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January 16, 2013 By Nicole Etolen 7 Comments ShareFinding a way to stay organized is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions, as well as one of the most challenging to stick to.
In the bedroom closets: This is another major area that many people need help with to stay organized, as we tend to shove clothes to the back and forget about them. In the bathroom: Have you ever bought shampoo or soap at a great price, shoved it under your sink for later use, then completely forgotten about it? There are so many tools out there to help you stay organized, and they can range in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. I so needed this – one of my goals for the new year is to get my home organizes and I’m starting with the kitchen! Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Of course, we all want to be on the side of success, carrying our business ideas further and further into the future. Finding the right mix of who is buying and what they are buying is a matter of measurable variables. If you need help taking your company to the next level through organization, talk to JobNimbus about their fully customizable CRM and Project Management system. Hi-Tech Blocks Show Project Management Principes - […] are made from several parts fit tightly into a small space. Mobile CRM to Organize and Simplify Your Sales Process - […] is time for some comprehensive organization.
Don’t over schedule yourself – plan time before your meetings to prepare, and plan time after to review and add to your notes.
Choose the right person for the job – If there is a project that is spending too much time on your list of things to do, it may be because it’s outside of your skill set.
Choose the right time of day for the task – if you have a project that requires a lot of focus, choose to work on it during a time of day that you are less likely to be interrupted. Reward yourself – when your priority items are complete, reward yourself with something you enjoy, perhaps a walk around the block.
That being said, don’t only take breaks when you’ve completed a task, if you lose motivation on a task, take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes. Build time into every day to focus – shut off your phone, turn off your email, and review the projects you’re working on. And most of all – if your quest to be more organized for 2013 falls off the rails, don’t give up.
If you’ve ever worked as a freelancer, you know that staying organized is absolutely essential to staying on top of your assignments, client relationships, and billing. Also make sure to create an invoice for each assignment as soon as you have completed the work – even if you don’t send it quite yet – mark it in red or ‘flag’ it if you are online as a way of reminding yourself that the invoice needs to go out. You can also use a master list in Excel to color code invoices that have been paid – helping you to keep track of your finances at the same time.
The great thing about organizing different assignments, meetings and commitments online is that you can sync your different calendars – you can create a different calendar for different obligations and have each appointment displayed in one single space on your phone for example. I use multiple calendars facing different clients which makes it more easily sharable. Setting reminders for important deadlines is also another great way to keep on top of your work.
Make sure to keep a record of how long each assignment takes you and compare this on a regular basis with the fee you are charging. If you’re contemplating freelancing, keep in mind that you will need to have the discipline to stay organized. In an effort to keep things REALLY simple today, I’ve listed Top Ten Simple Tips to Staying Organized. Oh, and I’ve even included this fun printable that you can download and print for free!!
So, as the holiday season approaches and your life gets just a little MORE hectic; put  these 10 tips in a prominate location around your home {bathroom mirror, refrigerator, back door, bed-side table} and remind yourself that a few minutes spent NOW will reduce lots of time, energy, and stress later. A Big-Boy Bed for Simon Save Time (and your sanity) By Determining Your Bare Minimum How I Shred 10 Pounds of Chicken in 10 Seconds Simon is 2!

