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Image above: As seen in this artist's rendering, astronauts exploring Mars will build hydroponic growth labs where vegetables can be grown.
NASA space food scientists are developing an Advanced Food System that will provide future crews traveling to the moon and Mars with safe, nutritious and appetizing food while minimizing volume, mass and waste. It's home to astronauts and cosmonauts who are conducting scientific research to help improve life here on Earth. Media seeking more information on space food or to schedule an interview, please contact the Communications and Media Outreach team, NASA Public Affairs, Johnson Space Center, 281-483-5111. I love writing about life hacking and intentional experiences designed to expand our comfort zones. This entry was posted in Lifestyle Design and tagged 30 day challenge, detox challenge, life detox by Simple Economist. Lisa and I are going to be doing your April challenge (TV and Screen Time) and do that in February. I think you’ve pretty much got it covered but if I think of or come across anything interesting I will post it on here or on my blog! Check out this nothing new but a creative, affordable, and simple method of getting yourself remembered. LJA Coaching Passion & CommitmentLeslie is committed to empowering clients with a renewed sense of hope for living and a passion for personal growth. NASA nutritionists make sure they have plenty of healthy, appetizing food while they're living in orbit.
NASA licenses dozens of space-age technologies and connects with the private sector for the creation of products that improve lives here on Earth. In addition, my life tends to accumulate clutter over time – both mental and physical- and I often need to detox. My day job precludes that I am reading and researching; and classes often require hundreds of pages a week.
I think the screen time will be pretty hard for me but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Each thing on it’s own probably isn’t that hard but all combined will be a tough challenge I think! I need an intentional cleanse to purge the unnecessary things that creep into my life and replace them with only things that I truly value.

I do enjoy public accountability and I also like the support we get when we invite others to join us in experimentation.
The basic concept is simple: eat basic, unprocessed food like fruits, veggies, meat and whole grains. While, I normally bike at least four days a week, it is always a little tougher in December. It will be really interesting to see if this helps my mental and physical shape, I have two half marathons coming up in February so hoping to get a good time due to this! I know Kali has used a few of the recipes from your blog so we might have to revisit those when start our first month.
Partially inspired by Hatmaker, Cain, and Leo, challenges are a great way to try something new and observe our own reactions.
I honestly think that habit formation and change is one of the single most important things anyone can do to make their lives better. In addition, this will be a joint challenge as Ms. We will definitely bust out the board games and do plenty of outdoor activities to fill all of our extra free time. We tend to drink many different things including juices, sodas, beer, and wine (Ms SE), so this will limit our variety of beverage choices.
Most of our shopping includes groceries and consumables, and we’ll allow those for this challenge. We try and exercise everyday; however, depending on our schedules we often find ourselves skipping days, making excuses, or being inconsistent. I want to be intentionally reading thirty minutes instead of just wondering through mindless Wikipedia links. June is strategic due to the fact that it is prime farmer’s market season and our crops should be ready for harvest. It will create a positive mental picture of others around us and put things into perspective. I rarely hit the snooze button but that might be a challenge because I like to sleep in when it gets cold. In addition, I will be attempting to drive as little as possible (Sunday’s will be a free day due to prior commitments). I want to make sure I have time, energy, and capacity for the things that are actually important.

They are exercises in self control; but also activities that produce personal awareness about some aspects of our lifestyle. A supportive partner is another crucial element to a life of contentment, and her participation gives me extra motivation. So, our challenge this month is to engage in thirty minutes of aerobic exercise (and track it) every day with a day of rest on Sundays. April happens to be a great month for this because it will be busy with school, writing, gardnening, and house stuff.
In addition, the weather will be great and there will be plenty of projects that will fill our time. We have done it for several weeks before, but we are using January as a kick off to healthier eating for 2014.
For ourselves, this will not include any biking (My commute to work won’t count), nor will any walking, which we do everyday. We’ve currently defaulted into the habit of watching a show or two each night on Netflix, so this will be an adjustment.
We’ll have to get creative if we need gifts or the little munchkin suddenly needs something. Each morning I will track when I went to sleep, when I woke up, and I’ll rate the quality of sleep each night.
We encourage anyone who will listen to give it a shot, even if you are only up for trying it for a day, week, or month. For me, most months are pretty easy but I need some extra motivation when its dark and cold during non-working hours. I can assure you, even if you start and don’t finish, you will be much more aware of what you are eating in the future!

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