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God will forgive you if you ask for forgiveness from the heart but there are still consequences for the things we do in life.
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It is inevitable that the closer seniors get to graduation, the more they think about the upcoming job hunt and other challenges of the “real world” that await them.

Since many of us don’t have to overload anymore, we get to blow off homework in favor of a spontaneous party without feeling guilty. Every day since kindergarten, we’ve known that we’re supposed to go to school, do homework, take summer off and repeat it all again. There is a common belief that you’re supposed to go right from college into the workplace, start a career and be an adult. College, for many of us, is the last four years of our educational experience, and I believe that those four years are vastly important.
As long as we take these years to learn, grow, make firm our values, make good choices, bad choices and everything in between, then we are as prepared — if not more prepared — than those with a solid job already set up for after graduation. The life lessons we learn here, the experiences we have and the people we become are what will take us far in our futures — not the length of our resumes.
Unlike the seniors, the rest of the undergraduates have time to enjoy Santa Clara before they have to leave. Translate that amount of change to the next four years — when we’re 25 — and imagine where we’ll be.
If you feel that panic erupt inside you as graduation gets closer, just know that the seniors are all in this together, and it will be okay.
Time is running out, money is running out, and it’s tempting to get overwhelmed by it all. However, it is better to enjoy the time left in school and look toward the future optimistically.
Look toward senior year with excitement and anticipation, as it’s not necessary to focus on life after college yet.

We can afford to take the time to reflect on our college lives, and then look for a job the next day. We will grow up, find jobs, get married, have careers and make great lives for ourselves — there’s no rush.
Change is not a easy thing, however, anyone has to change sometimes, because it’s inevitable. I went to surveymoneymaker dot net, and started filling in surveys for cash, and surely I’ve been far more able to pay my bills! Most of the time, we think about changing when we want something better, something good.As you know, life goes on and you will see a lot of new things every day.
It might be boring if you do not change and just do the same thing from this day to another day.
You will get used to with some old works, old thoughts and be lazy when thinking new idea to create new achievements.And, do you think changing is the key of refreshing a new day? Changing requires people of updating knowledge, reading new things and trying new methods to improve sequences even the old things are good or not. When you focus on changing in positive way without any expectation, you will be surprised with the results.
We want to eat cake and celebrate the joining together of the most important people in our lives. Hope you like these quotes with pictures DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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