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Plumbers 4 Real is a licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing service serving the Atlanta, GA area.
We calculate the overall star rating using only reviews that our automated software currently recommends. Today I wanted to show you how I organize a bag for little M when we’re going for quick morning or afternoon outings. 2 Aden and Anais Burpy Bibs for full coverage in the carseat and stroller :-))) The functionality of these is magical.
1 blanket that is only used for going out– I bought this cloud blanket from Aden and Anais {part of their Classic Swaddle collection} because it was a fun theme for going out and because their classic swaddling blankets are fantastic. I tuck the sanitizer, diapers, wipes, grocery bags, and pacifiers into the pouches of the bag.
Finally, I tightly roll the blanket and changing pad to go in vertically, and then tuck in toys where there’s room. I always keep a grocery bag with a roll of paper towels and a package of wipes in the trunk to supplement the essentials in the diaper bag. Unload the laundry room into a low-traffic area that will allow you to spread out your laundry room items.
Toss out anything that is broken, beyond repair, or something you know you’ll never get to repairing. If you have multiples of one item {like a cleaner}, try to consolidate what you can into one bottle and recycle the empty bottles. Now that you know what you have to work with, you can begin planning your laundry room layout {zones} and what containers you’re going to use to organize the space. Be sure to measure every shelf height, width, and depth before you begin purchasing any containers. Add simple additions like a small lamp, a colorful print {ironing board cover maybe?), a fabulous laundry basket, etc.
I needed a solution for our collection of plastic grocery bags and larger shopping, grocer bags and totes. Click HERE to access my post on How I Put Together the Wash + Dry + Fold Station in Our Laundry Room!!!
Decide on a container that will meet all of your needs and buy enough to store EVERYTHING that needs storing.
Pre-labeled and pre-defined number of jars type spice racks like THESE to go on your kitchen counter or in your pantry. Pre-labeled and pre-defined number of jars type spice racks like THESE to go in your kitchen drawers. Once you get all of your spices situated and a plan in place, make sure everything is labeled and accounted for. I feel like my system for storing my spices has always been disorganized and dysfunctional   Over the years, I’ve tried a couple of storage solutions. The best thing about these labels and pin is that with a little water and a paper towel, you can wipe off any word and reuse the label. We painted the shelf with exactly the same color of the pantry shelves so the pieces connected flawlessly. Everyone thinks their things are worth a lot of money, and therefore hate to get rid of them. So what if your junk doesn’t fit into a box you can throw into the back of your car and drop off at the donation center? Technology is the wave of the future, but sometimes this wave is so powerful that it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in the sea of information.
So the choices to combat the information overload are to move to a cave with no Wifi, where even the bravest of mail carriers does not dare to tread, or learn to manage it, so it doesn’t manage you!
This really should only take 10 minutes, unless you are a very important person who receives tons of mail daily (like the President or Justin Bieber).
The bottom line is that it’s manageable if you manage it in little bits, before it gets out of hand and causes a breakdown (electronic or literal).
When people learn that I’m a Professional Organizer, they associate it with the show “Hoarders” (which, by the way, I cannot watch at all). The word ‘Hoarder’ is thrown around lightly, these days, partly because of the show and party because it’s become a buzz word for anyone who has too much stuff. The people who hoard aren’t the ones who typically call Professional Organizers, or anyone for that matter. However, like any chronic disorder, there is no easy fix, and cleaning out the home of a person who hoards, before they are ready to do so, can be damaging to them.
As you can see, there is an endless stream of gift-giving occasions, and who doesn’t like gifts? We come up with excuses to get out of, or delay, doing things we don’t want to do; excuses for why we’re not as fit or wealthy or organized as we’d like to be.
If you’re like me, you love when a decision has been made, but you agonize over the making of it! Sometimes deciding tasks become so big and overwhelming that people pretend they don’t exist. So I bet you’re wondering if my decision-making skills have improved since I’ve become a Professional Organizer.

