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For as long as you strive for growth in any of the key areas: physical, financial, mental, emotional or spiritual, fear will accompany you on your journey. But if you run away from fear and resist its presence, destiny will grant you nothing more than mediocrity. If you want something you have never gotten before, you need to do something you have never done before.
Amygdala Hijacking: Stimulus goes from the eye to the 1) thalamus (reptilian brain), 2) the occipital lobe (mammalian brain), and finally 3) the amygdala (human brain). Here are 7 tried and tested methods to be in the latter group and use fear as the fuel for your inner fire. As long as you choose to keep working out the courage muscle, when life hands you struggle and adversity, you will be better prepared to grow from it. To use any emotion as a driving force for positive change, we must separate ourselves from the emotional brain to engage the human brain. It could be fear, or it could show up in a different form, such as laziness, depression or anxiety. Fully experiencing the emotion, labeling it and then acknowledging it will allow the emotion to dissipate so it no longer paralyzes you and you can keep moving forward in creating the lifestyle of your dreams.
Photo Credit: LinkSometimes its best not to spend too much time thinking about or sitting with the fear.
This strategy works particularly well for anything that requires one single action in service of reaching your desired goal.
For example, during my 7th skydive, despite having jumped out of the plane 6 times, I was terrified. By pushing past that fear the one time and strengthening that overcoming fear muscle, I no longer felt that fear when I dove again. However, it may also be necessary to keep pushing forward despite the fear for more long-term endeavors like writing a book or growing a business, because the fear is present throughout the process. In the above examples, you could focus on the family waiting for you when you land or the impact you will make to your audience or the freedom from making money when and where you want.
Practice reframing your fears into excitement and you will start to see new possibilities available to you everywhere.
Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Let’s say you want to run your first marathon.
Your environment has a significant impact on your life, but you don’t have to be a victim to it. Go to networking events, athletic clubs, toastmasters, wherever there are others pushing past their fears in the manner you wish to do so, find them and spend more time with them.
Small action steps reduce the impact of the fear because they make it easier to take action without being overwhelmed by the large list of “how to’s” that inevitably present themselves in any new endeavor. Once you break down the desired outcome into smaller steps, the next step is to set up preemptive strikes to act on those steps, especially in preparation for the moments when you know that fear will paralyze you.
Let’s say you are interested in running a marathon but fear, in the form of laziness, is holding you back from training for it. A preemptive strike could be keeping all your running gear right inside the front door as soon as you step home from work or having your spouse unplug the TV and keep it that way until you finish your run.
In one study with elderly patients recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery, researchers split the participants into two groups.
They found that patients that used preemptive strikes were taking a bath by themselves in 3 weeks, while the other group took 7 weeks.
Creating preemptive strikes is a very effective way to ensure action when you know your emotional brain will sabotage you. In his research, John Cacioppo found that his participants had stronger electrical activity in their brain when exposed to negative stimuli as opposed to positive ones. Although we are evolutionary created with this bias, we still have the power to choose outside of it. Additionally, look back into the past for moments when you pushed through fear and felt unstoppable.
Use the summits you have reached in the past to see what works and use that knowledge to reach the summits waiting for you in the future. Akshay Nanavati is a Marine Corps veteran of the war in Iraq, an adventurer, a trained success coach by an ICF accredited institution, he has been personally trained by bestselling author Jack Canfield and is an avid student on human psychology that reads over a book a week on the subject. How to Overcome title on a spiral bound book to offer advice or help in overcoming a problem, disorder, illness or challenge in love, life, career or health. Schools are supposed to be safe places to send children, but unfortunately disasters and violence don’t care.
While it’s important to be up-to-date on current events, news programs often practice sensationalism and media images and reporting can trigger and further upset your child.
The world isn’t always a safe place but we need to be able to give our children a sense of safety and comfort. Depending on the age of your child, older children can feel reassured when they’re able to be among their peers. Depending on the traumatic event and your child’s reaction, your child may benefit by talking with a professional.
