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Many of the most impressive people throughout history have placed high value on meditation, even in modern times. Perhaps the most common misconception about meditation is that it’s difficult and that you need some kind of superhuman mind control to be able to do it correctly. There are a million ways to meditate, but I’ll give you a very simple meditation with some ideas you can use to make your first times more fulfilling. The morning is a great time to meditate because your mind is not yet full of thousands of thoughts and to-do’s from the day. When I achieve this state, it’s very difficult (at least for me) to remain awake, so it takes a conscious effort not to fall asleep.
If the whirl of Christmas and New Year has left you feeling stressed and less than relaxed in your holiday time, then here's a way to unwind and get back on the level. The Australian School of Meditation & Yoga, is a not-for-profit organisation that introduces the community to the yoga lifestyle and tradition. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Elaina is a Phoenix-based freelance writer, blogger and co-founder of the Kidlee baby book app.
As you kick off the new year with a commitment to good health, consider adding meditation to your self-improvement list.
Meditation not only calms your mind and reduces stress, but reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Jeanne Ball: A person doesn't need to do anything to prepare for the TM technique, except sit comfortably and close the eyes, because with this particular practice one quickly, naturally transcends the physical environment and dives deep within the mind to enjoy inner silence, peace and expanded wakefulness. The deeper reason why no preparation is necessary is because the technique is motivated only by the mind's natural tendency that is always lively within everyone: the tendency to seek greater happiness.
JB: Practicing the TM technique is very easy because the process doesn't require you to think about peace or happiness or anything in particular. JB: If a person consciously tries to let go of thoughts, to get beyond thoughts or forcefully get rid of them, it's called "straining in meditation" and usually only creates more thoughts and often causes a headache.
JB: Twenty minutes of the TM technique morning and afternoon is enough to balance a full day of activity and to dissolve stress and revitalize mind and body. Quick tip: If you find it difficult to meditate on your own, try Headspace, a meditation app created by former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe. If you want to learn to meditate, there is a seemingly endless variety of practices, paths, and techniques to choose from.
As your primary reason for meditating becomes clearer in your mind, try to feel more connected to your intention to really do it. But if you want to meditate, then you need to learn that you are the one who chooses where to put your attention, moment to moment. If you want to experience the stillness, peace, freedom, and relief that come from meditation, then above all else, you need to completely relax.
It’s important to find the most comfortable posture to sit in and a quiet, non-distracting environment. What it looks like: Choose a nice environment and a time when you can really pause and let go of the worries of the day—early morning or evening are often best. In this position, you should be able to relax deeply but not be so comfortable that you fall asleep.
By maintaining the delicate balance between deep relaxation and awakened attention, you will find yourself authentically meditating in no time.

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Want to join the the community of teachers and practitioners who write for About Meditation? Come Meditate In ConnecticutSahaja Yoga Meditation helps people become more centered and better balanced. Within every human being there is a subtle body of three energy channels (nadis) and seven energy centers (chakras).
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The truth is, more people than you know meditate regularly, especially the successful ones. Think Steve Jobs, Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, and perhaps even most of the rest of them. The evening is a great time to meditate because your mind is full of thousands of thoughts and to-do’s from a full day of wakefulness. That’s ok, although it would be better to try to stay awake and ride the border of sleep and wakefulness. The cool thing is that this state, as well as different, deeper states that follow, is ideal for coming up with creative ideas, advice for yourself from your higher self, from guides, Jesus, Allah, or whatever you believe in. You can be doing anything that doesn’t require a lot of conscious thought, such as eating, driving (generally), walking, whatever.
Free Meditation courses are offered by the Australian School of Meditation & Yoga, with classes held in Nerang and Mermaid Beach, during January & February, 2013.
The yoga tradition is thousands of years old and continues to benefit the lives of millions of people worldwide. You will learn how to cope better with stress and improve your physical and mental well-being. Check out her blog, Fun Finds For Mom, for product reviews, recipes and fun activities for moms and kids. He also adds that transcendental meditation may reduce heart disease risks for both healthy people and those with diagnosed heart conditions. We asked meditation teacher Jeanne Ball to share her tips on how to begin and what to expect. During TM, there's no outside preparation or internal effort required, because attention settles inward spontaneously, drawn by the mind's own nature, to fields of greater happiness and dynamism, and there's no obstacle to that natural inward progression. So as you sit there reading these words, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and remind yourself why you want to meditate. If you decide to meditate every day for one hour, then rearrange your schedule to make it happen.
Now you need to combine your intention, attention, and relaxation together at the same time. Sit on your zafu and zabuton in a cross-legged, half-lotus, or full-lotus position (your legs will get used to your preferred posture over time).
As you breathe in and out, slowly but regularly, paying attention to each breath (and counting them), allow more and more of the tension in your body and mind to release. Start meditating today and release the source of your stress with these proven meditation techniques.
At the root of this system lies the creative, protecting and nurturing power which is a dormant, maternal energy (Kundalini).

If you don’t meditate already, starting the practice will make your life better, guaranteed.
No time is better than any other (although it’s generally easier to achieve a deep meditative state in the early morning soon after rising), no method is better than any other. When you approach this stage, it becomes possible for your mind to remain awake, but your body to fall asleep. I’m certain that Tiger Woods, in his prime, achieved a deep meditative state on the golf course, which allowed him to play rounds of golf more impressive than anyone in the history of the game. One can effortlessly practice TM in an airport, in the same house with kids running around, or at the office during break. The technique is designed to effortlessly allow the mind to settle inward to quieter levels of thought in the direction of greater energy and happiness within. People find their physical and mental health improves, their relationships become more harmonious, they have more energy and become more productive. As you progress on the path of meditation, I think you’ll find that this recipe never gets old.
When you can sincerely focus your intention in this way, you’re ready to add the next ingredient. With a strong and clear intention, your ability to control your attention will grow stronger with each attempt. Many teachers will tell you that meditation is a delicate balance between being deeply at ease and completely alert. Keep your back straight, and either close your eyes or keep them partially open, gazing at a fixed point a couple of feet in front of you on the floor.
Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go. When this energy is awakened it rises through the center channel and can be felt on various parts of each hand. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a purpose, although you can certainly set a purpose for each meditation if you like. All of this is fundamental to getting the most enjoyment out of your short time here on Earth. It is said to help you develop clarity and wisdom, gaining a greater understanding of life. The mind naturally gravitates to its silent source of restfulness and goes beyond thought all together. The technique is designed such that thoughts are not a problem at all and the mind effortlessly settles into the silent, rejuvenating experience of pure awareness or restful alertness, in which all thoughts and mental activity have been transcended. While putting together this simple guide explaining how to meditate for beginners, I tried to reduce it to the simplest elements I could imagine.
We find ourselves enjoying life more, and, as perception becomes clearer, finding more joy and beauty all around us.
When you catch yourself thinking, just notice that you are thinking about something, notice your thoughts, and return to focusing only on your breathing, even if you have to return your focus every two seconds. You can receive true, amazing guidance that will help you navigate this world to get the most out of it.

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