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As people grow up and become older their perspectives begin to shift, focusing more upon material things. But before you decide, great you’ve already passed each other like ships in the night, let me help you understand a little more about soul mates.
What that means is at some point in time during your creation you’ve made a spiritual agreement and a commitment to one another to help each other learn, grow and evolve. 2) There is a deep love between soul mates, however, this does not mean your relationship is necessarily romantic. They no longer wish to be in tune with their spiritual body, because of too many conflicting internal desires (soul desires and passions), and physical world improbabilities. If and when your soul mate can maintain a higher vibration of happiness and they are in touch with their internal desires, they maintain spiritual and physical balance.  This is when soul recognition is very present.
My name is Liz and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame.
About MeMy name is Liz and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame. Everyone wants to find their soulmate, but the key to finding your soulmate is to stop looking. There can be the cases, where your soul mate in this life is serving you as your brother, sister, wife, husband or someone, completely unknown to you.
Some speculate that an excellent example of finding your soul mate was portrayed in The Godfather? when Michael Corleone comes upon his great love Apollonia in a field in Italy.
When this kind of undeniable attraction befalls you, it could very well be that you have just found your soul mate.
If you’re looking for your soul mate, then don’t pay so much attention to the outer looks, but rather to your inner reaction.

You can meet during many different life times, and therefore, have a different a relationship with them depending on your agreement during that lifetime.
They are also introduced to fear and worry by others, and they become afraid of not being happy. Life mate is the one with whom, you can enjoy worldly pleasures, but the soul mate is the one, who prepares you for the divinity and helps you to progress on the path of salvation. Think about it…the word itself implies there is a “mate”, or by definition, “one of a matched pair” who you are connected to on a soul level…the deepest level possible.
Because we get to make our own choices, sometimes people veer from their life path or spiritual path, and make bad choices.
They become fearful of not having joy in their life, or of being unfulfilled in some way, that’s when desperation and fear set it. If this happens with a soul mate, since they’re no longer familiar with their spiritual body and how it “feels”, there will be no soul recognition.
Soul mate, according to me is a person, with whom you can share everything, happiness, sadness and just be what you are.
It is not worldly love, which happens along with physical attraction or feelings for each other, but overall, a divine intervention is felt to recognize your soulmate. Earning, gaining, getting higher degrees, huge pay scales are all virtues of this materialistic world, but the purpose of the human soul is to attend divine salvation at the end of living a life.
A surprising percentage of the human population does believe that they have a soul mate, and many of them believe they are married to them. When you are born into the physical world it can be very disorienting on a spiritual level as you become influenced with outside sources such as family, teachers, and friends. This fear will usually accompany a downward spiral of lowering their vibration and disconnecting further and further from their own spiritual bodies.

This was my perception to identify the soul mate signs before reading the book, The Law of the Spirit World. If you are into spiritual practices or a believer of spiritualism, chances are strong to identify, the soul mate around you. This is the concept explained in the book, The law of the Spirit world, written by Khorsed Bhavnagri and Rumi Bhavnagri after losing their two sons in a car accident. While they agree there was an unusual mutual physical attraction, by far the most common element is the chemistry, not the looks. I have mentioned same book in my previous post of spiritual experiences, but the most touchy thing, I got to know from this book is the concept of a soul mate. There can be the cases, where one of the two is serving in the human world and other is present in the spirit world. You should read this book, as this is just a section of soulmate, that I am able to present as well as a review here.
Both the soul are so intimately connected that they if one is happy, the other is happy and if one is unhappy, the other feels the same feeling, though the one on the earth are not aware of the existence of their actual twin soul. But the one, who is not in the world is constantly engaged in helping out the other soul on the earth. Do you see yourselves hanging out at the park or going to dinner at nice restaurants, do those things. The help can be in the form of divine support, emotional support, sending an angel for help or initiating some human, to help.

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