Clutter has become synonymous with confusion, but at its core, it’s simply a delayed decision! Clutter usually creeps up slowly, starting with a few pieces of mail on the dining room table, some clothes on the bedroom floor, or dishes in the bathtub (who can relate??). According to WebMD decreasing clutter and organizing your space leads to better emotional health. Marketing is set up to make things irresistible to that disheveled little devil sitting on our shoulder and poking us with his spear (that he go for ? off at a clearance sale). Have you ever bargained with a family members, trying to convince them that you will take care of the clutter engulfing the kitchen table, after you finish more ‘pressing’(aka…more interesting) things? Once I figured out how many containers I needed, I chose one style of container to use for everything. I tell my clients that I will take away and donate everything that fits in my car at the end of each work session.
It’s necessary for work, and most students (even as early as elementary school) are required to have one. And, unfortunately, in this computer age, it doesn’t all consist of love letters and postcards from fun far-away places.
File – can be put aside (like in a small basket marked ‘to be filed’) and those items can be filed, on a weekly or even monthly basis, depending on the amount.
Action (anything you need to do something else with) – can be further sorted into individual categories like pay, read, respond, etc. To start getting less of those, each time an email comes in that you don’t want, take a second to go to the bottom and hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button.
It also will most definitely result in a continuation of the hoarding behavior, which will bring them right back to the same place they were before their home was cleared. But after we’ve gotten that precious teddy bear, or picture frame, or candle, or live alligator, what do we do with them? If you get gifts you’re not too fond of, or that just aren’t your style, put them directly into a regifting bin. The gift receiver is much more likely to remember the gift of a massage than the gift of another vase.
While we can’t turn down gifts (that’s just plain rude), we can make ruthless decisions on those gifts without feeling the pangs of guilt.
Some people are so paralyzed by decision-making that they simply don’t do it, which leads to all sorts of problems. It can also bring on feelings of disgust, exhaustion, overwhelm, anger, sadness and embarrassment for all of us! This means that every place in your space where you have clutter lie decisions that have been postponed. With an unsettled space come unsettled emotions — your mind is constantly thinking about everything that needs to be done. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, you might find yourself weighed down with feelings of guilt about your space. When you need something but can’t find it, you end up buying it again, even though you know you have it ‘somewhere’.
How many times have we all said this when faced with deciding whether to buy an item that we KNOW we don’t really need? If you can’t put everything together in that one space, find another location or make a plan for creating more space in the original location {with a shelf organizer}. I’ve had clients take me up on that, literally, so that that I leave their home with only enough room for me to fit into the driver’s seat. Whether you think of your stuff as junk or treasure, if you don’t need or want it, don’t hold onto it! This way you don’t need to dig your bills out of a stack of pizza menus and credit card applications, and your lights won’t get shut off for failure to pay the bill because you didn’t know where it was! You may have to do this for a lot of emails, but it will be worth it when your inbox is no longer cluttered with ways to decrease your debt and increase your hair line. Others will smile and say they’re on their way to becoming one, and still others will say they have some clutter, but can’t be “classified as a hoarder”.
Most of the time they sit in the back of the closet or in the garage or basement storage room (maybe not the alligator), because you don’t need them, or even like them for that matter. Make sure to attach a sticky note with the name of the gift-giver, so that you don’t give them back their same gift(that would be embarrassing) .
This is especially good for those slightly used items that you don’t want anymore, or for hand-me-downs that no longer serve you. Whether it’s free samples of broccoli casserole at the grocery store (even though we don’t like broccoli), or a free dollop of lotion tucked inside a tiny packet in a magazine (that only covers half of one hand), or a water bottle advertising a mortuary (which I was recently offered), we want it!
Whether it’s hiring a Trainer to get you in shape, a Career Coach to put you on the right track, or a Professional Organizer to declutter your life, it’s never too late to exchange excuses for solutions!
She would let me pick out a piece of candy at the checkout of the grocery store and I would proceed to weigh the pros and cons of my potential enjoyment of each piece of candy. I am great at helping others make decisions but I still have trouble picking out a good candy bar (Kit Kats, Butterfinger, Twix…).
