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The course is designed to be done over 6 weeks, but you can take longer and do it at your own speed. Within 24 hours from paying for your course, we will email you details on how to access your course along with the links. So much of the stress and tension we normally experience comes from our mind; and many of the problems we experience, including ill health, are caused or aggravated by this stress.
At the Mayo Clinic website you can learn more about the benefits of meditation as well as the different types of mediation you can do.
This is part of the National Institute of Health’s website and will offer you more information about the benefits of meditation. It’s only one of many techniques, but it’s easy, takes very little time, and is thoroughly enjoyable. Most westerners don’t find sitting in a lotus position very comfortable (myself included ~ not enough yoga lately), so instead, find a comfortable chair that you can sit upright in. If you have never meditated before, you might like to take a minute to relax your body, one part at a time. But long before you’ll do that, you will notice your world changing for the better all around you. Every student I have taught how to meditate has reported positive change in their external results very soon after learning this simple technique. Stay tuned for an update to this page where I will post a free, guided meditation mp3 download video (available now!). If you know someone who could benefit from learning how to meditate, send them to this page by clicking one of the share buttons below. Jim, I don’t know how to thank you for being there and sending these wonderful messages. I myself began meditation without that purpose, and attained bliss through that means, but some people disregard meditation because they want other things, not realising that it would also help them with what they want that’s positive.
I am currently facing lot of difficulties, I have read in many cases, meditating would bring change in our life, and I belive so.
I sell a meditation audio that I use personally (have been developing it for the past 5 years now), which 99% of my clients also use. I actually use different forms of meditation, just zen in the morning for 20 minutes and a guided meditation audio in the evening.
Meditation guru David Fontana reveals the secrets for mastering this beneficial practice with this practical, engaging guide to finding inner peace. Mediation has been used for centuries across the world as a way of relieving stress and anxiety, encouraging mental and physical relaxation, enhancing creativity and releasing our true spiritual and emotional selves. Written with a refreshing clarity and simplicity, this accessible guide draws upon all of the world’s meditation traditions to present an eclectic and thoroughly practical programme for inner peace.
Brimming with innovative exercises, visualisations and affirmations, this is a book that helps attune us both physically and mentally whatever our mood or need.
In this guide on how to meditate I will answer all of the basic questions of how to meditate, what meditation is, why it’s important, the benefits of meditation, and a basic exploration of the process itself (what we are doing when we meditate). Learning how to meditate is learning how to surrender a little more each day to your genuine self. Come back to this moment and experience the bliss of being yourself when you are no longer a slave to your mind telling you what you should be thinking, what you should feeling, what you should be doing, who you should be, and who you think that you are. Over the coming pages of this guide we’ll reveal how to learn meditation quickly and for free online. The right way to learn is through a structure course (which we’ll provide for free in just a moment). With a structured course you move logically from one step to the next, learning everything you need to know. A lot of people read about various techniques and then don’t take twenty minutes to actually try the technique.
It really doesn’t matter what you’re learning; the more you talk about the subject the quicker you will learn. We don’t however recommend doing it faster than that as you need to integrate the steps and practices into your life in between each learning session. Click on the link included in our email and you can begin your self-study, self-paced online program. In this introductory course designed especially for beginners, you will learn the basics of meditation along with three specific meditations to reduce stress and promote health and well being. While this website won’t teach you transcendental meditation it will let you know more about it so you can decide if you want to learn it from one of the many TM schools around the country. While many realize that meditation has its benefits, some may not understand that there are different types of meditation other than just sitting there saying “Om!” Learn how meditation can reduce your stress and help you with overall well being. It is the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, part of the National Institute of Health.
Note: this is spiritual meditation with metaphysical thinking so meditation is approached with a spiritual attitude.
The following is a very simple technique that you can use to rapidly expand your awareness and get in touch with your own inner peace, happiness and outer success. Meditation needs to be experienced, and you need to develop over a period of months to really experience what it’s all about because it doesn’t happen overnight.

