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The Invasive Species Ireland Management Toolkit is intended to provide information to anyone wanting to learn more about how to manage invasive species. Risk Assessment for non-native species recorded in Ireland and species that have not yet arrived. Instead of going the highly sculptured route, let mother nature do all the hard work for you. On a sunny slope, grow drought-resistant alpine plants, or those with gray or succulent leaves that thrive in poor, dry soil. If you have a small yard, use dwarf plants. Instead of growing formal hedges that need constant trimming, plant blooming shrubs in a staggered row. For example, roses with diseases, shrubs that refuse to bloom, or floppy, messy flowers may not be worth the trouble to you.

Drip irrigation with spaghetti tubing is a great investment if you have lots of container gardens. If you have blank patches of soil causing an eyesore in your yard you might want to plant boulders instead of bushes where nothing wants to grow. Plant your boulders in family groups; from Big Papa, down to smaller offspring nearby to make a natural outcropping. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Equipment, Ideas, landscaping, Summer, Tools. What follows are 4 landscaping ideas for summer that will spruce up any home, while reducing the amount of time you spend on maintenance.
In order to save your most prized landscaping gems, keep potted and thirsty plants close to a water source because they will dry out the fastest.

Rocks are hard to kill, and they don’t need weeding, feeding or pleading to keep them looking good. A dry stream bed, raised rock wall, stone embedded path or even a bench covered with pebbles makes rocky soil a free source of landscape material.
This natural landscape will create a picturesque foliage, while at the same time greatly reducing the amount of maintenance work needed to keep it looking nice.

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