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During the course of my day, I work with people both on my team of coaches as well as customers and people seeking sdvice on health and fitness.
Or a customer or a person following my blog or Facebook page comes to me for help, and they are discouraged because they can’t reach their goals, or feel that the goal is maybe unreachable entirely so why bother. Or maybe I’ve been struggling with something and feeling down, and wondering if I am on the right track. And I hear my voice as I am talking, and that voice is saying to me, “See, you need to follow your own advice.
And when I offer counsel to someone else, maybe about the same thing, or something similar, to what I’ve been struggling with myself, it grounds me. So when you help another person through any sort of difficulty, you are usually giving sound advice.
In How to Help Others without Losing Yourself, you will learn to assess whether the decisions you make will drain you or energize you, evaluate your own needs, regain control of your boundaries and keep them healthy, and finally, give yourself permission to recharge. Debbie Holmes is an educator, speaker, and author of How to Help Others without Losing Yourself.

Debbie regularly hosts workshops on strengthening community programs for youth at risk, and she works directly with helper-educators to assist them with skill development of their front line workers.
If you are a Helper, you are probably well-acquainted with the intrinsic rewards of helping others, as well as the draining effect helping can have on you. By adopting these strategies of self-care, you will function more successfully over the long term within your chosen helping profession; you will be an expert on How to Help Others without Losing Yourself!
For the past 16 years, Debbie has taught academics and life skills to youth and adults in the Surrey School District, one of the largest school districts in western Canada.
Fiona was very professional from start to finish and was always available to answer my questions and worked with me until I was completely happy with the results. You are even able to give suggestions that you realize, as you’re speaking, are a good idea, and hey, it will work for you too.
Burnout is a common side-effect of working in a helping role when we, as Helpers, give more of ourselves than is healthy for us. The result: we lose our boundaries, we lose ourselves and we lose what is really important to us.

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Can you dynamically change to market changes, but yet be stubborn enough to persist when you need to?
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