The important thing when learning how to meditate is to keep the spine erect and make sure the only thing supporting your head is your neck (so you don’t fall asleep). Begin with your feet and work your way up to your neck and face, and finish with your scalp.
Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes there are clouds, and sometimes it is overcast (or stormy!).
I had so many thoughts racing around my head at a million miles per second, I had no chance of letting them be.
In it, I will talk you through this (much expanded) meditation to make it even easier to learn.
I myself, designed a website that revolves around meditation; it is especially for people (like I have seen posting on this thread) who are interested in maximising their wealth. It is our greatest asset on the road to self-realization, inner peace, personal and spiritual mastery, and embodying our highest potential. This is the absolute basics of how to meditate, so if you need a more detailed and comprehensive guide on meditation, check out the meditation techniques page. It is best to practice in the same place because it will help make meditation a habit, and because it will purify the energy in that place so that you can relax deeply and get the most out of your practice. Whether you sit on the edge of a chair with your spinal cord erect (unsupported by the back of a chair if possible), sitting on your heels in rock pose, cross-legged on a cushion, or simply lying on your back on the floor, make sure that your spine is in perfect alignment. If seated, tuck your chin in a little towards you chest (not on your chest), with your heart lifted slightly, and rest your hands gently on your knees or your lap. You can either look towards that point gently, or if this is uncomfortable, just bring your attention to that point. Become aware of the perpetual flow of your breathe, in and out; allow it to soothe you, and on the inhale fill yourself up with peaceful, vibrant energy, and on the exhale release all tension of your body and mind. At first when we sit down to meditate we will be so identified with our thoughts that we will be caught up in every one thinking that it is us that is thinking them, and that they are defining us. If we sit down day after day, then personal mastery will grow in direct relationship to our powers of attention. It is something we all can do and master, and the mastery of meditation is what allows us to experience our true nature as pure, silent consciousness, and really delve to the depths of our being.
It is a continual process that you master a little bit more each day as you discover more about yourself and your potential each and every time you practice. Meditation is the natural state of all human beings, and we have had to work ourselves very hard to condition ourselves out of that natural blissful state of unity with the universe. A website dedicated to the research of a variety of scientific and spiritual disciplines, and applying that knowledge to help you live an inspired life and change the world. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact. Because the idea of this article is to learn meditation quickly, we’ll move onto the actual techniques now. From authors to spiritual gurus, I've been blessed to have many truly inspirational figures in my life. Even if you have never meditated, you can soon do meditation regularly with a little practice. Whether you are a beginner or have been meditating for awhile, you’ll be sure to discover more about meditation. A great site especially for analytical types interested in how meditation helps them physically or emotionally. A special favorite are their 108 meditation techniques, where you’ll always learn something new about meditation. First I just felt a bit more aware of my thoughts and was amazed that this feeling stayed with me the whole day. Put your awareness into your nose and all the way down into your lungs, noticing your abdomen rise.
It calls out the false, conditioned thoughts and feelings you have accrued over the years, and you will slowly realize that you are not those things. David Fontana puts his 35 years of experience into a series of exercises, visualisations and affirmations that will bring meditation into any lifestyle.
As a great Indian Sage once said, “That is real which never changes.” By learning how to meditate, we learn how to access this never-changing, infinite, and eternal aspect to who we are. Practicing somewhere where you cannot relax will make it difficult to meditate, maintain your practice, and get the most out of your practice. If you cannot achieve perfect alignment immediately, sit in the best posture that you maintain and be conscious of the fact that you are working towards better alignment. Tucking your chin in helps you to maintain perfect spinal alignment allowing energy to flow freely up your spine into the higher centers of the brain and beyond, and when your heart is lifted slightly from the inside you allow energy to flow unobstructed through your heart center.
This will allow you to develop your powers of concentration and attention which are essential to mastering your mind. Allow the language of your breath to replace your thoughts, so instead of thinking, breathe consciously and allow the sound of your breath to replace your thoughts. At first your body will want to move, fidget, get up, twitch, run away, jump, scream, kick, twirl, and do anything but sit. Yet over time you will recognize another, much greater presence within yourself: a silent awareness that is observing all your thoughts.

We will become so powerful in our presence that thoughts will not occur unless we choose to think them, unless they are directly from source – the universal mind (our true nature). You are destined to grow in the process of this unfolding and we are here to give homage along your way.
In a moment we’ll cover all the most important techniques, but first let’s get started by covering the basics of meditation and by giving advice on how you can get stated today. Perhaps they’ll read an article on breathing, then go on to visualisation, ducking and weaving between various articles, with no sense of structure. Make sure to discuss what you learn with other people and get them involved in the process too. I suggest you map out five minutes every single day to begin with, moving up to ten, then 20 minutes a day after a few months. You might think it’s impossible, but millions of people meditate around the world and make it work. Perhaps you hear a sound in the environment and that triggers another thought ~ let it be okay and just observe those thoughts. Your thoughts are like the clouds: they come and go, blowing across the screen of your awareness. I have been calmer with my problems which are obvs in my mind but I am at more of a peace with them but sometimes that anxiety takes over.
Meditation is an internal practice, and when you maintain a still position for extended periods of time this gives your mind a chance to break its bonds and become free, and it gives you an opportunity to experience yourself as pure consciousness.
I go into greater depth of the importance of attention in my articles developing attention and what is meditation?
Our thoughts that clutter our minds just beneath the surface are there only because they have not been adequately acknowledged and processed. They do not over-think, they think when they need to and when they are contemplating something deeply to understand it and learn. Here on Expanded Consciousness you'll find inspiring stories, insightful information, and a forum to contribute to the advancement of other visitors. You can’t learn by reading; you can be introduced to techniques, but you can’t truly learn them unless you do  them. This is a great site especially for those new to meditation or those looking to jumpstart stagnant meditation.
Transcendental Meditation is one of the most popular meditation schools today worldwide and this is great way to learn more about the type of meditation they do and what benefits it offers. Guided meditations with soft music lead you through meditations to help achieve your goals.
You have thoughts and emotions (in fact, you will experience your life more fully when you become aware that you are not those things), but you will no longer be controlled by them. The place that you choose should be silent (or as close to silent as possible), because only when it is externally silent can you learn to observe and perceive your internal state with true clarity.
If you are uncomfortable, then readjust to a more comfortable position always working toward better posture (especially spinal alignment). As we patiently observe our thoughts and practice non-attachment with them, then we begin to identify with this silent awareness and we will come to know it as our true and divine nature. By observing them and detaching from them they have then served their purpose and are allowed to be free. There is a lot of great information here about meditation and it is perfect for that curious beginner.
Learning how to meditate will open your conscious awareness and catapult your personal development.
Every time you realize it has wandered, bring your attention back to your third eye, and your awareness back to your breath.
As your body gets more used to sitting, then focus on moving less and less unless you absolutely have to due to pain or a fire or something of that order of magnitude. The more we get to know this silent awareness, the more our thoughts begin to slow down, until there is large gaps in between them of silence. As we persist in our practice eventually the backlog of thought is gone so that there will come a time when there are no more thoughts in our minds striving for attention. Best of all this site leads you step by step through meditation assuming you have no prior knowledge so you’ll be sure to learn everything. Just focus on the blue sky, your awareness, your breath, and the thoughts will take care of themselves. In that silence we will find peace, bliss, love, clarity, and inspiration which is at the core of our being. This is the point where the mind naturally stops and we get to experience our silent awareness fully.
This is also the point where we can consciously and creatively think our own new thoughts to consciously create our lives, if we so choose.

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