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Movie Scientists love to talk about how human beings only use 10% of our brain's capabilities, but have you ever wondered what the other 90% would be used for? Responsible fiber sourcing practices are at the core of our approach to sustainably managing natural resources.
As one of the largest producers of tissue products worldwide, K-C emphasizes sustainable forestry and sound environmental practices. In a mutually reinforcing way, as customers increasingly realize how their purchase decisions impact our world, they are asking for more environmentally responsible products. At the same time, we’re confronted by limited availability of high quality post-consumer waste paper in North America and Europe, and by projections that additional Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified primary fiber will not be available in the marketplace until the third quarter of 2012. All of these factors have influenced our Sustainability 2015 goals for sustainable fiber practices. We began to implement this policy in 2009 by setting a new goal: We committed to use 40 percent of either recycled fiber or FSC-certified wood fiber in all North American tissue products by the end of 2011. FSC chain-of-custody certification tracks fiber from the forest to the consumer, including all stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution. K-C Professional became the first away-from-home tissue products company in North America to receive FSC chain-of-custody certification for a broad range of tissue and towel products. In December 2010, we began shipping our first FSC-labeled consumer facial tissue in North America to Costco.
FSC remains a preferred forestry certification requested by a number of our retailer customers in Europe and, increasingly, by our business-to-business partners globally.
To reduce our consumption of virgin wood pulp, we have reformulated many of our products to combine recycled fibers with softwood and hardwood fibers. While our 2008 life-cycle assessment found that there was no environmental preference for using either recycled or virgin fiber in the manufacture of our tissue products, using more recycled fiber in tissue products has several economic and environmental benefits.
We continue to pursue the use of recycled fiber and are making substantial investments that will increase our ability to use recycled fiber content.
K-C strongly advocates the use of only environmentally preferred fiber because it plays a critical role in sustainable forest management.
To leverage the power of the consumer market, K-C has been working with major retailers to build awareness of responsible forest sourcing and help consumers understand the value of purchasing certified paper products. In recognition of their use of environmentally friendly tissue products, 340 of Thailand’s leading companies received "Global Green Certificates" from K-C Professional.
Our forward-thinking fiber procurement policies and practices earned K-C top ranking in the personal care and household goods sector of the 2010 survey by the Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD).
K-C Professional donated $10,000 to The Nature Conservancy to support sustainable forest management in Canada’s Boreal Forest.
K-C continued to aggressively source additional FSC-certified and FSC-controlled wood certified primary fiber in support of our FSC labeling for our facial and bath tissue products on a global basis. To support our preference for verified fiber and improve the habitat of the communities in which we operate, we partner with local groups on reforestation projects. Yuhan-Kimberly's Keep Korea Green forest preservation initiative is driven by its belief that a company develops together with society and has to be responsible for society. In honor of its 40th anniversary last year, Yuhan-Kimberly announced that it would plant and nurture an additional 11 million trees by 2013a€”the 30th anniversary of Keep Korea Green.
Yuhan-Kimberly has pledged to plant 11 million more trees by 2013, for a total of 50 million trees. The multi-faceted program includes a school forest campaign, field study program for high school girls, desertification-prevention program, educational website, resource publications and forest preservation.
More than 600 newlyweds and community leaders participated in Yuhan-Korea's 27th Newlyweds' Tree Planting on public-owned land in Gyeonggi province.

