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The Big Apple recently became the first city ever to make the self esteem of young girls an official initiative. Lakshmi Manchu talks about her forthcoming release Dongata, daughter Vidya Nirvana and Manchu Manoj’s marriage. My dad, who produced more than 50 films, says that filmmaking is process of continuous learning and I believe in it. Dongata was not on the same scale of my earlier productions Oo Kodathara Ulikki Padathara and Gundello Godari, but comparatively, yes, it was a conscious decision to produce a small film. I play an actress in the film and for the first time, I’m playing a full length glamorous role. To be honest, I really don’t know, and I’m afraid if you remind me that I’m doing so many things at a time. Yes, I do take her if the shooting is indoors; I ensure that the floor is cleaned since I know my daughter comes here. Raghu Kunche earlier asked me to croon a number but it did not materialize.  There’s a situation in the film where I get drunk and then I had to sing. Celebrity Couple Ganesh Venkatram & Nisha Endorse their first Ad-Commercial for Pachaiyappas Silks !! Tom Attwater has a terminal brain tumour but he is ignoring his own health concerns in a bid to save his daughter, who has twice beaten cancer.
The 30-year-old has already raised ?425,000 for five-year-old Kelli, and is trying to find the other ?75,000 which could help save her life. But he may not live to see donations reach the ?500,000 mark, because doctors have told Mr Attwater that his tumour is growing and is inoperable. Kelli has been battling neuroblastoma since she was three months old. She is currently clear of the disease but doctors say the chance of a relapse is high. Treatment in the US is Kelli’s best option if the cancer returns, but the cost of such treatment would exceed ?500,000. Tragically, Kelli was recovering from operations to remove tumours when Mr Attwater was himself diagnosed with brain cancer.
Samantha Mumba has revealed that she’s considering moving back to Ireland so her daughter Sage can attend school in Dublin.
The Gotta Tell You star also admitted that she’s settling in well to her new role as a mother.
Samantha is back in Ireland for the summer and thinks that it’s important that Sage knows her roots. Siachen braveheart Hanumanthappa's wife said that she will raise her daughter as a son and will send her to army.

In a striking ad campaign across the city, on the sides of buses and in subway stations, NYC’s “I’m a Girl” campaign tells young girls they are smart, funny, curious, and beautiful just the way they are. I thought Gundello Godari will do well in Tamil but it back fired, so I had to play my game well. I always being in doing different roles and crime-comedy genre is something I have not attempted earlier and I gave it a shot.
I’ve been rehearsing constantly and my team has helped me a lot in getting the best out of me. As a producer too, I’m excited with the product and it’s been quite an interesting journey for me. I’m passionate about films and I can cater time to all the things and my daughter is the most important thing. I take her to gym, KBR Park and I feed her with road-side ice-creams, although my doctor is unhappy with that. So after the lyrics have been penned, everyone in the unit thought that it would be apt if I sing the number. Now makers have unveiled the short teaser of the film.Going by the teaser we can say that its a comedy crime thriller. All that matters is raising money to make sure Kelli can get the medical help she will need if she relapses. I am just pleading with people to help my daughter – anything will make a difference, 50p or a ?1.
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Featuring 21 of the city’s lovely and diverse girls ages 7-12, the ads show a spectrum of races, body types and shapes, in the hope that spotlighting real girls in the media will help real girls feel good about themselves. We tell her how clever she is when she makes up a new joke, how smart she is when she applies what she learns.
That we all might look different and enjoy and excel at different things, but that’s what makes us awesome. After I wrote this piece, I read that the founder of the campaign admitted she declined some TV interviews about it because she felt ugly that day. For my earlier films, I just focused on getting in money for scenes rather than worrying how the scene would turn out. As an actor, I need to think from my heart and as a producer I need to think from my mind to work out the economics.
I always believe in taking my acting skills to the next level in every role I play and get recognition as good actor.

In fact, I have a TV show shooting lined up for today and my dad don’t know (laughs) because he’ll come back at me saying why did you take up assignments before Manoj’s marriage. My mom keeps asking me “Don’t you have outdoor shooting today”?, so that she can play with my daughter.
When I go to the US, I see my friends being allergic to certain types of foods and hence they are choosy.
This move is definitely inspired by Om Shanti Om, but no actress has grooved with 9 heroes (quips).  I just told them that I want them to be part of a song, which will be part of the film and not just a promotional song. There’ll be ‘kolatam’ and a lot of songs being played and the marriage will be a pucca South Indian Hindu wedding. We praise her strong body for learning how to do the monkey bars, after weeks of blisters and falls.
But for this film, I’m kept a tab on the budget and pumped in money only if it was really necessary.
But here, we all eat anything because I think our immune system is much stronger so I want to raise my daughter like a rough Indian girl.
I know I’m loved by a lot of people and I thank them for their love and affection and appreciating my singing skills.
Manoj is a big prankster but I hope he’ll take up the responsibility of marriage and enjoys the new journey. Gautham Menon’s protege Vamsi Krishna has directed the movie produced by Manchu Entertainments banner. It is the seed from which her belief system grows: what she believe she deserves, what she believes she can achieve.
We acknowledge how hard she works in school and how kind she is to people way more than we praise her looks.
I think, right now, Julia believes she can do whatever she sets her mind to if she works hard enough. She’s a savvy city kid who knows well that ads, posters and blinking signs everywhere are trying to get her to buy or believe something. The shooting of the crime thriller is almost done and makers are planning to release the movie as soon as possible.

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