Pam Myers received a BsEd in Education and her teaching credential from USC and was a 6th grade teacher for 13 years for the Ocean View School District in Huntington Beach, CA.
The article introduces to people simple yet unique tips on how to overcome fear of failure that allow them to achieve success quickly. Furthermore, this article takes people step-by-step through a process of discovering how to get clarity on their life's purpose and dreams, and how to make them real. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
I'm a Canadian Mom Blogger & Life Love Liz is a family friendly blog where I share about my life with my kids, the food I love and and all the things I enjoy doing.
Dysthymia is a form of milder depression that persists most of every day for most days, for two years or more. How do we know when we’re experiencing depression, versus just having a bad day or week or month or year?
The hardest part of depression in motherhood is often the fact that we moms can’t afford to be depressed.
Untreated maternal depression is the number one predictor of future behavioral and cognitive problems in the child. It is associated with less positive parenting practices, like smiling, reading to, and talking with children.
It can affect social development, since children of depressed mothers often take on the low self-esteem their mothers tend to exhibit. And untreated depression can negatively impact marriage and relationships as well, often leading to depression in one’s husband or partner, or too often, to separation or divorce. There are many ways we can treat depression, including self-help, social support, and professional help like therapy and medication.
One thing Jen shared was how important it is for her to have a game plan, and I agree, it’s crucial.

Follow your plan and adjust as needed.  It will take time to figure out what you need to become depression-free, just like it will take time to heal from depression. With honesty, openness, and work, your family will not suffer as a result of your suffering. In our last post we looked at what’s behind the rise in allergies and this post is looking at what you can do to help your family avoid allergies.
But there are lots of things you can do to protect your family from some of the everyday things in our homes that could contribute to allergies.
Cocoamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB) is used in dish liquids, hand and body washes and baby products like bubble bath.
Enzymes Industrial enzymes used in laundry detergents, can remain in your clothes and sheets, even after the final rinse. Optical Brighteners are added to laundry detergents to make fabrics and other substrates appear visually whiter and hence “cleaner” but the health issues associated with optical brighteners are allergic reactions and skin irritation. Fragrances, (even plant-based essential oils), can trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive people.
Use products with natural plant-based fragrances or if you’re particularly sensitive, you might be better off using fragrance free products. Avoid scented candles, artificial air fresheners or products with strong smelling fragrances. Put off cleaning with strong smelling chemicals – especially oven cleaner and bleach, until your child is away or asleep in another room.
Dust mites are tiny microscopic organisms that live on mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture, carpets and curtains and while they are a common allergen there are some things you can do to help minimise their effect. Use a vacuum cleaner with either a double-layered microfilter bag or a HEPA filter to trap allergens. Condensation on windows or walls, stuffy air and mould and mildew are tell-tale signs that you need better ventilation.
I think it is very easy for all allergies to be lumped together but they are very different.
You probably want to know how to overcome fear but it is not something to be overcome or conquered.
What that means is that all life experiences pass through the fear brain before they arrive in the human brain.
So, any time you take a risk and try something new, that experience is first sent to your reptilian brain, which decides whether the risk is worthy of paralyzing the rest of your brain. Courage is just like any other muscle in your body, it needs to be tested and stressed in order to grow stronger. It doesn’t have to be a leap outside your comfort zone, it could be something that just takes you one inch outside of it. They could be as simple as talking to a stranger or as monumental as climbing Mount Everest. My guilt from losing a friend during the war in Iraq drives me to give meaning to my life and make an impact on the planet. Lieberman, a researcher at UCLA, found that the act of labeling an emotion reduces the impact it has over us.
In every situation in life, you can choose to focus on the disempowering aspect of it or the empowering one.
More often than not, fear is a result of a meaning you are creating in your head, such as the plane will crash so I am scared of flying, people will think I am stupid so I am afraid of public speaking or my business will fail so I am afraid of starting one. Imagine how much easier it would be train for it if every one of your neighbors, friends and family members were also training for one.
