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Affirmation Weaver: A Believe in Yourself Story, Designed to Help Children Boost Self-esteem While Decreasing Stress and Anxiety.
Can you really break through the invisible shackles of low self confidence so you can finally speak your mind? Are their ways of overcoming low self esteem that don’t involve cheesy positive reinforcements?
You won’t learn how to overcome low self esteem unless you talk to the people you’re observing. You have a habit of comparing yourself to others: your siblings, parents, boss, colleagues, classmates, friends, and even random strangers. While there’s nothing wrong with this, excessive and unfair comparison will just bruise your already fragile ego. Next time someone criticizes you or questions your choices; try counting to three before you respond. By beginning your truth with “I think” and ending it with a suggestion “but maybe ___ will,” you emphasize what you’re saying is just an opinion and not a personal attack. You have a low opinion of yourself, therefore view anything you could do that’s worthy of praise must’ve been successful because of somebody else’s doing. You blow your failures out of proportion to the point that it’s already ingrained in your identity.

And when you fail, think of it as a temporary setback, like one failed battle in a year long war. Because you don’t feel confident enough to work alongside tenured employees at work, you hang around with the newbies. Ask yourself, what do you get out of bullying someone obviously lower than you in the food chain? Research findings show that positive reinforcements like repeating, “I am a lovable person” actually made those suffering from low self esteem feel worse. Constantly showering someone with attention and praise, when they already feel bad about themselves won’t work either. Charley Mendoza is a freelance writer covering business, personal development, and careers. REEWANTE’S TESTIMONIAL ABOUT THE BOOK This book is very encouraging and helpful, and also fun to read; not only does it teach you about what self-esteem is, it helps you to identify the heart of the problem, and provides very doable steps to make the progress you need to on your personal journey. Reflection: Think About It• Wherever You Go There You Are…• I spent about 12 years of my life with someone Ididn’t like, and it was awful.
Your fear of confrontation and desperate need for acceptance suppresses your true identity. And by your mistakes, I’m not referring to when someone bumps into you, you sneeze,  not having a lighter or pen when someone asks for it, and sending your soup back at the restaurant.

Because you don’t feel good about yourself, you make fun of people weaker than you in an effort to make yourself feel better. I know it sounds unbelievable but the baby steps described here will teach you how to deal with low self esteem. How to Overcome Low Self Esteem and Build Confidence for Teenagers is a presentation given by women's and youth inspirational speaker Jennifer Sarpong.
It gets straight to the point, no foolishness, no psychological jargon, no concepts hard to understand, or hard to apply to your life.
You pay attention to their tone of voice, choice of words, mannerisms and mentally keep score of how they treat you.
Your friend asks what you think of her dress, so you say it looks great on her even if it doesn’t fit her at all. It’ll also arm you with a better sense of reality—what people really think of you—instead of all the negative assumptions you’ve cooked up in your head. Your partner asks you if it’s okay to get Thai food for dinner and you say yes—even if you’re sick of Thai food.

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