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This would appear to mean that feelings and beliefs are integrally tied into confidence and in my experience, I have definitely found this to be true! I believe the best way to increase your belief is to become increasingly competent (typically over time) in the area that you desire.
Eventually you will get a taste of success that increases your belief (and your confidence!) around what’s possible. AND, motivates you to keep trying until you master and succeed at the goal you’ve set before you! With each small success you experience, you will experience an increase in your belief AND in your confidence! Improve Your Confidence Pinterest Pictures, Improve Your Confidence Facebook Images, Improve Your Confidence Photos for Tumblr.
Becoming self-confident does not happen in an instant, but it is something you can improve if you work at it.  Try these ideas and then concentrate on the ones that help the most.

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In one of the most popular TED talks, social psychologist Amy Cuddy outlined a simple hack that can increase your testosterone and lower your cortisol (a stress hormone) in as little as 2 minutes. Simply by adopting a ‘power pose’ for a minimum of 2 minutes, you can significantly improve your posture and your confidence. Lacking confidence can be a huge personal problem and can cause social anxiety. There is an idea however, that you should ‘fake it till you make it’. Even for those that have a high self-image or high self-esteem in place, there will always be moments throughout life when we struggle with confidence!! You can also grab your free 20 minute coaching consultation to find out more about how a life coach can assist you.

Slouching and having your hands in your pockets especially are low power poses. In everyday life, this kind of body language speaks volumes about your lack of self-confidence. Imitate your general idea of confidence, and eventually you’ll be exposed to all sorts of scenarios that require confidence. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
When meeting new people, it’s important that your body language conveys feelings of confidence. First impressions go a long way and are partly based on a person’s posture.

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