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When I am about to finish my day in office, I always gets eager to meet my 2 year old son “Teerth”. There are so many reasons which makes your query waiting, whether it is memory issue, CPU pressure, blocking, locking, dead locking to name a few among so many. You can execute simple SELECT query on “sys.dm_os_wait_stats” to see all wait stats along with the value in your system. Yesterday I got an email from one of the reader this blog, he was asking that he is facing big values in CXPACKET wait stats. As per MSDN, CXPACKET occurs when trying to synchronize the query processor exchange iterator. Generally parallelism is being used to execute your process so for example, if you have executed SELECT query and four processor is executing your SELECT query now three processor has finished their part of job but those processors can’t show you the result until last one processor return the result because request result of SELECT query can only be completed if all four processors return result and clubbed together.

Nobody likes to wait though it is not always bad to wait for a while for something good, at the same time long unnecessary waiting period resulted into frustration. I enjoy this wait period, if I would be with him for day, I wouldn’t get pleasure of meeting him at the end of day, though I enjoy his company whole day.
It is up-to you to know wait stat, identify whether it is good (necessary) or bad and resolve it if possible. You may consider lowering the degree of parallelism if contention on this wait type becomes a problem. Since your last processor was still working, three processors had to wait which can raise CXPACKET wait stat. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.

In normal scenario SQL Server even do it but there are many cases and real time scenario which wouldn’t let operation go smooth. Generally in Online Transactional Pr0cessing (OLTP) should have low number of value (near to zero) for MAXDOP as it used to have quick and short transaction and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) should have higher number of MAXDOP.

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