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The content of this web site is for mature viewers only and may not be suitable for minors. Taken from first-person accounts and historical documents, this book chronicles more than 300 examples of alien encounters, conspiracy theories, and the influence of extraterrestrials on human events throughout history. THE ANOMALIST IS A DAILY REVIEW OF WORLD NEWS ON MAVERICK SCIENCE, UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES, UNORTHODOX THEORIES, STRANGE TALENTS, AND UNEXPECTED DISCOVERIES. The ESP is mainly considered as the combination of terms for the different mental abilities. There are many people who are born with the psychic power but they are not aware of their psychic abilities. If you want to know and read about your psychic ability then there are various types of psychic tests.
EROS is the mischievous God of Love and it represents the artistic passion in your zodiac signs. Though it is not needed to complete the game in any fashion, getting the remaining Espers not only will give you some massive power on your side, but it will also give you some major leveling up and LP. Adramellech is perhaps easiest Esper to fight in the game, let alone in the optional Espers, providing you are strong enough to do so.
Adrammelech is a flying esper, so you will need to have a party of ranged fighters, or equip Telekinesis. Since this is a physical battle, give everyone the absolute best armor, helmets and shields (if applicable) that you can get.
Items will be completely locked in this fight, so set any gambits that have items, to spells. In order to go after Cuchulainn, you must first complete the "Waterway Haunting", and the "Lost in the Pudding" hunt offered by Sorbet and aquire the Sulce Gate Key. In the fight with Cuchulainn, there will be a constant HP Sap effect, that cannot be removed with spells. Start off the fight with the usual Dispel on the boss, to remove his enhancements, then set your characters up. The path to Zalera is long, and has a couple requirements to fill, before you can face him.
Start off with Dispel on the Esper to remove its enhancements, then get rid of the Dead Bones, until they are gone. And given the handicap of the battle, namingly Attack being removed from the fight, you will want your characters to be well versed in all Magick spell areas.
Ultima uses a set pattern of attacks throughout the entire battle, so you should set up accordingly. HP Sap, MP Sap, No Attack command, No Magick Command, No Technicks, No Items, Magnetic Field, then returns to HP Sap. If you are a minor or it is illegal for you to view nudity or mature images and language, do not proceed.
Sometimes the concept of the psychic power may peep in your mind and have asked yourself “am I psychic or intuitive”?
If you are able to defeat the enemies within the caves within a single round of combat, you are more than ready for the Thunder Esper himself.
Adrammelech is constantly in the companionship of Shambling Corpses, that just never seem to go away.

If you do not have power weapons such as the Zodiac Spear, or the Dragon Whiskers, Equip a Icebrand for added damage. Bur-Omasace.Return to the area outside the temple, and find the Acolyte at the base of the stairs. You basically have 5 minutes to defeat Zalera, or you are ejected from the area, and forced to start again. Each has a elemental weakness that can be exploited, but it is much simpler to hit them with non-elemental area spells such as Scourge, Scathe, and Bio. Hit the switch, and continue on the rising path passed it.Go passed Gemini Gate I, and go to Gemini Gate II. It refers to those people who have the skill to recognise the hidden facts and can predict future through the use of extrasensory perception (ESP). In fact colors tend to be an interesting thing and easier for people to recognise rather than shapes as the colors are optical experiences and are easily created by your brains. Here, you will get the inside scoop on what is required to find these remaining powerful beings, that were condemned by the Scions. Blizzara from both your medics will most likely kill the little dead guys, giving you more time with the Esper. It is actually a very wise choice to equip one of your medics with a Power Armlet, to ensure one of you is immune to Stop.
Speak to him, and he tells the party "To defeat the Empire, they need to seak out a greater power". It is imparitive to keep everyone separated in this fight, because Exodus loves to use Flare and Scathe. Since this can be very crippling, I would suggest holding off on this fight, until you can use Curaja. The healers top priority should be casting Curaja and Esunaga, as well as bringing back KOed members.
When the Dead Bones come back, quickly dispatch them, then return your attentions back to the Esper.As the battle draws near to the end, Zalera will begin casting Sleepga, Stop, and Death.
Now go down either of the paths without gates, to Waystone XV, and use it to get to Waystone XVI. It is wise to have a gambit for both Phoenix Down, as well as Arise, so you can switch them on the fly.
In fact the ESP or psychic power is not referred to the physical sense but it is an extra sense of mind. You will find him in the center of the Zertanin Caverns, in the middle of the sandstorm area. These would also work far more effectively if the Potion Lore and Phoenix Lore 1, 2, 3 are activated on all characters. If you are at high enough levels, you can wipe him out before he has a chance to use his Paling. Waiting for the spell will also give you access to Firaga, which is vital in the fight too. Cuchulainn will also hit a character with Invert from time to time, which switches your HP and MP. Be prepared for them, and now would be a good time to bring in your reserve with fresh MP to blast it with a large Quickening chain.
Not only will you need to be able to survive the Nabreus Deadlands and Nechrol of Nabudis easily, but you also must face and defeat two very powerful bosses before you can even think of Chaos.

Earth is weak to Aeroga, Water is weak to Firaga, Air is weak to earth, while Fire is weak to water. Follow the rising path to the left at the next platform, to reach the Capricorn Gate Stone.
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But once you have obtained them, you will know why you want to even bother getting them in the first place.
When you enter, you can go a couple of steps without initiating the fight, so you basically are given a chance to back out if you need to.
The best thing to do is have the main fighter Decoyed, so his focus remains solely on them, and have the others serve as the medics.
If you cannot fell the Dead Bones quickly, you will not make it in the battle with the Esper.
Normally this would not be a problem, except that the more join, the less damage you can do to Zalera. So have one heal the character using Souleater, while the third member nails it with Bio, while not serving as a medic.This fight is very hard, and it might take a few times.
Best to have it automatically set up.Ultima's special attack Holija can cause massive amounts of Holy Damage, as well as the Reverse effect.
Use the Stone of the Condemner to transport to the Throne of Vieled Gods, where you will meet and face Zeromus.
Continue heading towards the western edge of Babbling Vale, and hit the Shrine of the West Wind. Preferably you should have all six party members equiped with them.The most difficult point is between the MP Sap, and No Attack. Head back into the area, and Hit the Shrine of the Northwest Wind, next to the Learned Man. Not only do you lose MP from the sap, but you cannot replenish it by physically attacking afterwards. Sleep may seem bad, but considering the amount of Dead Bones, you will be up and running very quickly. Or you can simply head into the battle as you are, and have everything ready to negate these effects right away. Be sure to save your game at the Crystal there, Now enter the center path to find the Esper.
The other problem spot is the Magnetic Field, as it slows the party down, and makes attacking a bit harder.
This is a major spot to watch the damage taken, since the field does not effect Ultima's speed.
This is a great time to heal up, and get everyone ready to go through the cycle all over again.

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