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Work Stress » Rough Day at the Office Followed by Stressful Evening at Home: What’s the Connection?
When it comes to relationship busters, work stress is on the top of the short-list. Work stress does not directly correlate with your spouse—but it can have a significant and adverse affect on your relationship and overall feelings of connectedness. As you work to address the reality of stressors at work, recognize that you are not working in a vacuum—you are concurrently improving relationships important to you personally, professionally, as well as at home. Acknowledge your state of mind: share your experience of work-related stress with your partner. Remember: We are all practicing every day (some days better than others) and we have many, many options in dealing with our work situation. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Cutting the hours we work each week to 30 instead of 40 would improve our wellbeing, our family life, friendships and communities, they say. Anna Coote, head of social policy at the NEF, an independent think-tank, said: "It's time to make 'part-time' the new 'full-time'.
In addition to the stress that comes about from major life changes, organizational researchers have identified four types of stress producers, or stressors.
Time stress arises when people perceive that they have too much to do and too little time to do it.  The uncertainty that comes with not knowing whether the task will be completed in the allocated time brings about stress. Anticipatory stress arises when something unpleasant or unnerving looms in the near future. Planning and preparation, time management, reassignment of work, and delegation can help alleviate many job-specific stressors. If you want to find out about other interesting topics aiming at managers and employers, read “Business Briefs” by Coleman Patterson. No one who has the Confidence of the Three-Refuges needs to go down this route, which wastes time and money.
On the other hand, Buddhist leaders and clergy must be conscious of the need for alternative practices to engage a significant subset of the population who do not feel comfortable in meditating, and engaging in religious or spiritual activities. Buddhism in a nutshell is the perception of the moment and perceptions vary from individual to individual. Yes, it is true that some temporary mental health benefit can be drawn form rituals as well as samatha meditation. But what I understood was while the writer still acknowledges befits of some rituals in moderation, he is saying it it is time to say good bye to rituals borrowed from other religions such as Hinduism. I think it is quite proper for the intellectual Buddhists to protect the core values and teachings of Lord Buddha. However, as nandimitra states, not all Buddhists can comprehend the abstract issues of the teaching; their allegiance to the faith is based on devotion, metta or effort (I mean veerya). Buddhism has always been a very tolerant philosophy and way of life, which caters for all range of intellectual levels and capabilties. Buddhism is living and increasingly spreading teaching because it is practical, tolerant and open. BTW the writer’s opening lines about ritual killings of animals tend to mislead readers when linking it with the title, coming close behind. But when we talk of a lay person who struggles for his living, brings his family up it’s impossible for him or thousands of millions of laymen like him to practice real Buddhism other than they go for the ritual practices such as offering flowers, incense, water, oil lamps or lights to Buddha statues and shrines while reciting stanzas. A man called Ben Silva who boast to be a Sinhala Buddhist patriot is saying just the opposite. Some Rituals are necessary, as in marriage ceremonies, funeral services, or for children to lean toward Buddhism, or even for adults showing gratitude & adoration to the Buddha. Meditation, as opposed to Rituals, will build up Wisdom, clarity about situations, and self control. Professor Wimalawansa has brought in debate over an important issue for which we thank him. The questionable behaviour of some clergy described above can be applicable to some of our own Theravada monks.

