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To really get the most out of a voice over practice session, you should plan on recording your voice.
One of the easiest and best ways to learn a new skill is by modeling someone who is already successful. Although these practice guidelines are useful, there’s no substitute for a great coach who can help you create a step by step development plan and prepare you for your demo.
Susan Berkley is a top voice over artist and founder of The Great Voice Company, a company devoted to teaching great voices around the world how to become successful voice over actors.
Professional voice over training and voice coaching via online training courses, workshops and seminars for voice over talents and voice actors. By far, the most popular post on my site is 8 Steps for Practicing a Presentation with over 1200 views! Let’s go through step-by-step and make time for presentation practice and discuss some strategies that will save you time. If you are doing 30, 60 or even 90 minute speech, you do NOT have to practice your presentation all at once. Now that you know that you don’t have to practice the presentation all at once, start finding pockets of time for small presentation practice sessions. There’s all kinds of time to rehearse when you don’t have to find a huge chunk of time! You have to find the time to do at least ONE complete run through with your tech (microphone, PowerPoint, media, whatever). We have come to the point in our presentation destination where we have assessed for success, discussed the barriers that hold you back, talked about how to organize and craft content that wows and discussed the importance of delivery and how to practice our way to speaking success.
Go from secret to sought-after speaker by discovering your unfair speaking advantageYour Unfair Speaking Advantage is the key to being a must-book, highly-regarded, well-paid speaker. Uncover your competitive edge to get your message heard by the people who matter most in your business: the audience.
As a means, homework tends to be about practice. Inherent in this practice paradigm is the elimination of points and their contribution to an overall grade.
I am looking forward to sharing more on the topic of homework, practice, and assessment at Pearson-ATI’s 20th Annual Summer Conference next week (July 8-10, 2013) in Portland, OR. If you’re unable to attend the conference, please take some time to follow the hashtag #ATIcon on Twitter. Good seeing you tonight, Tom, and I’d love to see more posts like this…a homerun!
Very interesting points, I believe that homework is necessary to help a student master the subject matter so that he can demonstrate proficiency on examinations.
I am Rachel Hinton an EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama majoring in Elementary Education. Before this class I would have probably went into teaching thinking the same way most teachers do about homework, that the students need to do it to learn or that it has to be required but there are so many different things that can be used besides homework, especially if it is going to be graded. Hello, My name is Miriah Grantham and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. The Science of Voice Over PracticePosted on August 15, 2012 by Susan Berkley • 0 CommentsMy Inside Voice Over video last week on talent caused quite a stir.
I still do voice overs every day and the odometer on my microphone passed the hundred thousand hour mark long ago. Inner Circle member Michael Turnbull, wanted to stay active after selling a business and when most people would retire.
But what’s the best way to practice your voice over skills to improve and get more comfortable behind the mic? Fortunately in our business, it’s easy to find samples of working voice actors just by turning on the TV or radio and listening to commercials.

