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Whatever you do, keeping your Goals in your daily view, will keep your daily actions in check.
When you are setting up a business, it is vital that you set yourself goals that will drive you to succeed.
Over the years, one common difference we have noticed between people who succeed in setting up a business and those who don’t is that invariably, successful people set goals for themselves.
Follow these nine steps in setting your goals and you will soon be enjoying the success you desire. Have another great week and keep an eye out for Lesson #4 where we help you decide what you really want when embarking on setting up a business. Like it or not, goal setting is a huge part of making sure that you are constantly focused on what you want out of life.
When you set about creating your goals, first create an overall big picture of what you have planned for the next five or 10 years. Once you have started setting up some of the action steps that you need to take to reach her larger goals, start creating daily to do list that will help you work towards smaller goals.
Setting HUGE impossible goals, can and will ruin your want or need for goals, that maybe important during your life.
Similarly, setting goals that are easily achievable and do not make stretch, are also detrimental and may adversely effect your career growth!!!
You need to make a list of what you want to achieve and a time frame in which you want to achieve it. If you determine your short and medium term goals as well as your long term goals you will be more likely to stick on a path to success. You need to work out what you can do on a daily and weekly basis to work on the goals you have set for yourself. Put them up on your wall so that you can remind yourself every day – where you are now, where you want to be going, and how you are going to get there.
Whether you make up a phrase that inspires and drives you and say it to yourself every day when you wake up, or find a quote and stick it up on your wall. For example, if you want to learn to do big aerial moves like Kelly Slater, Jordy Smith, or Josh Kerr it’s not going to happen over night. You probably know that and may have tried to set goals in the past that have not resulted in any change in behaviour. When you think about your goal;when you think about setting up a business; how do you feel? It is important that you have an appropriate gap between where you are now and where your goal will take you. Our experience in helping many clients to achieve their goals is that everybody has a responsible part of their personality. Whilst goals, by their very nature focus on your performance and your aspirations, you are more likely to be successful if you can assure yourself that no-one will lose out by you getting your goal.

If you don’t have a specific, time-based first step, then you don’t have a goal, you have a dream. Many people set out on their journey to entrepreneurial success without any kind of a roadmap or plan. You need to set concrete goals that are achievable so that you can feel progress along the way. As you mark each one off the list, you will get a sense of accomplishment that will propel you forward in your journey. So many people are focused on the short-term, such as just paying their bills, but they never see the importance of long-term goals. Then, break all of those down into smaller and smaller target goals that you have to reach in order to get to the larger goals. If you have a list of tasks you need to get done it is best to make a list and decide what is the most important and what needs to be done right away. You need to have good time management so you are able to achieve everything that you would like to. If you want a perfect balance you have to be willing to spend a lot time working on both aspects of your life. Write festive notecards or stickies with your goals and post them where you’ll see them most. It will be something you need to learn over a period of time… You might even decide to learn to do some tricks on a trampoline before throwing yourself over the falls out in the water. You can satisfy this part by making sure you have a sound business plan that is based in reality, with sensible assumptions and detailed projections. Can you describe what you see, what you hear, how you feel, when you have achieved your goal in setting up a business?
If you don’t feel a combination of excitement and a little fear in setting up a business, then it’s time to think about changing your goal. If your gap is too small, then you won’t feel excited and there won’t be enough “umph” to keep you going. This is the part that insists, for example, that debts are paid off before someone can buy a new car. This is a huge mistake because you cannot set sail for your course without any map of where you’re going.
You might even want to write these up on a vision board or dry erase board said that they are always at the front of your mind.
When setting your goals, it’s important to create them in many different areas including career, family, education, financial, physical and even things like hobbies or volunteerism. Some people make the mistake of trying to start with nothing and get to $100,000 a year in a week. Create a vision board (learn more about Vision Boards HERE) just for your holiday goals and keep it on your desk or kitchen counter.

When you are slogging it out in the gym and your body hurts and wants to give up – you will keep going, because your goals have told you that you need to train hard if you want to succeed as a Professional Surfer.
Your plan needs to be ambitious, sure, but if your plan assumes you capture 90% of a market within three months without a detailed way of doing this; the left hand side of your brain will not be convinced and you experience many blocks to setting up a business. If your goal is to buy a bigger house, for example, can you describe it in sufficient details so other people can imagine it?
If there is no emotion attached to your goal, the likelihood of achieving it is very small. In this case, the key is to include both parts of the goal and imagine a healthy bank statement along with the new car. This is unlikely to succeed as much of the process is outside your control, such as the quality of the other bids. If you are cooking a brand-new recipe, you are going to need a list of ingredients and steps in order to make sure that you have the right final product.
Don’t simply write a list of goals and then stick them in a drawer where you never look at them again. Although you can always retrace your steps, you might not have the time, opportunity, energy or resources you once had when you could have made your goals happen one by one.
People who regularly achieve their goals describe them is such detail that when you listen to them, you believe they already have them, which is absolutely the point. Some individuals will have a hard time even visualizing that much money if they’ve never made that kind of income before. It’ still difficult and you aren’t Superman so you can’t do it all, but at least you can try.
This is important for the balancing of the two worlds because you want to make sure you are not spending too much time with one of the worlds. Because it seems so huge, you can get very frustrated and discouraged until you finally give up.
We often have to correct our course but at the same time keep a focus on our vision or dream.
If you spend too much time at work, your personal relationships will suffer and if you spend too much time at home your work life and relationships will suffer.
Mediation allows you to be more creative, gives us time to relax, prioritize what is important. Reaching goals gives you a sense of accomplishment and will help improve your sense of self.
That is why everyone must develop the habit of the daily motivational in as many forms as being effective to stay focused.

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