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A key aspect of any nutrition program should be to keep one healthy and not starving or depleted or in misery! At Wellness Haven we believe in gradually changing our lifestyle so that we are on a healthy path. We believe that all three aspects of life need to come together for a joyful and peaceful human: PHYSICAL aspects through yoga asanas and nutrition and MENTAL and SPIRITUAL aspects through Breathing and Meditation practices. Get back on the healthy life track today for life is meant to be lived peacefully and joyfully. To start off with, take a look at some of our delicious juice recipes, as recommended by Lucy. So I know you have eaten those fries, pizzas, sodas and those huge burgers all your life (something that I have done too). For this, we need to adapt to a healthier eating lifestyle and kick our bad habits for good.
We all belong to the generation who eats whatever is available, whenever we feel hunger, wherever we find ourselves famished in whatever position. Exercise is not only for those who pursue weight loss; rather exercise is vital for all of us to remain fit and healthy. Just a few modifications in your lifestyle and you can easily beat your unhealthy and poor eating habits. How to Kickstart Your Healthy Lifestyle 5:15 am By Admin So I know you have eaten those fries, pizzas, sodas and those huge burgers all your life (something that I have done too).
Exercise and weight loss, get the facts 4:49 am By Admin   You cannot eat your stake with the knife only, the fork is a must!
In this episode, I talk about early morning rituals and how they can set you up to be more productive, more successful, and more healthy.
For example, as a golfer, I have a ritual for hitting drives that are long and straight (most of the time). Reengineering your morning ritual can be a simple way to become more productive and set yourself up for success. In 21 audio sessions, I cover everything I have learned about publishing in my thirty-plus years in the industry as a publisher, former literary agent, and two-time New York Times bestselling author. This conference is sold out, but make plans NOW to attend the next conference April 7–11, 2013 in Rome, George at the beautiful WinShape Retreat Center.
If you want to explore the possibility of having me speak at your event, visit my speaking page.
You can download a complete, word-for-word transcript of this episode here, courtesy of Ginger Schell, a professional transcriptionist, who handles all my transcription needs. If you have an idea for a podcast you would like to see or a question about an upcoming episode, e-mail me.
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About MeI am the author of the New York Times bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. I am the founder and CEO of Intentional Leadership, an online leadership development company.

When I need a little motivational boost, creating a plan of attack with regard to my eating and exercise routine always makes me feel more in control of the situation.
On the food front, I’ll search for nutritious recipes online (hello, Pinterest) and plan a few healthy meals and snacks to amp up my motivation and keep me on track.
When I’d rather sit on the couch than exercise or eat cereal for dinner instead of something more nutritious, I always look to my favorite sources of healthy inspiration to get me out of a funk.
Instead of waiting to start my healthy eating or exercise routine on Monday, I make a change right away. I’ve recently discovered one of the best ways to motivate myself is with a little bribery, especially when it comes to my workouts.
Fueling my body with healthy foods always makes me feel good—both inside and out—so when I need some healthy living motivation, I always make sure this is something I do. Orchard Valley Harvest recently launched a line of mini stand-up bags that help make delicious snacking even more convenient for on-the-go consumers. To enter: Just leave a comment on this post about your #1 tip for living a healthy lifestyle. I like to sign up for things with friends, so I’m motivated – yoga classes, races, etc! Now that summer is here, change up your diet to include more of the fresh and wonderful fruits and veggies that are now available.
We do not believe in yo-yo behavior patterns that actually destroy the lifestyle for the worse and not better. How much money you spend for a few hours or a few days of pleasure when you eat out or buy materials or fly out for vacations. Christmas is most definitely a time for guilt-free indulgence and that little bit of gluttony. If you have finally planned to give yourself one chance to change for good, here are a few guidelines that will help you achieving your goal.
They are not only tasty and refreshing but also very very healthy for all the organs of our body including heart, liver, skin, kidneys.
Morning exercise increases our metabolic rate, purifies our blood, strengthens out immunity system, enhances our cognitive abilities and keeps our mood jovial the entire day.
For these modifications, a little will power and self control is required as most of the people in our community are kind of addicted to junk and unhealthy food.
It won’t guarantee your results, but it will set you up for the possibility of success. This year we will also be joined by New York Times bestselling authors, Lysa TerKeurst and Dan Miller.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. We help overwhelmed high achievers get the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to win at work and succeed at life.
I typically start by planning my workouts for the week by scheduling them into my Google calendar. When I take the time to sit down and plan some healthy habits, it helps me see these things in black and white, which helps me stick with them! My go-to resources are typically food and fitness blogs, but I also love motivational Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts to keep me on track.

Some of my favorites: I throw on my sneakers and do a quick workout, I search for nutritious recipes online, or I plan my workouts for the upcoming week.
For example, if I buy a cute workout top or download a few new songs onto my iPhone, it always seems to motivate me to exercise.
My favorite snacks are the ones that include a good mix of healthy carbs, protein, and fat, so I stay satisfied for a good amount of time. Whether it’s for added protein or to satisfy a sweet tooth, their minis are the perfect grab-and-go snack. It doesn’t have to be formal exercise (especially when busy) – forgo the car while running errands, take the dog on an extra walk, throw in some squats during your workday! It fills me up to stop me overindulging, my skin looks great and I have so much more energy. Our students realize this, experience this and tell us that they feel lighter in both body and mind, that they have to change over to smaller size clothes, their yoga forms have improved, their families are eating healthier, many physical issues have disappeared, no more acidity or heart burns or feelings of being bloated, no more headaches, change to positive and healthy thinking, and in general are much more joyful. I’m sure at Skin Medispa we’re not the only ones experiencing that post-festive slump, when our jeans feel that little bit tighter and our tummies that little bit rounder!! Our fantastic herbal nutritionist and nurse, Lucy, will also be sharing information on a variety of treatments and her own advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To say goodbye to those poor eating habits, to come closer to natural foods, to purify our bodies with herbs and nature and to lead a healthier life as well as a prolonged lifetime. The only question is whether or not you are intentional about your early morning ritual and whether or not your ritual is producing the results you want in your life.
It’s too late to get tickets, but we are recording it on video and hope to be offering an online course soon. That's exactly why I wrote my new ebook, Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek: 4 Proven Strategies for Creating More Margin for the Things That Matter Most.
I almost always find a recipe, new workout, or some words of advice that make me want to change my tune. Jumpstarting these habits boosts my motivation to get on track and keeps me from falling further into bad habits that got me off course in the first place. And, hey, if that’s what it takes to get me back to the gym, I consider it money well spent! Instead of refined flour, refined rice, refined, sugar; select whole-grain flour, brown rice and brown sugar. Researchers have proposed that eating properly on the dinner table with family or friends around has a very influential impact on our diet. Ken Davis, Curtis Fletcher, Michele Cushatt, and I (along with a team of certified coaches) teach you how to have greater impact with your speaking. Make 2015 the year that you kick those bad habits and focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle, experiencing the benefits of clearer skin, more energy, better concentration, and much more!!
What soda does to you is that it relieves your thirst but does not hydrate your body, rather it further dehydrates the body and your body becomes deprived of water, minerals and electrolytes. Even though it’s not a set class, I’ll schedule “3 miles” into my calendar, so I’m less likely to skip it when I see it staring back at me.

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