We have several programs at The Great Voice Company where we can work with you remotely or in a professional studio at our Voice Over Boot camp Recording studio Immersion Experience.
The Great Voice Company is an international leader in voice over training and in providing top quality voice over recordings in all languages to discerning businesses and marketers. To me that means, you are looking for help on how to practice a presentation so you can execute a successful speech. I don’t have time to practice my presentations either (and frankly I am the type of presenter who does not enjoy practicing at all. In fact, I tell clients they need to know it so well they could deliver their introduction drunk!
This insures that you are staying within the time limits, your transitions are good and that all your technology is in working order. Need more tips on how to practice your presentation in less time? Download the No Sweat Speech Prep Guide. In other words, does homework present students with an opportunity to further advance their proficiency with regards to specific curricular standards or is it an event all unto itself? Now, I do understand that making the connection between stealing and counting homework is a stretch, but my point is that if learning (and the accurate reporting of a student’s achievement) is our priority, then emphasizing points clearly misses the mark. We must recognize that students don’t enter school in Kindergarten with a point accumulation mindset; the K student never asks her teacher if the painting is for points!
The session on homework entitled Practice without Points will explore the biggest hurdles that prevent some teachers from eliminating the points attached to practice work, the reasons we assign homework and how those reasons fit within a balanced assessment system, and how teachers can thoughtfully respond to the trends they see between initial homework results and subsequent assessment data. This semester in EDM we have learned so much about 21st century learning and ow helpful if can be in making our students excited about learning. He says astounding success is directly related to practice and specifically, having the opportunity to log 10,000 hours of experience at your craft. Even adults can develop latent talents, forging neural pathways that make the doing of the thing easier and easier the more you practice. At the very least, you’ll need a professional USB microphone that plugs directly into your computer.
If you’re on a MAC you can also use the Garageband software that came with your computer. While some might be tempted to answer both, it is challenging to come up the middle on the means vs end discussion. As an end, homework is just the opposite; it tends to be an event that independently contributes (even in a small way) to a report grade. You can read more on why I believe homework should be for practice and used formatively (here) rather than being used as part of a summative reporting process. By choosing the name for the night assignment, I share with the students the purpose and context for doing this formative work. We strive to prepare children to become valuable assets in the future economy of our nation. If the students are only worried about gettting it finished to earn the points many times they will not really be learning anything anyway. I’ve got more for you about talent this week as I explore how to become a master voice talent. He attended my Bootcamp and worked with me privately and is now making a very nice living behind the mic without sacrificing time on the golf course or on his fishing boat. But if you need to get up a few minutes early or go to bed a few minutes later to make sure you have time to practice, do it. After a few practice sessions you’ll get the hang of how to record and edit your files. While subsequent new evidence of learning may emerge, homework as an end remains a contributor to what could eventually be an inaccurate grade.

Somewhere in their experience points (and grades) become a priority for the adults…so they become a priority for students.
I will be teaching Elementary students, so I think i will incorporate it into my weekly parent letters. The built in mic or little external microphone that comes with your computer isn’t good enough to give you accurate feedback on your performance and the sound of your voice. When I was with Toastmasters, I used visualization to practice all of my speeches, and it paid off big time. Parents and students also contribute to this mindset, but we have to acknowledge our role as well. Engraining the importance of self motivation and meeting deadlines will be a requirement for our students as adults. When sending out homework to your students, most of the time the material was only taught recently. Using the category listings, find a few talents whose vocal type is similar to yours and model the voices you hear on the demos. Also, if the only thing motivating students to complete any assignment is the promise of points then we really have to consider whether the assignment is truly worth completing in the first place.
As you discuss finding the balance of how much homework to assign and how that work should effect the final grade is a very complicated question to answer.
The parents could check their understanding or insure that they practice if they need to improve their grade. So let’s just say that maybe 50 percent of the students know it well enough to go home and do their homework with 100 percent accuracy, that means the other 50 percent will not grade well just because they do not learn as fast as the other students. As a professional courtesy, please be sure you don’t take copy from other voice talents demos to use on your demo when you make it.
Previous evidence (homework) that no longer reflects a student’s current level of proficiency has the potential to misinform parents and others. I am currently a student at South Alabama enrolled in EDM 310; a class dedicated on learning in the 21st century. Homework is a tricky subject when trying to figure out how you should grade students on it. Our class stresses the importance of making learning exciting through project based learning and using technology as a media to provide an interactive education. I think one good idea might be giving the students bonus points on tests or just grading their completion on the homework. In a pinch, a good set of ear buds will do but be sure to upgrade to professional headphones later. Perhaps, by using computer based learning ( a tool modern children are very comfortable with) we can make the assignments fun and thereby increase the willingness of our students to complete their work. Why do we continue to act surprised by the fact that some students don’t master the intended learning the first time they practice it?
Letting students have an active role in how their classroom time i used is a premise that Dr.
These (and so many other questions) fuel a continual debate over where the actual sweet spot of our homework routines is.

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