In Tibetan form of Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, as applicable to the cloister and hearth, there are adaptations which may be quite strange to us who are so used to the concept of celibacy of Theravada monks. This explanation may be a diversion from the point at issue, but it indirectly refers to variations of ritual. Some people are quick to critisize or praise other traditions or even scripts or ideas of other religions as if they are the same as Theravada Buddhism. I am also shocked to learn that a person named Douglas using Hindu Swami Vivekananda’s theroy to argue our Buddhism. This is more dangerous than any other threat from Christians, Muslims etc as some readers are making alegations. Moda Panditas should shut up and bring their new theories or cults to discusss with similar people born with learning difficulties. THe statuebuilding was issaid to be a industry that came on with some of the Greek rulers occupying Indu- Iran borders becoming Buddhists. THe pictures of Buddha is rarely drawn todepict his possible state at the time of achiving BNirvana – a state he reached after grat deal of thought after six years of mosochistic prractices, wherehe was reduced to aheaap ofbones stomach shrunken that hecould feel the spine moving fingers in front. Sathyam, Shivam, Sundaram, dircribed what you said (correctly) TRUTH in Hinduism ( including the word Nirvana) . Disclaimer: The comments contained within this website are personal reflection only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the LankaWeb. Ranil Wickramasinghe  a circus clown  in Parliament is not fit to be  Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. As I have described in previous posts, in today’s ever-wired world, we all need to make a concerted effort to find agreed-upon ways to “turn off” the world beyond our home.
The act of practicing different patterns of thoughts and actions in response to work stress is a very powerful approach towards stress management.
If so, the feeling probably happened amid tremendous uncertainty and involved something important.
Depression, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness and a lack of control can result from excessive stress. Encounter stress is an interpersonal stress and arises when individuals disagree with others on issues, expectations, or ways of doing things. The uncertainty of not knowing the outcome of the dreaded event creates stress for the person. However, it is unrealistic to think that managers can eliminate all stress from the work lives of their workers. Staying healthy through exercise and proper diet, forming supportive mentor and social relationships, developing mental states where difficulties are viewed as challenges and small wins are noted, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle are all ways to help build physical, social, and psychological resiliency to stress and its effects.
However one single writer to Lankaweb, Ben Silva has not problems with ritual but he wants to get rid of the core of the Buddhism, Nibbana. The reason being once to give too much interest to those rituals, the core of the Buddhist teaching will be lost or will be seen as useless or even suicidal (to some stupid few).
Wimalawansa that the core truth of the Buddhism is very clear and nothing else than believing in Three refuge and lives a righteous life observing five precepts and do meditation to achieve higher levels on that path.
Don’t you think those practices showcase Buddhism in the society and make it live passing on to the next generation leaving a big opportunity to the people like you to study and practice Buddhism in details? Wimalawansa and with his attempted to criticize the innocent ritual practices what lay Buddhist people follow such as offering flowers, lights and tying a ‘Pirith nool ” by comparing them to animal sacrifices, bloodletting and such barbaric practices what other religions’ devotees used to do. The reason that I am writing these lines is to redress some unfair generalization of Tibetan lamas in one of the comments above.
It is very relevant to this dialogue, becasue I was shocked to learn Kit Athuls’ alegation.
A change in a thought or idea becomes a change in action, pattern, and often a change in overall results for improved outcomes.
People can get stressed out while worrying about being late to appointments, changing jobs, moving to a new city, or experiencing other life-changing events. Chronic stress can also lead to coronary disease, high blood pressure, ulcers, and fatigue.

Being in the presence of someone with whom you have had an important interpersonal conflict can bring about stressful reactions.
Situational stress arises when characteristics of the situation and environment overwhelm a person. Rituals borrowed mainly from Hindusm in the last 3 centuries can be discussed.Latest rituals from Sai Babas and Vivekanandas etc can be kept by new converts.
Neither the LankaWeb nor the individual authors of any material on this Web site accept responsibility for any loss or damage, however caused (including through negligence), which you may directly or indirectly suffer arising out of your use of or reliance on information contained on or accessed through this Web site. Please consider turning work off when you walk through the door for an agreed-upon number of days over the course of a week.
Take a small step today toward decreasing your work-related stress (it will always be there). At its core, stress is a perceptual process that occurs as a reaction to uncertainty about important events. Each year, stress-related illnesses cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity. Anxiety about upcoming events can encourage workers to focus on and begin working toward a goal. The best approach I have found was the interpretation given by swami Vevekananda in a lecture series he conduted in the west and as well as in India and Ceylon in the 1800s. This will allow you to practice compartmentalizing work stress and focus on recharging your own batteries through improved family relationships. Remind yourself of the reasonable priority work-related stress should have in your life versus the priority is has currently. It is important that managers and organizational leaders understand the causes of stress so that they might help their workers manage stress and control harmful reactions to stress. The woman in the commercial must simultaneously attend to a crying baby, a ringing telephone, a barking dog, someone at the door, and a boiling pot on the stove. After a certain limit, however, stress can become distracting and harmful to workers and their performance.
For instance the Ritual of Bathing the Buddha common in East Asia is a ritual that takes onece mind away from one self.
These monks go to remote villages and spend the night with the family, get good food and then get family’s young daughter to sleep with him.
Kammana vasalo hothie, kammana hothi brahmano (with my amendment to read samano for brahmano) aptly describe the genre.
Taking Hindu gurus teaching and mixing it up with Buddhism is the greatest harm to Buddhism. Dali Lama can go to any village and request a woman to sleep with him no one can refuse it because it is the LAMA tradition.
It is only meant to explain a point of view) So Buddhism, as presented for centuries contains above three components and that continues to be so todate. Wimalawansa too try to explain its (rituals) usefulness in moulding a character if followed with due respect and adherence to main teachings.
This has been proven to prevent the stimulation of the Amyglyda the centre of flight and fright which gives you a sense of well being. No doubt it is a long way to achieve the desired goal, but it has its importance in moulding a character leading to that road.
This is all I was trying to communicate, but of course explain its value in creativity of art, music, architechture etc.

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