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In Part 1 of this topic, we discussed the potential benefits that can be seen with barefoot running. When I first began to adopt the barefoot running technique, I decided to wear the Vibram Fiveingers. Having no cushioning or support, this was the next best thing to actually running barefoot.
I like running barefoot because it gives a sense of freedom, the kind that you may have experienced when taking of your shoes on a beach walk. Due to the car accident I had last winter, sofar I haven’t been able to train for an official run, as I intended at the start of the year.

Hi, I'm Marianne, I'm trying out habits from the paleolithic era in order to see which ones are useful for our health or the environment today.
Luckily, my running group, The Wild Mountain Runners, got in the race for just $10 because we had a bunch of volunteers.
The rugged coastline scenery, the lovely neighborhoods and the hills -- you're climbing or descending most of the time -- define the course. Barefoot Ted from "Born to Run" is an independent athlete committed to re-discovering primal human capacities and encouraging others to do the same. In the week of November 29, 2010 to December 4, 2010, the 1st Annual Run Barefoot 2010 makes its debut in three key cities: Manila, Cebu and Singapore.

This website features a cross section of a variety of subject mainly on minimalist and barefoot running.
Most runners are locals who know about the course, want to run a marathon, and don't have their hearts set on a PR. Right now I’m able to run about 2 kilometres at a very slow pace, it takes me about 20 minutes.

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