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Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. The European Commission has presented a White Paper outlining actions needed to strengthen the Union’s resilience in coping with a changing climate. European Commissioner for the Environment Stavros Dimas said, “The seriousness of climate change is becoming greater and more disturbing with each passing year.
Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel said, “European agriculture will feel the full force of climate change.
Health Commissioner Androula Vassiliou said, “With changing climate patterns, particular attention needs to be paid to the strengthening of human, animal and plant health surveillance.
Over the next 50 years climate change is likely to have profound effects on important economic sectors such as agriculture, energy, transport, ecosystems, tourism and health. The White Paper presents a framework within which the European Union and its Member States can prepare for the impacts of climate change.
Impacts of climate change will vary by region, with coastal and mountain areas and flood plains particularly vulnerable. The Commission is also presenting today three discussion papers on water, coasts and marine, agricultural and health issues based on the framework set out in the White Paper.
Climate change and related issues have been in the news rather frequently lately, and after attending a Department of Interior and Local Government executive dialogue for mayors last week where climate change was tackled, I wondered why not enough was being said about the significance of communication in that context.
I recall an academic paper that a group of us PhD candidates wrote last April for a doctoral class in the Communication Research program of the University of the Philippines-Diliman College of Mass Communication. Entitled “Communicating Climate Change: Impact, Adaptation, and Mitigation”, the paper was authored by college professors Rodrigo Rivera, Bea Lapa, and Julienne Baldo and media practitioners Cynthia Diangson and myself.
In the course of our research, we realized that many government programs fail or are not effective enough because not enough importance and, consequently, resources, are given to the communication aspect of the program. This is not to say that people in government in general negate the need for an effective communication plan; rather, it is most likely the lack of money and resources that forces many government agencies to pick and choose what areas to spend on in the implementation of programs.
In broad strokes our paper tackled the issue of climate change and the need for adaptation and mitigation strategies to meet the threat and soften the impact of climate change upon five sectors of society – women and the household, indigenous people, farmers and fishers, media, and corporate.
More than ever, our society needs to be pro-active and spread awareness about what is already being done on the matter, what else needs to be done, and who needs to act.
For our paper, we also developed a medium-communication plan to cascade information to stakeholders. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products.
Recent findings indicate that the impacts of climate change will be swifter and more severe than indicated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in their 2007 report. The impact of climate change will have varying regional implications meaning that most adaptation measures will need to be taken nationally and regionally.

We must work hard to reduce carbon emissions, but even with the emission reductions we are committed to achieving, some amount of climate change is inevitable.
I want to give farmers a clear understanding of the challenges they will face, and I want to launch discussions about specific steps to help our farmers to adapt.
In addition, integrating extreme weather health action plans into the preparedness planning of health authorities is crucial. We need to get ready to face coming challenges such as rising sea-levels, coastal flooding, the impact on coastal tourism and on ports and shipping, and also on fisheries.
It will also affect households and businesses and certain sectors of society, notably the elderly, the disabled and low-income households. A first phase of the strategy will run until 2012 and will lay the groundwork for preparing a comprehensive EU adaptation strategy from 2013 and beyond. It is for this reason that most adaptation measures will be carried out nationally or regionally. It needs measures to increase the resilience of natural and human systems to impacts of climate change. It will be composed of representatives from EU Member States involved in the drawing up of national and regional adaptation programmes and will consult with representatives from civil society and the scientific community.
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A professor of ours who has consulted for both government and private organizations glumly told us that in his experience, government tends to dismiss the value of communication plans or gives it the least notice and budget whereas private gives more support.
However, consultants like myself have come across decision-makers in government who simply don’t care, disregarding our carefully-made communication plans and all the hard work that went into them. Shifts in weather, the melting of the ice caps, and the actions of other natural forces combine to affect the lives of the organisms upon the planet’s surface. Over the course of his life, the ninety-year-old Lovelock has observed how the actions of humans have contributed to bringing about this disaster.
Yet humans are also intelligent enough to be aware of the problems they have caused – and to take action to reverse the damage they are responsible for, and to devise and teach other methods to adapt to the related challenges. Our framework drew concepts from sociologist Prospero Covar’s Pilipinolohiya – Filipino personality and personhood –  taking into account negative and positive Filipino attitudes as well as personhood concepts such as the panlabas and panloob. Basic to the message should be exhortation through effective strategies that the Self extends beyond the body and beyond the walls of the home or lawn. This is because the priority of the communication plan is to device techniques to involve people in the process by giving them a sense of ownership of both the problem and the solution. The framework presented by the Commission sets out a two-phase strategic approach to adapting to the impacts of climate change in the EU which complements actions taken by Member States through an integrated and coordinated approach. We also need to ensure that the effects of climate change on vulnerable social groups are assessed.

It will focus on increasing our understanding of climate change and possible adaptation measures and how adaptation can be embedded in key EU policies. The role of the European Union will be to support these efforts through an integrated and coordinated approach, particularly in cross-border issues and policies which are highly integrated at EU level. Adaptation policies are being carried out in the EU, but are often implemented in a piecemeal fashion and only in a few Member States.
Image: WWFWhile Sharks Aren't Really 'Horrifying', a World Without Them Sure IsThe World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is known for its ads (which are sometimes pretty surreal and strange, like the Fish Head ad reproduced below for your viewing pleasure). Such changes usually take centuries, even millennia, to develop; yet one organism – Man – has, through his use of natural resources in unnatural ways, accelerated the rate of climate change, leading to ill effects that will redound upon not only himself, but also the rest of life on Earth. Filipinos are generally panloob, with the kaluluwa seen as something contained and carried within the body.
Julienne Baldo wrote, for our paper: “It is a common observation that for a Filipino, cleaning his house is enough even if the street outside his home is dirty, since the street is outside his domain. The thesis should be about the belief that something can be done because it must be done precisely because it involves one’s Self, not just others’. Today, around 50% of the European population lives in coastal areas, therefore efforts to adapt to climate change are crucial and urgent”. Decisions on how best to adapt must be based on solid scientific and economic analysis, yet information content and availability differs widely across regions. The consequences of climate change are expected to be more substantial than expected and will occur regardless of the mitigation measures that are implemented. By 2011 the Commission will establish a Clearing House Mechanism for exchange information on climate change impacts. I don't really find sharks anything close to 'horrifying', in fact, I'd say that I find them really fascinating. Trash is thrown away practically anywhere, instead of being stashed in pockets or otherwise managed for later disposal. The paper outlines the need for a Clearing House Mechanism in which to exchange information on climate change risks, impacts and best practices. Adaptation must also feature prominently in the Union’s external policies to assist those countries most affected and cooperate on international adaptation issues with partner countries. But I understand what they were going for with the ad, and why they needed to write that to make the concept work.

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