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How to Organize the Files on Your ComputerDue to circumstances beyond my control my personal computer filing system has gotten somewhat cumbersome and confusing. March 13, 2015 Did you know you can get a free mini planner and the Simplify Your Life Once and For All ecourse when you subscribe to the weekly newsletter?
I have tried in the past to organize my desktop but it seems every time my computer gets turned off or goes to sleep the icons go back to the left of the screen. Yeah if you right click on the desktop space and select view then select align icons to grid. Thank you so much for sharing this — I can actually see what I want to do on my desktop now!! And I mean scan – in the interests of efficiency I just looked at file names and only occasionally opened a file to see what was in there. For files I felt I’d not need to access, but wanted to retain as reference, I created an Archive folder. I moved all my completed projects in there so they don’t slow me down when filing and retrieving the regular files I do use. If you have completed project files you don’t need to access regularly, but need to keep for reference, create an Archive folder and move your files there. I have an iMac (Silas) in my office and an Air (Tyrion) for working in cafes and other fun, non-office locations. To keep everything simple and easy to find, I created folders in Dropbox for Documents, Pictures, etc, and removed these default folders from my Favorites. In other words, so that I naturally save and search for everything in the right place, I’ve made Dropbox the top-level directory for all my files.
If you like to access your files from multiple devices, consider getting a Dropbox or other cloud-based storage account.
Recreate your folder directory under Dropbox – eg create folders for Documents, Pictures, etc.
With my main directories created, I next created sub-folders based on the way I think about my projects at the moment. Under Pictures, Documents, and any other directories you have, create sub-folders that match the way you think about your projects. So in this step I went back to that folder and filed everything in my new computer filing system. If you need to take action on any of these files, be sure to create a reminder or to-do item for yourself.
What do you need to do to create an effective, easy-to-use, productivity-inspiring system for your computer files?
Do you need to implement any of the 5 steps above? Maybe delete unneeded files, move stuff visually ‘offsite’, rename folders, or set up a cloud-based storage account? Michele Connolly is into writing, books, simplicity, love, TV, productivity, and staying thin in a world of chocolate.
More than 80,000 people around the world use our programs to get rid of clutter, be more productive, take charge of business or career, and manage their life.
Wikipedia CommonsWe all have our own desktop preferences, but everyone should follow these general tips.In the digital age, the state of our computer desktop is arguably more important than that of our actual, physical desk.
Yet, we constantly neglect them a€” we litter them with old documents, photos, and folders we no longer need, and fail to clean them up as often as we should.
On the other hand, when your computer desktop is cluttered, it takes more time to find important documents and locate icons, which slows down your workflow. Strategy for getting personal and work document files fabulously organized — for good! Here’s an illustration of this strategy that represents how I organized a few of my files when I taught high school art. Next, even as you’re sifting and sorting, you can begin deciding what files are keepers and what should go to the Recycling Bin. Consolidate files into folders that belong together and delete old file folders that are no longer in use. As I mentioned and illustrated in the post Simplify + Organize Your Computer Desktop, my desktop is separated into quadrants. You can refer to my previous post Organize Media Files on Your Computer for illustrations & ideas on labeling and creating MAIN folder files and Subset folder files. This week in the 40 Weeks 1 Whole House Challenge, we are talking about organizing your computer. I realized when I approached this post that discussing the topic of organizing your computer is a very large undertaking. By reading through these 10 posts, you can find the area that you specifically need help with in your email to gain maximum efficiency and productivity.
This 10 week series is about how to organize your computer documents, programs, desktop, security, downloads and more.
Again, by reading these 10 posts, you can find the area that you specifically need help with in your computer organization. I have included a few weeks’ worth of photo organization posts in the 10 week computer organization series above about how to organize pictures on your computer. Since I make all physical photo albums for my kids and our family, I don’t really see the need to keep years of digital photographs.
Like I said, I am having a digital scrapbooker and photographer write two or three guest posts for my computer organization series because I know that this is not the “normal” way people process digital pictures! Leave a note in the comments section and let me know what part of your computer organization you tackled and the progress you made.

A cheap and effective way to keep your computer wires organized is to use squeeze type paper clips. Squeeze type paper clips are black clips with two chrome wire handles that you press and open, to put inside a huge pile of paper.
Select the right size paper clip, depending on the number of wires that are lying around in your room. Be aware of the fact that this is not an unchangeable solution and you can simply remove wires that you do not need anymore.
I think this is due to the fact that I have been floundering along trying to file things on a computer since the late 90's. And then you can create all those folders, subfolders, and subsubfolders in Windows Explorer.
When you first get your computer it is beautifully clean and tidy and runs like a well oiled machine. I think there’s a setting were you can have icons line up or be able to move them freely. To ensure this is the case look for a small dot next to any of the options on the sort options.
I spent a lot longer than 10 minutes due to the large amount of choice in colours and additional details, but my desktop will be easier to keep tidy now and looks good too. My desktop is currently flooded with icons so I really need to think about using this type of wallpaper again.
My techie 16-yr-old son is always complaining about how unorganized my desktop is (though you should see his room!). I believe organizing systems should be beautiful, practical, and functional, and I'm here to help you with that. I also like to be able to access all my files from my iPhone (Laurelai), as I often have FABULOUS ideas when out socially or at the gym. If you have a lot of images and video, you might like to start this process when you go to bed so it can transfer overnight. For these I created to-do tasks in Reminders, part of my newly created productivity system. With physical things, you can decide where to put something by asking yourself where you would look for it: socks in the sock drawer in the chest of drawers in the bedroom etc.
