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In this world filled with technology, smart gadgets, and instant communication, it’s tougher than ever to stay focused on the tasks at hand.
People in their 20’s tend to have less of an attention span, possibly because that generation has had all the technology experience. Eat A Good Breakfast– Studies show that eating breakfast can help increase attention span and give you long lasting energy. Make The Technology Work For You – Some people work better with some white noise, light music, or with headphones in. Reward Yourself– Force yourself to get a certain amount of work or reading done before getting up and getting a snack, or checking your facebook page.
Set Goals– That might sound cliche, but seriously, writing down what you want to get done that day will make you want to get it done more.
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Maybe we’re tired of the crusty baby-boomers’ business model, or maybe we just have more resources and technology available to us. But between classes, current jobs, student loans and that ever- important social life, staying focused on your startup can be challenging.
This may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but research has shown that creating habits without first defining your goals can do more harm than good. In the example above, the former goal is much more specific and clearly defined than the latter. Tons of people will tell you Always do this or Never do that, but you can’t incorporate those ideas into your work-oriented habits if they aren’t actually going to benefit your startup. You’ll increase you startup’s potential because you won’t be needlessly wasting your energy on habits that won’t help you anyway. There are all kinds of phony statistics out there that claim it only takes x number of days to form a lasting habit. Just because your habit lasts the entire length of your existence doesn’t mean it has to be a drag. In order to say focused on your startup you need to modify how you think about your entrepreneurial productivity. After you’ve become accustomed to your new work-oriented habits, consider replacing frivolous rewards with productive work.
Use this simple, yet super effective, 5-step process and boost your concentration and focus starting today.
Every single time you face a distraction, we know from science it can take you up to 21 minutes to regain your focus. Learn how to schedule your time the right way, so it supports maximum focus throughout the entire day, not just in the morning. Like everything else, like your energy, like your willpower, your focus is the highest in the morning. This is going to help bring your energy up, which is going to bring your focus up, your willpower, your mood, your creativity, and everything else up. Kosio Angelov is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of "The Lean Email Simple System" and the founder of High Performance Lifestyle.
Focus on the approach you’ve got, and give it room to show you long-term, real results, not just short term instant results. There are so many distractions that will easily have you piddling around all day accomplishing nothing. Whatever the deciding factor, it’s a fact that an unprecedented amount of recent college grads and undergrad students are forming their own startup companies.
Therefore, the person managing the startup will have a much clearer idea of what his or her endgame is and can plan out specific steps to reach that goal. When you know specifically why you want your startup to succeed and what you hope to get out of your company, you can begin to decide what habits will be best for you. Don’t become a mindless zombie obsessively forming work-related habits just because someone once said it would be beneficial. My personal favorite claims that you only have to do something once a day for two weeks to form a lifelong habit.