Environmental Education for Youth hosted the 35th and 36th Green Camp held at the Eoseongjeon Forest in Gangwon Province. Indonesia’s lush tropical rainforests play a crucial role in storing vast amounts of carbon and are essential in fighting climate change. While K-C does not currently source raw material from Indonesia, we’re working hard to help that nation protect its natural resources and abundant biodiversity while constructively building its economy.
In early 2010, we began funding research with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to develop tools for identifying, mapping and monitoring high conservation value forests in Sumatra, Indonesia, and to develop best practices for plantation forestry in that nation. This research will identify degraded areas and the endangered species vital for the functioning of Indonesia’s ecosystems, while enabling sustainable business practices. In its first Boreal Marketplace Review of forest products, Greenpeace Canada ranked 23 companies for their action to protect Canada’s boreal forest and other endangered areas through their fiber sourcing and procurement practices.
1Use the word "percent" to convert the percent to a fraction.2Use decimal place values to convert the fraction to a decimal.
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The majority of our consumer products contain fibers derived from wood pulp, and each year we purchase wood fiber equivalent to 43 million trees. This consumer demand further energizes our efforts and ability to seek innovative solutions. Through our focused efforts we can proudly say that by the end of 2010, we had surpassed this goal by a large margin and achieved 56.8 percent. It is a guarantee to consumers and businesses that FSC-labeled products come from well-managed forests or other FSC-approved sources, including post-consumer reclaimed material.
We shipped to Costco exclusively for six months with the intent to begin shipping the product nationwide in 2011. In addition, K-C works with government agencies to accept paper products that contain FSC-certified primary fiber as environmentally preferable, in addition to those containing 100-percent recycled fiber content. These products are more environmentally responsible while providing the performance that consumers expect. It buffers us from the volatile market prices of virgin fiber, uses the recovered resource of recycled paper and reduces our use of natural resources.
Ensuring sustainable forestry requires significant time, resources and investment, so broad recognition and consumer preference for these products helps support our efforts. By using products made of recycled pulp certified by the Thailand Environment Institute, this practice has eliminated the need to cut down more than 28,000 trees in natural forests. The FFD 2010 survey noted that K-C is the first major tissue producer to require wood suppliers to have independent certification for sustainable forest practices. The donation honors Marriott International for its strong support of K-C Professional’s new line of FSC-certified products. Yuhan-Kimberly’s long-standing Keep Korea Green program contributes to its strong reputation, and recent tree-planting efforts are reforesting urban and coastal areas in Thailand.

Recognizing that preserving the ecological system and sustainably managing natural resources are of great concern in Korea, Yuhan-Kimberly launched Keep Korea Green in 1984. Approximately 200 students and professors and experts from academia and government research institutes participated. These rainforests are also biodiversity hotspots, providing habitat for endangered species such as orangutans and tigers, and are vital to local communities. K-C kicked off 2011, the United Nations International Year of Forests, by co-sponsoring a multi-stakeholder meeting on responsible forest management and fiber sourcing in the Indonesian pulp and paper industry. Together with WWF, K-C helped in mapping degraded land and researching illegal logging impacts in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia. K-C was cited for its leading global fiber procurement policy, which commits to not using any fiber from the world’s most ecologically sensitive forest areas, including old-growth, ancient forests critical for the protection of biological diversity.
Greenpeace praised K-C for taking concrete steps to reduce its forest footprint and influence its suppliers to improve their forestry practices. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. While a Percent of Count can also be added to the Stack Plot, the Pie Plot reinforces the concept of percent as a relationship between part and whole.
Only companies such as K-C that have FSC chain-of-custody-certified mills are allowed to label products with the FSC trademarks. FSC is helping K-C to develop materials to help educate consumers about the importance of this certification.
Several countries in which we sell our products allow only FSC certification to make fiber sustainability claims. In fact, our scientific life-cycle assessments of K-C tissue products with varying levels of virgin and recycled fiber found that both recycled fiber and virgin fiber have environmental benefits and drawbacks. It also commended K-C’s efforts to map high conservation value forests in Brazil and Indonesia, the countries with the two highest deforestation rates. These programs restore native habitats, provide carbon sinks, beautify communities, reduce flooding and control erosion. Since then, Yuhan-Kimberly has planted or nurtured more than 39 million trees through the Keep Korea Green campaign.
In fact, deforestation of rainforests is one of the leading contributors of global greenhouse gas emissions.
K-C and event co-sponsor Carrefour, a global retailer, both advocate the use of environmentally responsible fiber and certified raw material to reduce irresponsible forestry practices. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. Remind students that a percentage does not indicate how many, but rather lets you know what proportion of the class is male and female. These educational materials will be supported by many major NGOs such as Greenpeace, Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
The main challenges going forward remain the availability of high quality waste paper in North America and the fact that no new availability of FSC-certified primary fiber is expected in the marketplace before the third quarter of 2012.

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