I love my JUNK and ARCHIVE folders – so little real estate for so much clarity and peace of mind. On your scratch paper, begin listing the 1st subset of folders that will go under your first MAIN file folder. I used this desktop organizer template and then customized it (using a photo editing software) to fit my four category needs: to start, to finish, to file, to share.
There are different kinds of computers, different ways people use computers, and a lot of different parts of the computer that separately need organization.
Or, if your email is completely out of control, you can start with Week 1 and work all the way to Week 10. Or, if you feel like you can’t find anything on your computer, and never have run any kind of protection software, you can start with Step 1 and go all the way to Step 10. Because what I do is very different… I print all of the pictures I need for the year in the summer, and then I delete the photos off of my computer. However, the photos that he needed for the project were never taken digitally; they were taken with a 35mm camera. When I went through all of the documents on my computer a few weeks ago, I found documents from 2003 on my computer. Once you have got the paper clip, attach it by putting a screw with a small washer in the centre of one of the handles of the clip.
If you have non sagging cables, place one clip 12 inches (30cm) or more aprt from the other. It is way better than the inexpensive plastic card holders that get damaged or are difficult to open once they get installed. Each time I got a new computer, My Documents were just transferred to the new one, along with my dysfunctional organization. Then you can drag and drop all the jumbled files and folders from their old places to their newly organized places and then your life will be perfect (assuming you can remember your newly organized game plan). I use Pixlr instead of picmonkey but still made this quickly and it made an instant difference in my desktop, thank you! But with computer stuff, do I file something by person, place, time, subject matter, importance, urgency? If you’re not feeling this color palette, you can also swap colors, solid border in place of the dots – the world is yours to tweak and make your own! So we just looked at his scrapbook and used my smart phone to take a picture of the picture.
While I know at some point I will need digital photographs of my children, I will not need every single photograph that I have ever taken. Some of them I did need and saved, but the majority from 2003 until 2012 were able to be deleted with ease.
I spent the two weeks of winter break combing through each part of my computer a few hours each night while the TV was on in the background. You can attach the paper clip to the bottom side of the wall, desk, shelf or any other thing. Also a good option is to use tape when you have a number of wires, which need to be catered.

Then you start to see errors and finally the computer crashes into a screaming heap.Saving all the usual files, no matter how big or small, all add up and contribute to clogging up your computer.
Then, I emailed him the photo from my phone and he inserted it as a photo into a slideshow.
Once you have made your digital or physical scrapbooks, if you’re going to, couldn’t you just save your favorite 10 to 24 photos for the year for each child in a folder? Don’t let your digital file system become so overburdened just because it is digital. Now you can leave the handle and all of the computer wires will be held smoothly in the paper clip. In this video, I show exactly how I created this, so you can create something similar with your own titles and style.
The best way to tackle this problem is to is to organize your folders and then organize your files within those folders.You need to learn how to manage files on your computer, get into a routine, and then stick to it!  I have learned my lesson over the 25 years that I have been using computers that organizing your computer files system is a number one priority when using computers. When you press on the save or save as option, you then get to choose your preferred location on your computer.
Sometimes people accidentally install software directly into C: drive which scatters files all over the place. There are a few other files and folders there that have snuck in like Office Samples and Intel.The last screen shot below shows the actual programs in the folder called program files. They are all stored then neatly together and are not scattered around the computer.Personal FilesI save all my personal files into my documents. All files are arranged into folders according to their file type.Here are some examples of folders I have in my documents. Therefore if you want to access your documents, pictures, or music files, you can go to the start menu and press on your username.See the screen shot below.
You should regularly remove excess mp3’s on to discs to keep your computer clear of clutter.
I have found this is the easiest way to find what you want and when you backup you only have to copy the MY MUSIC folder.Downloads People often download software or files that they never even use. With all the freeware and shareware out there, it doesn’t cost anything to download almost anything you like. Just make sure you get them and store them in the same place re-naming them so you can recognize them later. I also regularly clean out my emails on only keep the most important ones like password confirmations, Ebay transactions, special personal emails, and Payment records. See more tips to backup email foldersOrganizing your files by naming your files and folders correctlyName your files and folders with meaningful and recognizable names. For example when you rip one of your music cd’s to your computer it just names the songs track1, track 2, and so on.
If you don’t know what you are looking for, how will you find it?Naming a file correctly is very important. Even if it is just a simple word document and you have given it a generic name such as “untitled39494”, how do you think you are going to find it?
Doing the job right in the fird=st place is going to help you organize your computer files and easily find anything you need.Clean your computer for optimal performanceAlso when you buy a new Computer from a store they pre-load it with trial software, hoping you will like it and buy the full version. In this case you will have to go to the control panel and choose Add or Remove programs to get rid of the programs that are taking up precious space. Just make sure you know what you are removing because you could do the wrong thing and cause big problems. After you have completed these steps you should move the files you still use into their appropriate folders. Get organized today!Extra Tips on how to organize computer filesTo view your computer files in a folder by the date they were last modified, open a folder and on the View menu click Details. On the top of the column, click Date Modified.Choose to Arrange by File type to put all the similar computer files together. Hope you enjoy my website and learn everything you need to know in an easy to understand way.. I’m a computer duffer, I have to say, so please, if you do respond, bear that in mind. Another problem would popup, physical storage.Nowadays, people are going more into cloud storage and backup.
Also I am tempted to download some nice software that happens to be a Trojan or male-ware, and it makes my computer even slower.
I am not really impressed with free software unless it has been tested and proven to be malware free.
Surely there has to be a better way to do this that doesn’t involve buying expensive software like Adobe bridge?Disasterous as my attempts are so far, I do have one good tip that has managed to keep me from madness: assign different icons!!!
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