They will serve as your spotters as you continue to push your limits and strengthen your willpower muscle. I work with many people who are too scared to quit the jobs they hate because they have no idea how to build a successful business.
It is far less scary to find just one client than it is to start a multimillion dollar business, isn’t it? Whatever it may be, the point is to plan out a very clear action and set up conditions that make it as easy possible to take that action at a precise time during the day.
One group was told to use preemptive strikes to plan out exactly when and where they would do things like take a bath or go for a walk. Download his free “Life Mastery Blueprint” if you would like to learn more about how to develop an unstoppable mindset and master the psychology of success. From natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding, and tornadoes, to bullying and violence, there are several things that both parents and kids are forced to deal with and think about on the daily. They’re going to hear enough about the incident at school and from talking with their friends. When something frightening happens to your child, it can be incredibly stressful on you, too.
I didn’t act out but begged to be sent away to school on East Coast where I thought my skills would be more appreciated. At the beginning of the article, the author indicates that the fear of failure might be the strongest force holding people below their potential.
In this report, Van Dang gives readers tips to attract other people to help them create their dreams and goals, and methods to build a detailed plan for creating a miracle in their life.
The website supplies readers with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including entertainment, business, health, and lifestyle. If you need to hang a lightweight curtain using a tension rod over the door instead, do that. These animals are great for children as they can help them feel more soothed and comfortable. If they are worried about something in the closet, simply show them that nothing is in the closet, or put a battery operated pop on light in the space to light it up.
Christina Hibbert Leave a Comment ShareDepression affects one in five women throughout their lifetime and is especially prevalent during the childbearing years. While the lifetime rate for women and depression is about 20%, the majority of these episodes occur in the childbearing years.
Seasonal depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, is also common in women of childbearing years, and is believed to be more common in women who are also vulnerable to PMS.
PMDD most commonly affects women who have at least one child, are in their late 20’s-early 40’s, and who have a family or personal history of depression or postpartum depression. Trust me, as a mother who struggles with depression myself, that’s the last thing I would want to do.
We need each other, especially in times of discouragement, grief, heartache, and depression. Even one little activity each day that gets you dressed or interacting with people or out in the sunshine or out of the house can make a big difference on your mood. For one thing, we’re using more chemicals in our homes and people may get diagnosed with an allergy when they’re actually reacting to a chemical they put on their skin. Yet SLS is an industry benchmark for skin irritancy, and has been used in clinical studies to induce contact dermatitis.

It’s cheap and effective but contains the impurities amidoamine and dimethylaminopropylamine, which can cause skin sensitisation.
These are designed to break down fats and protein stains in your clothes but can keep working when in contact with your skin, causing itching and irritation. As well as the chemicals we eat and drink that have been added to our food in the form of pesticides, preservatives, colours or flavour enhancers or the chemicals we put on our skin in our soaps, shampoos and cleaning products that give us longer lasting foam or the illusion of whiter and brighter sheets, we also breathe them in.
These disperse a mix of chemicals which may include synthetic fragrances and phthalates to mask unpleasant odours in your home. Children breathe more per kg of bodyweight than do adults which makes them even more vulnerable to any harmful effects of chemical fumes. And finally, the human brain gives us the power of reason, imagination and abstract thought.
The compound effect of those inches over time leads to a life of joy, accomplishment and fulfillment. The level of risk in the activity is of lesser importance than the degree of courage required to engage in it. Likewise if one were to only seek out pleasure, they would never experience the gift that is adversity and the growth that comes from it. It results in decreased activity in the emotional and reptilian brain and an increase in activity in the part of the brain associated with focus, conscious direction of thought and emotion management. Ask questions and listen to them as they share what they experienced, how they feel, and what they’d like to do about it. For example, in the case of a natural disaster, your child might enjoy volunteering to help those affected. Sometimes experiences take some time to get through and a professional can teach a child coping skills and work with them to clarify their emotions and their reaction to the incident. I was both an early soloist with the Louisville Ballet and won many art contests that led to working with my Father at our family furniture store, also with my Uncle a famous designer on rug designs that were for a high end hotel and on designs for the KY State Parks. After the “Tips on How to Overcome Fear of Failure,” article was released, a lot of people can overcome their fear of failure effortlessly and achieve success in their life with a few simple steps. If you have a child who is afraid of the dark, here are some helpful tips on how to help the child overcome that fear.