MyHomework, available on most devices, lets you track classes, homework, tests, papers and projects. Remember the Milk – an online to-do and task management tool, it has a prioritizing function to schedule tasks in order of importance.
It requires upfront time to tame all the clutter, then a long-term commitment to actually keeping everything in order. If your closets are small, you’ll definitely want to invest in a good closet organizer to tame the madness. Take a look at your space and decide how you want to organize it, then find the storage items  that best fit your needs. Ever since we moved from a house to an apartment it has been more difficult to stay organized.
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. The SBA (Small Business Association) in its latest report says that only 50% of all new start-ups are lasting past the first 5 years.
It brings needed information to the forefront that allows business owners to change the way they run their business to ensure growth and change in the right places. What time of the year, what income level, what part of town, etc, are all things that can make a big difference in where time is best spent.
These days, only having access to customer information in the office can be a major handicap; one that can make a mess if things are double booked or resources are stretched thin. It is about building relationships and consulting with the customer to help them take their business to another level. If there are action items you are responsible for, make note of them and build them into your schedule. We all start out thinking we’ve discovered the ideal way to get organized, and then find that it’s just not working. With all of the tools, apps, and suggestions out there for freelancers, it can be hard to know where to start.
If you tend to work with other freelancers you can also share your calendars online, making it easy for other people to see your schedule if and when they need to. If you’re charging a flat rate per assignment, make sure that you are charging enough for the assignment to make it worth your time. Have one notebook which you carry with you at all times and write down your tasks, including the date of when it needs to be completed. If you’re a current freelancer, take inventory of your organizational system, and consider making any changes that might help you in the future. However, if you let them all pile up for days or even weeks at a time, they become an overwhelming burdon.
From studying, taking notes, storing information, sharing information, scheduling events and organizing college life, apps for college students are abundant and essential for staying organized. A popular time management tool is Google Calendar, which keeps all your classes, appointments and scheduled events like clubs and sports on an easy at-a-glance form. One of her recommendations is Evernote, which lets you store and access documents, photos, websites and more from any device. A voice recognition dictation system, this app lets you speak your email or project notes and transcribes them into text that you can then store, revise, edit and send. Integrates with other platforms like iCloud, Google Calendar, and even LinkedIn and Facebook.
Big help instead of wasting time trying to find an article that you saw before but didn’t have time to read! Filled with tips and advice for school and life, the hottest online & technology trends on campus, contests, special promotions and more! Imagine knowing exactly where all your spices, baking supplies, and other important items are at all times. Organizers can range from bins and baskets to help keep track of your smaller items to complete units that fit inside the closet and organize every piece of clothing.

Garage organization products like tracks that hang on your wall to gather up gardening tools, heavy duty shelves for power tools, and hooks for hanging bikes and scooters can help you stay organized in this room all year round. Just remember, once you get organized, you have to make sure you devote the time each day to actually staying organized! She's been writing most of her life and realized that she could combine her writing talents with her medical knowledge to help others in a new way. It’s definitely less costly than buying a special Hot Wheels holder and holds a lot more cars!
There are ways to increase the odds of a new business starting up, and one of the biggest is to get organized. The best way to organize information is to put it into a place that is designed and set up to pick out custom fields, or identifiers, so that you can glean from that important info.
Having access to customer information and calendars at all times makes for good organization and looks good in front of a customer. Along comes a few too many hectic days in a row and there goes my clean desk and perfectly planned week.
You can also create separate folders on your computer, or online, either by month or by client which will help you to locate your work quickly and easily. If you’re looking for more information on how to keep up to date with your clients, check out this really helpful invoicing guide. The more experienced you are, the easier you will find it to predict your time investment but it’s super useful to be able to reference for future assignments. If, like myself, you often remember things you need to do or have great ideas just as you’re climbing into bed, keep the notebook at your bedside for easy access. If you’re not up to speed with this already, take the time to get it done and once you have a system in place stick to it!
Not only does it keep you on track, but it can save time, money and quarrels when you know exactly what you did, when and for how long. It’s also a good way to back-up important documents and files that you may not want taking up space on your computer or phone. Use it for text messages, emails, putting class notes into text form, reminders, Tweets, etc. This lets you read the articles you want to read when you actually have the time to read them,” said Hurst. Choosing the right tools to help you stay organized can go a long way towards keeping that resolution! You can use it for hot wheels in the playroom, spices in the kitchen, office supplies in the office and crafts in the craft room. If a user is in sales and is making cold or warm calls, the ability to set reminders and not overlap appointments is essential to keeping a good relationship. It’s also a great idea to keep your files online, which you can sync with your phone and computer, meaning that not only can you access your files wherever you are, you also have them backed up. If you don’t have time to file your work each day, set aside an hour or so at the end of each week – it’s all about getting into a routine.
Kitchen organization products that should be on your list include spice racks that either rotate or stack in a way that lets you see every item; bins that can slide under shelves to double your shelf space, and risers to let you see all those cans of soups and vegetables buried in your cabinet. When she's not writing 12 hours a day, she enjoys reading and spending time with her very cool son. Filing applies to your invoices but also to your expenses – if you want to be able to claim them back against your tax that is. There’s nothing worse than a mountain of muddled paperwork just before the taxman comes for the audit!

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