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If you’ve spent the past few months scouring the internet for paid internships and premium entry level jobs within your chosen career path, landing your first real position can seem like a successful end to a long journey.
In order to keep track of your ever-changing professional responsibilities, you should get used to keeping a series of lists handy.
Between project deadlines, company meetings, client calls, brainstorming sessions and business lunches, you may find yourself constantly wondering what tomorrow’s schedule will have in store for you.
In an effort to keep things REALLY simple today, I’ve listed Top Ten Simple Tips to Staying Organized. Oh, and I’ve even included this fun printable that you can download and print for free!! So, as the holiday season approaches and your life gets just a little MORE hectic; put  these 10 tips in a prominate location around your home {bathroom mirror, refrigerator, back door, bed-side table} and remind yourself that a few minutes spent NOW will reduce lots of time, energy, and stress later.
A Big-Boy Bed for Simon Save Time (and your sanity) By Determining Your Bare Minimum How I Shred 10 Pounds of Chicken in 10 Seconds Simon is 2! Teaching my kids to be responsible and accountable for their school work, sets a good example and practice field for when they go off to college and the work world. I'm Hillary - a wife, mom, Lifestyle Blogger, Social Media Strategist, crafter, reader and dreamer.
I've created a site with a wealth of content so be sure to check out my labels and blog archive.
Already following along on social media but want to make sure you get the best and most relative posts PLUS exclusive content just for subscribers? A few months ago I made the decision to give Essential Oils a try in my journey to a healthy lifestyle .

Do you have children in childcare or elementary school?  Then you have probably gotten the dreaded letter. In reality, starting a new job is the beginning of a lifetime of professional betterment and hard work. As soon as you have access to your business email account, you should begin devising a system that will allow you to categorize and search all received messages quickly and easily. These organizational tools can range from daily to-do lists, lists of relevant business contacts and long-term project goals.
Using your computer and cell phone, you should set calendar reminders to give advanced warning of important dates so you’re never taken by surprise.
However, if you let them all pile up for days or even weeks at a time, they become an overwhelming burdon.
A simple search on Pinterest, brings up tons of ideas, tips and tricks for keeping ourselves more organized. This is my slice of the web where I share ideas and inspiration for living a simple, casual life. Don't forget to pop by and follow along with all the great extra content I share on social media!
You can read my full disclosure here or learn more about me, why I blog and how I started out here. While it may seem overwhelming at first, with time and practice you’ll be performing like a well-oiled machine. Failure to do so can result in important information being buried under an endless mountain of emails.

Once you have a system in place, it will feel satisfying to gradually cross off completed assignments. My oldest is in Middle School, and when we are purchasing supplies, we set up a color for each subject, and purchase binders, folders and composition books in the appropriate colors (Blue for Math, Red for Social Studies, etc.) This cuts down on the "grabbing the wrong notebook" issue.
We are very fortunate in our district, and the school provides each student with a planner. I spend my days as a Lifestyle Blogger, Social Media Strategist, crafter, reader and dreamer.
I take time each Sunday to sit down with them for 5 minutes and help them note anything they may need to know: Gym? And we just got our first assignment notebook--I know it is a learning curve to using it, but hopefully it will be something that helps.
I’ve used Evernote, but only because I can use it offline (I take the subway underground to work) to draft posts.
With love and nurture, it's grown and flourished into a community where I proudly share my ideas and inspiration for creating a simple and casual life. At the same time, I update my own calendar so I know what they need me to do, as far as pick ups and drop offs.

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