It will provide some privacy but still prevent the child from feeling closed off from everyone. Pregnancy, postpartum, hormone shifts, sleep depravation, and the pressure of parenting and raising children while also dealing with life changes and stress, all combine to make depression in motherhood common. 10% of women experience depression in pregnancy, 15% experience postpartum depression, and if untreated, maternal depression can last for months or even years. It makes sense, doesn’t it, considering the extreme stress, lack of sleep, hormonal shifts, and life changes that occur in the mothering years? It’s estimated 85% of women experience at least one significant symptom of PMS each month, and PMS is most common and at its worst among women in their childbearing years.
Major depression isn’t something you just wake up and “get over.” It’s something you must work to overcome.
This will look a little bit different for each person, but pay attention and see what things help you feel better.
Despite this, its used in products that contact your skin including laundry and dish detergents, shampoo, hand and body washes, and baby products.
If your child is in the room with you, have an open window to let plenty of fresh air circulate. To move through it, simply break down the desired goal into smaller pieces and create action steps only to the first piece. The goal is to help them slowly resume a normal life, and the media can impede their progress. Be honest with your child if you’re unsure what the answer is or if you don’t feel comfortable giving them all the facts. If you’re able to stay calm, at least when you’re around your child, they’ll pick up on that. Below you will find 5 ways you can begin using now to help your child overcome a fear of the dark that are both easy and effective. Providing a little light in a dark room allows for them to feel safe yet leaves the room dim enough for a good night’s sleep.
This type of depression may go away when the situation clears up, or it may persist, especially if it was never dealt with.
Your list may include things like, “I need to talk with a friend each day, to go for a walk, and to get to bed early.” It may include, “I need to give myself a break, to say “no” more for now, and to go out with my husband at least once a week.” What do YOU need when you’re in the throes of depression? SLES is often promoted as a more gentle alternative to SLS but due to the synthesis process it goes through, SLES has been found to be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, a suspected carcinogen. You can also choose it to mean that this was a learning opportunity and a chance for growth. Maintaining routines and providing structure also helps a child feel safe and know what to expect. Eat well, get enough sleep, and try to alleviate some of your stress by talking with friends and getting the reassurance and support that you need.
Van Dang, the author of this writing advises people that they should eliminate negative beliefs and thoughts in order to improve their mental health naturally. Search out those people in your life who make you feel comfortable, who “get” you, who understand depression and will be there for you.
If you believe that you can achieve them, you are much more likely to do so,” says Charles L.
Sometimes, it helps to have a friend or family member who will check up on you, who will push you out of the house or stop by to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Raison, MD, clinical director of the Mind-Body Program at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. But, explaining to those who love you most that you’re having a hard time and are working on it is very helpful.
Moreover, people will learn a reframing technique on how to see the difficult situation from a difference point of view that is more positive than their current view. Therapy is a great place to start—to learn coping strategies and help solidify your game plan. The writer also encourages readers to change their beliefs about failure because it can minimize their fear of failure fast and improve their confidence dramatically. If your depression is moderate to severe or if self-help and therapy don’t work, you may want to talk to your doctor about trying an antidepressant. The truth is, they probably already know something isn’t “right,” and talking honestly with them about it can be reassuring, if it’s done right. My close friend struggled to even tell her husband she was suffering from depression and anxiety. She tried to handle it all on her own, and she eventually took her own life. Again, the stakes are too high.

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