And that amount of time is dependent on a lot of things: you, your environment, your goals and nearly a hundred other factors.
Developing healthy and stick-worthy habits for your startup will help you manage your time better and be more productive.
Envision its name on the cover of Forbes or imagine people all over the world using the product you developed. These are short-term goals you set for your startup that are feasible and entirely possible with a little bit of hard work and a lot of coffee. You’ll feel like you are accomplishing tasks, and you will be, so you will be more driven to accomplish additional tasks. Your if-then statements could then be more like If I finish the design this week, then I can take out a loan next week. In a time where there are so many constant demands to your attention and everything and everyone is pulling you in different directions? If you imagine your focus as bucketful of water, every distraction is a little hole in your bucket. The more you exercise, the more you go to the gym, the better developed your muscles are going to be. Your habit is to do 5 minutes or 10 minutes, and now you’re trying to jump almost tenfold.
You don’t go to the gym, go on the bench press and start benching hundreds of pounds.
This strategy allows you to renew your focus over and over again, so you can use it for every single task.
Put whatever focus work you have as close to the morning as possible, when you have the most energy, when you have the most vitality. Start your day with writing down what you need to do, when do you need to do it, what do you need to achieve. Your energy follows a very predictable pattern every single day: it goes up, and it takes about 2 ? hours to go down. When our energy goes down, we start going for coffee, we start going for energy drinks, for sugary stuff, just to pump our energy up. A serial entrepreneur with a passion for productivity, he helps individuals and companies achieve their true high performance potential. His degree is in health science and he's a certified personal trainer who loves helping people reach their goals.
Developing the right productivity habits and, more importantly, making sure those habits stick will help you stay focused on your startup even during finals week. If you simply want to bake cookies for everyone, you’re likely going to be scatter-brained and you run the risk of making critical mistakes early on in your startup. So don’t let anybody else tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing for your company.
You’ll feel great because you’ll know you worked hard and you made your startup the best startup it could be.
But the purpose of macro-maybes is to keep you pushing forward for the sake of the big picture.
If you always watch an hour of TV before bed, tell yourself If I work on that HTML code for an hour, then I can watch TV before bed.
If I take out a loan next week, then I can have my product on the market by the following week.
This allows you to not only stay organized and on top of things, but you will also spend less time deciding which task to set as your next goal. The detail to focus on is not that you broke your chain of productivity, but rather what caused you to break your habit. So, rather than focus on the negatives like I didn’t get anything done today or I didn’t meet that goal, focus on the positives.
If you are constantly distracted, or multitasking all the time, you are preventing yourself from reaching the next level. The more distractions you have, the more holes you have, the more water is going to leak out, and eventually your bucket is going to be empty.

It makes it much harder to concentrate, because every single time, you’re faced with a decision: do you pay attention to your phone vibrating, or do you stay focused on the task at hand?
If you go to the office and you start checking your email, you start talking to people, being on the phone, and only then you get into your focus time, it’s going to be that much harder.
So then you don’t need to be faced with the choice should you be doing this, should you be doing this, are you doing the right thing?
When you have a plan, when you have a schedule, it is that much easier to focus and to stay focused. And when your energy starts going down, so does your focus, your concentration, your willpower and even your mood.
But instead, if you take a break, your focus is going to renew because your energy is going to be elevated. He believes that getting things done and having a fulfilled life don't have to be self-exclusive and he provides the necessary strategies, tactics and tools to prove it. Don’t jump to a brand new approach just because the first one takes a minute or a month or a year to get rolling. These tips will keep your mind on track while you’re at work or school, and make you much more productive and successful. Unplugging yourself from the internet will eliminate the possibility of Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter distracting you from your work. Narrow down your reasons for succeeding with your startup early on, and you’ll be much better off than that other guy. When you know what will help your company and you turn it into a habit, the level of productivity behind your startup will rise exponentially – without draining your energy.
When you’re focusing on that, rather than how many weeks you’ve been maintaining your habit, your change in routine is more effective and it doesn’t seem like such a chore.
I know –weird that a post on building habits would say to not hold yourself accountable, but it’s true when it comes to big dreams. If the big picture never happens, your macro-maybes likely still helped you get to the highest tier of your career. In addition, by telling yourself you can do the second half of the step, you set up work as a positively reinforced goal. In fact, screwing up your productivity habits is one of the best things you can do for them. By analyzing what influenced you to break your habit you can take preventative measures to ensure that same factor doesn’t cause you to break you productivity chain again. Every time you switch between tasks you end up spending 5 min getting acclimated to the new task. And after your startup really beings to grow, some of your macro-maybes might appear more possible than you originally suspected. Not all of your if-then statements have to include rewards, but positive reinforcement is a very powerful tool that easily incorporates into this tactic. This can improve your attitude toward work altogether and is certainly beneficial for the productivity of your startup. Create your own library, create your own meditation room; something that allows you to get into the Zen mode, that allows you to focus, allows you to stay concentrated on the task at hand.
Maybe you cannot do it first thing in the morning, but do it the first thing when you get to the office.
You know that between this and this period, you’re supposed to be doing this one task. Just keep your spirits highs, and don’t worry, you’ll have to hold yourself accountable for other things.

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