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For those of you who aspire to wake up early or have problems waking early, this manifesto is going to come in handy. Print this manifesto, put it up in your room, set it as your wallpaper, etc – So you can be reminded of the tips daily and apply them in your daily life. If you’re somebody who wants to start waking up 2 hours earlier, you have to do it in 15 minutes chunks over a couple of weeks.
During the weekend, we have a completely different schedule than during the rest of the week.
But while you’re gradually changing, rolling back the clock, wake up the same time during the 7 days. Learn how take your mornings to the next level using a carefully-crafted morning routine that will boost your energy, motivation and happiness… every single day! The easiest way for you to prevent any snoozing is grab your alarm clock and leave it on the other side of the room. When you open your eyes and you take like 10 minutes to wake up, all those 10 minutes, you’re kind of awake, kind of asleep, kind of in the middle. Until then, follow this process – it is very easy – take massive action, make things happen, and I’ll see you in the next video. Kosio Angelov is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of "The Lean Email Simple System" and the founder of High Performance Lifestyle. Have you ever heard the proverb "early bird gets the worm?" I know there's the same saying in Chinese and most probably in other languages too.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. So what about night owls who consider waking up at 12 PM a huge miracle, is there hope left for us?
Before you sleep tonight, ask yourself, “What would I get if I wake up early?” Whatever you answer, make sure you really want it because that’s what you’ll use to convince yourself to leave the bed when your alarm goes off. Unlike other tips for waking up early, this is very sustainable because it’s just a minor change. If you’re feeling sleepy, make sure you nap early—no later than 7 hours after you woke up.  Napping after that 7 hour period will mess up your sleep schedule, leading you to sleep late and wake up late, again. Researchers found that you can sync your body’s sleep schedule with the sunrise and sunset if you spend a week without artificial light. Try going camping for a week, and leave all your gadgets at home or at least forbid yourself from using them after sunset. Email reminds you of work, news will just stress you, while self-help books will excite and fill your brain with ideas—none of these will help you to sleep.
Read fiction instead, preferably short stories that don’t excite you or novels that you’ve already read before. What you do before bedtime is your body’s trigger for sleeping, so try to keep these activities relaxing and stick to them like a routine.
Waking up to a bright sunny room will minimize your grogginess and make you feel more alert after waking up.
You can also use a smart light, like , in case your bedroom doesn’t have a window or if your window’s view is blocked. Animals are good alarm clocks, especially if you time their feeding time early in the morning.
Of course if you love your pets, you’ll find this adorable but some of you might find this annoying, at least in the beginning, when you’re not used to waking up to such a ruckus. When you’re a night owl, your brain will probably reject all attempts to wake up early by convincing you that it’s better to sleep in. Going back to bed could isn’t worth the extra 5 minutes because it can put you in a deeper sleep cycle, making it harder to get up when your alarm does go off.

