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Yahoo News Originals Tsunami-devastated Japan in 2011 and five years later (gallery) Dog rescued after 4 days stranded on frozen lake Tsunami-devastated Japan in 2011 and five years later (gallery) Powder bike (gallery) Photos of the day - March 10, 2016 (gallery) Photos of the day a€“ March 8, 2016 (gallery) Deadly shooting in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania (gallery) Knife found on O.J. The future is looking grim for some species of Australian eucalyptus trees, as they feel the impact of more severe heatwaves, droughts and floods. Researchers from the University of Queensland looked at such effects on more than 100 eucalypt species, finding that some may be wiped out from increasingly extreme weather conditions. Professor Clive McAlpine from the University of Queensland says that currently, temperatures are tracking at the extreme end of the range, and without mitigation they will continue to do so. The study found that drought appears to be the biggest threat to gum trees, out of all the weather conditions it considered. Click Climate change threatens native eucalyptus species with extinction, Queensland study finds – Yahoo!7 to read the full article. Welcome to our Blog!Whether you’d like to learn more about the ingredients that go into skincare, the care of baby skin or skin prone to eczema, the natural movement as a whole or if you’re just curious about our farm, you’ll find lots of articles that are relevant here (or browse the article categories menu below). About UsFour Cow Farm was started by a Midwife, Mum & Grandmother who wanted to make the best possible skincare products for her two little grandchildren (one of whom has eczema). The Four Cow Farm No ListOur entire range is made from premium food-grade ingredients, including our preservatives and emulsifiers!
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Recently, Congress took Sustainable eating guidelines out of the the 2015 Dietary Guidelines (much, in part, due to angry protests by the meat industry), which was very controversial. Not only do these crops need to be cultivated to feed the cows, but the methane from their poop contributes a huge amount of methane (a greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere. View gallery.Try some of these tasty vegetarian or vegan dishes once in a while, and taste how good sustainability can be.
View gallery.With the current aquaculture practices, the fish supply is dwindling and its impacts on the environment are becoming more and more of a problem. That being said, you can also select nuts (as well as oils, fruits, and vegetables) that have lower carbon and water footprints than others. View gallery.Keep in mind that for lots of produce, it depends on where you live and how far the food has traveled. Simpsona€™s property a€?inconsistenta€™ with murders: Reports Photos of the day a€“ March 9, 2016 (gallery) What is meldonium, the substance that showed up in Maria Sharapova's failed drug test? The first scenario was for an increase of one degree by 2055 and an increase of just over two degrees by 2085. If climate change wasn’t already on your mind as something you need to think about, maybe it is now. Well, more serious storms, worse allergens, weather-related deaths, disease, mental health issues, increased violence, and foods becoming more scarce or more expensive are just a few known impacts of rising temps.

But as global resources dwindle and global temps continue to rise, there’s certainly a shift towards eating more sustainably.
If we can cut the food waste down, we can feed more people with less food, and stop filling up our landfills with food waste, which emits greenhouse gases. Plus, bulk foods are often cheaper, and reusable grocery bags are totally in vogue right now. Super eco-friendly safe bets include watermelons, berries, pineapples, root vegetables (think sweet potatoes), tomatoes, lettuce, walnuts, chestnuts, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, and coconut oil.
Even reducing your meat intake once a week or investing in some reusable bags is a good place to start. But, this amount of water and carbon is minuscule compared to any meat product, so don’t be afraid to get nutty. Larger offenders (though still eco-friendly compared to meat) include olive oil, figs, dates, asparagus and (tear) avocados. The cows need to graze on something, and often in commercial farming (which actually sadly has a lower carbon footprint than grass-fed cattle farming), they’re fed soybeans and corn.

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