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We may have seen the last of midseason CBS comedy series Friends With Better Lives and Bad Teacher.
The yanking of FWBL comes after the comedy had done some respectable ratings business recently. I am obviously in the minority in thinking FWBL was one of the better sitcoms on the CBS schedule. Never saw FWBL but enjoyed Bad Teacher and am disappointed that the rest of the episodes won’t air. You KNOW Bad Teacher had to be REALLY bad if it couldn’t make it on the same network that has Two Broke Girls, The Millers, Mike $ Molly and Mom.
CBS tries to push garbage like Mom on us while getting rid of legitimately good, and actually funny, shows like Friends With Better Lives, Crazy Ones and Surviving Jack. Both FWBL and Bad Teacher seemed like two comedies that could have built it’s audience with a second season pickup. I liked this one I think James vandebeek and Zoe lister Jones are a great comedy team they play off each other quite well . FWBL felt like a show that was going to go on a long time and be the next big comedy hit for them.
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Trials and tribulations are only threats to minds that allow their interpretations of their negative experiences to go against their true purpose in life. So if you were heart-broken over HIMYM’s finale season and you thought that you have nothing to do in life anymore (okay, we are exaggerating), then the makers of friends are just saving your day! CBS has quietly pulled the shows off the schedule as it is making a push for a freshman comedy series that got renewed for next season, Mom. With no support in a comedy repeat-filled CBS Monday lineup, the comedy drew a 1.4 among adults 18-49 last night in the fast nationals.
The show sort of stumbled out of the gate, but kept improving until it really was one of the funnier shows on network TV. I cannot remember the last time I was able to sit and watch a sitcom that actually made me double over in laughter. The makers of this all time favorite show are back with a bang and they are bringing you some new catch phrases.
The series revolves around the mid 30 crisis where everyone thinks that others have a better life than they do. I hope that they add it back into the schedule or at least let it be picked up by another network! Don’t know what suit and tie is making these decisions, but maybe that person needs to be cancelled. CBS cancelled the show because they bought Thursday night football and it is not a product of their own studios.

Run it against 2 Broke Girls which is already fading and past its prime and hit CBS where it hurts. Friends producer Dana Klein is now bringing a comedy series based on lives of friends who are 30 something and who each think that other has it better. There are some great actors on that show and I always looked forward to watching it unlike 2 broke girls which is so annoying. It was the lowest-rated comedy on CBS that night, beaten by reruns of Big Bang Theory, The Millers and Two And A Half Men.
CBS does make some dumb decisions.CBS would have dropped Cheers the first year for low ratings.
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But the network seems to be going for a clean break from the just-finished season, opting not to continue with any of its cancelled comedies and focusing on the shows that are coming back. There are no plans at the moment for the remaining episodes of FWBL, which has aired 9 of its 13 produced episodes, or Bad Teacher, which has aired 5. That show started out decently for CBS but over time the fan base started to really like the show and told others.

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