If you’ve tried everything – as in everything in this list plus tons of advice from a sleep specialist – don’t lose heart. Charley Mendoza is a freelance writer covering business, personal development, and careers. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I find it so hard to get up right away!  I hit the snooze button, not once but two or three times. By doing so, bad morning MK will vanish and super awesome morning MK will rise out of the ashes and stomp around like no one’s business. So I figure the best way to do this, to go from one extreme to the other, is to stop repeating my existing habit. I'm Celes and I'm here to help you achieve your highest potential and unleash your magic to the world. From famous people in history like Benjamin Franklin to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Olympic athletes and artists to entertainers, singers and entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter) and Richard Branson, waking up early in the morning allows them to get a head-start.
I want to teach you 7 ideas that are going to help you become an early riser in such a way that you can be excited, be motivated about your day, and start it in a productive manner. Waking up early does not mean you don’t sleep enough, you cut off 2 hours because you want to wake up early. When the alarm clock is next to you, you don’t even have to be fully awake in order to reach out and press it. But when you jump out of bed and you go stop your clock because your alarm is in the other room, you’re going to be waking up much easier. I wake up consistently at 6 AM every morning and no later than 7 or 8 on the weekends without an alarm.
It?s more or less what you wrote above, but precisely prepared in how to actually do it without making philosophy studies about waking up early. A serial entrepreneur with a passion for productivity, he helps individuals and companies achieve their true high performance potential. It means, if you wake up early, you'll more likely have more success and opportunities than someone who wakes up late.
Are there tips for waking up early that work, besides the usual early to bed early to rise cliche?
Do it in increments, so instead of sleeping at the same time, say 8 AM, sleep 15 minutes earlier and wake up 15 minutes earlier. Put your gadgets away and stop watching TV at least one hour before bedtime, as the blue light from these screens disrupt your body’s secretion of melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. If you stick to this routine long enough, your body will soon recognize that these activities mean the day has ended and it’s time to relax.
Get an automatic curtain opener and program it to open the drapes at least 30 minutes before you plan to wake up.
They’re consistent, noisy, and relentless so they’ll hammer your door and jump in your bed to wake you up until you give them some food. That’s why when people hit snooze and go back to sleep for 5-15 minutes, they wake up thinking the time went by fast. I turn off the alarm within a few seconds.  I rub my eyes, take a big breath and give a big stretch. Obviously this person cannot be trusted and needs to have any and all responsibilities stripped. Every night before I go to sleep spend 3 minutes or so thinking about jumping out of bed as sooon as my alarm goes off. Zombie me does not like to get up early, but I like to stay up late and that causes problems for us.
How can you wake up early and not fill tired, but instead, be energetic, happy and ready for new adventures?

Do that for a couple days, then roll it back another 15 or 10 or 20, and keep rolling back little by little by little, until you get to the desired getting up time. Gradual change over time is going to make it that much easier for you to start waking up early in a good and positive manner. But if your alarm clock is in the other room or the other side of your bedroom, when you have to get up, physically get up and go there so you can press the snooze button, chances are you’re not going to go back to bed. Jump out of bed with as much excitement, as much energy as you can, and you’re going to see how that helps you wake up in a much better way. You’re going to be ready to attack your day, to be productive, to be successful, to be energetic, to be happy. While you’re writing your wake up time down the night before, spend 2 minutes, spend 30 seconds to figure out why your next day is exciting. You start your day in a good, excited, positive, energetic manner, and that makes a whole world of difference. He believes that getting things done and having a fulfilled life don't have to be self-exclusive and he provides the necessary strategies, tactics and tools to prove it. Which means if you want to be successful, you must do something immediately and prepare well! And even if you work graveyards or have a flexible work schedule, most shops and banks close late in the afternoon. Next day, you can adjust your sleep further back by 15 minutes, so you’ll wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, invest in soundproofing your room or get an app that plays soothing sounds to drown out the noise. It’s important as well to do these activities in order and roughly the same time every day. For this tip, you can press snooze but this time instead of going straight back to sleep, get up—but only for 10 minutes or however that snooze is set.
It’s just 10 minutes.” What you do during those 10 minutes is up to you, but the condition is you can’t go back to bed—or sleep in the couch. I sit up, place my feet on the ground and within two minutes of my alarm going off my feet are hitting the floor. If you go to bed at 10 and you wake up at 5, and now you want to start waking up at 3, then start going to bed at 8. Not counting 24-hour convenience stores, gas stops and night school, it seems like the whole world runs on an early-bird schedule. The only time I actually get up when the alarm goes off is when I have a morning meeting, which is rare. Get your entire body, get your entire system, get the world around you to start getting used to waking up a little bit earlier. So when your alarm clock goes off again, you’ll already be fully awake and not likely to hit snooze. Four snoozes later and I’m finally awake enough to convince myself that getting out of bed is “the right thing to do”. Weekdays and weekends need to be the same – at least until you actually internalize the entire process, make it habitual, make it part of your routine. And then when Monday comes, it’s going to be that much harder for you to start waking up early.

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