Don’t plan anything over it and don’t reschedule it to do something more ‘pressing’, like clipping your toenails (although that really should be done at some point).

It’s when the cost of keeping something outweighs the cost of letting it go, or trying to sell it. For those that have bravely tackled a garage-full of junk, there is help in the form of junk haulers.
You can pick were to eat, where to go on vacation, buy a car, make new friends, electronically stalk someone, and meet your future spouse. Next time you get invited to an event, look through your regifting bin before going to buy something new. Most of those freebies end up in the ‘miscellaneous’ drawer, only to be found 3 years later, and thrown away (by your organizer).
So much so that my mom would tell me “you’re not buying a car, just pick a piece of candy so we can go”. The cost of an item is not just monetary, things cost us energy (in upkeep), time (in trying to sell them) and emotional distress (in keeping too much). They help you decrease the amount of direct marketing you receive, so you have less junk to wade through and throw away.
She had online bill pay, so she didn’t need the paper statements, but she wasn’t sure if she should keep them, and everything else that was sent to her (just in case). I either had to store the remaining spice in the pantry {what’s the point of having a spice rack like I had} or I would just throw out the remaining spice.
Next, I searched for the perfect labels to fit my jars and I eventually found these Teenie Circle Chalkboard Labels from BradensGrace on Etsy. In past blogs I’ve discussed the idea that our stuff takes a toll on our emotional health and can often make us feel overwhelmed and unfocused.
For a nominal fee, they come to your home with a big truck and muscled employees to remove everything you want gone.
Often times someone will bring up something I hadn’t thought about which will help sway me one way or another.
Likewise, we can get so bogged down with maintaining our junk that we forget that it’s there to serve us, not the other way around. If things have gotten out of hand and there are just too many decisions to be made, ask for help! This means that buying that glass Llama statue at 60% off is only good if upon seeing it you exclaim “I have the perfect place to put that”, and it will complete your animals of the world that spit collection! I also purchased this Fine Tip Chalk Pin to help make handwriting the labels a little easier and more legible.
You may not need or want the Elvis clock your great aunt Trudy gave you for your birthday 3 years ago, but someone may find it at Goodwill and feel like they’ve hit the jackpot! Clients often tell me they have things they think are ‘worth something’, and are eager to sell them. These magnificent machines can certainly cause problems – that spouse you met online is now ‘chatting’ with someone else, your bank account has been hacked, your directions sent you to an abandoned warehouse instead of the fabulous new restaurant you were going to, your vacation confirmation got lost and you are now stuck at the flea dip motel, next door to the Scranton, PA thumb wrestling team on their way to regional’s.
This way your inbox won’t build up like soap scum in your bath tub, getting to the point where it’s just gross! She was about to move again, and here employer (who was paying for the move), said she needed to decrease the weight of the move.
Otherwise, it’s not a bargain; it’s just another thing that will need to be dusted and will eventually end up at a garage sale. It’s difficult telling someone that no one is going to pay big bucks for their old toaster or college textbooks from 1978.
Companies like Gone For Good even have a store where they give you a discount on your haul-away of they can resell some of your old items.
When I came to work with her, she was adamant about going through each envelope and piece of mail to make sure she wasn’t getting rid of anything important. I’m not a fan of consignment, since they only take items in pristine (and dry cleaned) condition, that are currently in style.
Then there’s Clutter Trucker, who specializes in hoarding situations and mandatory clean-outs. After doing this for several days, she realized the toll it took on her emotionally and mentally. I was then able to talk her though the notion that if she hasn’t needed any of these papers in the last 3 decades, how important could they really be? Unfortunately, I often have to burst the get-rich-quick bubble by saying most people’s junk is just that, junk. I think that gave her the freedom she was looking for and the boxes of mail headed out the door to be shred! I tell clients that the time and money (if you hire someone) you will spend trying to sell something is worth more than the item. More often than not, the tax write-off you will get from donating it is a much better and less stressful option.
If you do choose to take the time to sell your things, a few good spots are Craigslist (for local items), Ebay (for collectors items), Thread Up (for clothing), Rebagg (for purses).

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