the end being better health and being able to better enjoy your life, if however it becomes an end in and of itself, you may have a problem. This could easily cause cramping during the workout and could make it even harder than without it to finish that workout. We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Purchasing equipment from companies like Technogym and Woodway, has allowed Scarpati to provide his customers with products that can benefit their athletic performance. Enjoy a post-workout snack and consume a meal that contains complex carbs and protein within 90 minutes of your routine. Too heavy and you risk injury, too light and you won’t gain maximum benefit from your workout.
Even if you swap between cardio and strength training on subsequent days, you still need to give your abs a day off every now and then. Staying in shape helps you to lead a very active and fun-filled life, and it also helps increase your life span.
You will be able to return to another workout session faster than if you had chosen a different beverage. In order to get the best results out of your workouts, you really should be eating healthy and eating smart. Take measurements regularly and write them down, so you can quantify exactly how close you are to your goal. We took time to interview some clubs we thought were combining technology, entertainment and fitness to make cardio, not only more appealing, but most importantly — fun to members. They have conveyed to me that the Arc feels better on their knees and puts less stress on their hips,” he said.
Scheduling workouts in advance will help you stick to a game plan while still balancing your workload and social calendar. The fitness tips in this article might be useful for anyone who wants to be fit and healthy. In this article we will discuss some of the top tips to help you get started toward reaching your fitness plan goals. This technique has been shown to improve motivation, as it helps people believe in the reality of their accomplishments. If the runner slows down, the treadmill slows down, if the runner speeds up, then the treadmill speeds up, all at the runners pace.
When you are on a traditional treadmill, you are always ‘catching up’ with the treadmill, almost always catching your bearing.

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