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It’s that time again … the last eight weeks of the year (known as “The Holidays”) where Thanksgiving (filled with turkey, pumpkin pie, and football parties), the Black Friday shopping frenzy and high-calorie holiday parties lead up to lofty New Year’s resolutions.
Motivation is the psychological incentive or reason for doing something, which can be hard to understand because we can’t touch it or see it. Internal, or intrinsic, motivation is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself. When you surround yourselves with positive people, positive talking, and positive thoughts, you can accomplish great things! A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific goal.
The latest research indicates that the simple act of setting goals improves our experience and our performance. When you achieve something great (even when you achieve something small) feel free to reward yourself!
If you don’t believe in yourself (and your ability to succeed), you’re likely to have a very poor self-image and thus low self-esteem. Recognizing your achievements will ensure you get a chance to celebrate what you accomplish along the way and helps you maintain a positive attitude.
Before you can believe in a goal (and that you can truly achieve it), you first need to have an idea of what it looks like.
When you pursue a fitness goal, many of you will put a lot of pressure on yourself to be “perfect” and are harsh judges every step of the way. At some point (whether you like to admit it or not), you compare yourselves to others and gauge where you are based on what you observe them doing. Regardless of your fitness goals, you can still enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, while still working towards becoming the best version of “you” in the New Year! Please visit this page whenever you are looking for that extra motivation we sometimes need! Are you guilty of the Summer Slump?  I know you have been waiting months for the weather to get warm and beautiful outside so that you could get back into your regular workout routine.  Running outside, no more being worried about being cold and freezing when you step out of the car, enjoying the fresh air!
So great that you are outside gardening, swimming, playing with the kids, getting all those errands done, driving around with the windows down, getting the kids to summer camps, making meals with new fresh ingredients…so you are searching on Pinterest, cleaning the windows, cleaning out the car, oh the list goes on and on. Yes, gardening, cutting the grass, and walking outdoors are all fabulous, but they don’t give you the cardio and strength training that you need! If you want to check out Jazzercise, there are LOTS of locations that have babysitting that they offer for a small fee (some locations have it for FREE!) during certain classes, so don’t let the fact that the kids are home this summer stop you from going to classes or checking them out for the 1st time. Be sure to check out Having Fun Saving on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram for more tips, healthy recipes, family fun and more.

Looking too far ahead at what is not yet a reality can set unrealistic expectations that can create frustration that can get in the way of your long term success. It doesn’t have to be anything big or significant, but you have to do something that celebrates your achievements. Unless otherwise noted, I (Laura Clendenning) am the legal copyright holder of all material on this site and others cannot use it to reprint or publish without my written consent. Have you ever lost 20 pounds before attending a wedding that you knew an old boyfriend was going to be present at? I NEED to stay in good shape (and get in great shape) this summer as the heat and humidity makes it difficult for me to move around.
You feel guilty pretty quickly if you change out of workout stuff without actually working out! Remember every fitness goal can be achieved you just have to be prepared and focused in all parts of life.#1. You need to remember what victories you’ve made along the journey to motivate you to continue to the next “check point”.
How often do you compare yourself with someone less fortunate and consider yourself blessed? Every time you went to eat something you shouldn’t have, or really wanted to skip a workout, you got a picture in your mind of how you wanted to look walking into that wedding. Have your workout clothes and tennis shoes ready: either next to your bed if you workout in the morning or already in your gym back ready to go. That became stronger than sleeping in or eating a donut with your coffee.While it may sound as though you were doing it to impress someone else, what it really boils down to is your own impression of yourself. We have noticed when we are dressed and ready to go, it is easier to get motivated to workout.#2.
You were doing it for you so that your outside matched how good you feel about yourself on the inside. Taking good care of yourself is something we should always make a top priority but instead of making time for ourselves first we sacrifice ourselves to time restraints.When you fail to plan you plan to failEven though this saying sounds trite, it is a simple fact. When you pack your lunch the night before you won’t resort to a vending machine or fast food restaurant for your lunch choices. Besides helping with your dedication, being prepared helps you to feel in charge of your life.
There is always room for spontaneity, but when you have a plan at least you know you can get right back on track and stay in charge. You don’t pack up a suitcase and go on vacation without knowing where you are going so why leave everything to chance when trying to achieve your fitness and diet goals?Set up a reward systemIf you want a way to boost your impetus you may want to set up a reward system.

Most of the time we know what workout we are doing the night before so there is no excuse for us to skip it. You can start small and your confidence will begin to build as you achieve each goal you set.
Plus knowing what workout we are doing helps us get excited to get up the next morning to do it!  How do we get workout ideas? Little steps add up and pretty soon instead of just a 15 minute walk you will be up to a 30 minute walk. Many people who begin a diet and fitness plan and begin to lose weight and feel better end up entering their first marathon or even become a personal trainer in order to help others achieve their goals.When you set a goal, attach a reward that means something to you. Make it something you would enjoy and that would serve as a testament of a goal that has been reached. Have a basket full of your weights, timer (we love gymboss timer), jump rope, yoga mat, kettlebell… whatever you use. A new cologne or perfume, a fashion or sports magazine, and even a quick stop with your friends after work for a specialty coffee or lite beer would make you feel as if you earned it.The best thing about following through is it builds momentum.
Enthusiasm is all smoke and mirrors while motivation is actually hitting the gym and bringing those veggies and dip for a snack at work. And as your body responds and begins to feel healthier and stronger every day, you will hit a point where you will almost be on autopilot and lean towards a better way to treat yourself as the new normal. If it is not fun then it is harder to workout.And remember everyday you get dressed, workout, eat a little healthier, you are one day closer to reaching your fitness goal. The twins share their passion of eating healthy, staying active, and creating innovative, delicious recipes. Lori and Michelle have a big sweet tooth, and love making desserts that are super yummy that are made from wholesome ingredients.
The one thing I can add is if you want to workout in the morning, wake up at the same time every morning — even on rest days. You get your body used to waking up at that time and then you’ll (almost) never get that urge to sleep in.

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