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It should go without saying that you should treat everyone you interact with during the day with respect and consideration even if there weren’t any benefit to doing so.
Have you ever missed a sale at a supermarket, convenience store, or department store by a day or a couple of hours? Like sales, people in customer service often bear the brunt of the public’s anger over decisions their company or manager makes. Occasionally, offering to do some work around your apartment building, condo, or house rental might lead to a decreased rent. If you frequent a store, restaurant, or business often enough and always maintain a nice attitude toward the employees, you might find that after awhile, they’ll reciprocate your nice attitude in any way they can. This entry was posted in Frugal, Personal Finance, Relationships, Saving Money, Shopping and tagged be nice, consideration, good attitude, help others, helpful, save money. Being curteous to your restaurant servers by saying please and thank you pays off big time and it makes them feel appreciated.
We once had a waiter tell us at the end of our long dining meal how pleasant it would be to have us stay all evening. It can be incredibly conflicting trying to live a life that serves others all while clinging to alone time for mere sanity. I don’t think I would ever appreciate the beauty of being an introvert without being married to an extrovert.
I think God knew that I desperately needed an extrovert not only in my life, but in my house.
Being present is so closely intertwined with being intentional, but still deserves its own point. It is totally possible to be an introvert and still enjoy loving on others…it takes effort and practice, but it can be the most beautiful thing. The quadrangular Rauda Gate, so called because of its proximity to the graveyard, has inside of it a magnificently adorned dome and traditional trompe l'oeil red painted bricks with white markings. As most people have learned, you have a better chance of getting something you want if you’re nice rather than angry.
Sales is a thankless job and often salespeople have to deal with a lot of angry customers who yell about things that are usually out of their control.

And while no one likes paying fees, sometimes a well-meaning, generous customer service representative or salesperson will be willing to cut you a break. How many times have you been having an awful day only to have it made better by something seemingly insignificant? We have a cafe by my office where they give you $5 off your 10th Meal, which almost pays for my lunch. I barely made my flight to Nashville (cheap flight using Priceline cut the connect time mighty close), which meant that my bag did not.
I have come to believe that Jesus designed introverts to not only teach others how to rest, but also to push past the comfort zone and love others deeply.
I have learned ways to love others through my extroverted husband that I would have never thought possible…God knew what He was doing. I’m not going to invite a friend to come grocery shopping with me because not only would this not be intentional, I also would not be able to be fully present with them. It was here, beside the Palace of the Lions, where the royal family interred its deceased family members. The remaining side has a door that leads to the interior of the Palace of the Lions, to which it is joined; however, the two palaces were actually connected in the Alhambra prior to the construction of the pavilion. The fact is, however, that being considerate to others can often result in you saving money.
Just like being nice to a salesperson might help you negotiate a lower price, sometimes your nice attitude might mean you still get to partake in that sale. Treat them with a positive attitude and you might learn about upcoming private promotions or what other stores are offering a better price.
If you call the customer service line to ask about a fee or promotion, remember not to take your anger out on the customer service rep. But if you’re one of those people who does maintenance work or landscaping work out of kindness, you could just see your kindness rewarded when your landlord is writing up your renewal notice.
However, some restaurants, diners, and cafes are more than happy to give away gift certificates or free menu items for loyal customers.
In the short four years we have been married, I have developed some tips, I’d guess you could say, about how an introvert can best love others.

When I am with others, I have to be intentional about loving on them and spending quality time with them.
It is totally okay to say no to going somewhere, just have someone keep you in check that you aren’t becoming a hermit crab backing into its shell. However, depending how much you donate, you can deduct charitable donations from your taxes. Asking how a cashier’s day is will result in a free coffee or a genuine compliment may result in a discount. So, what happens if one time you forget your wallet when you’re trying to pay the tab? If you’re a fan of a certain restaurant, try writing a Yelp review or a Google review praising the spot.
I get my energy from being alone, or with a very select few people…this, by definition, classifies me as an introvert.
It truly is a balancing act…usually causing us to bud heads over what plans we will make for the next week. Do something that takes so little mental effort that you are able to fully give your time to the other person.
The worst that can happen is the salesperson doesn’t offer the sale price of your item. Sometimes positive reviewers receive gift certificates from the manager or owner as a thank you. I got a hygiene kit which definitely came in handy, and my bag was delivered to my hotel by mid-morning next day.
Karma might come back to reward you and that employee might tell you not to worry about the bill. If you have a blog that specializes in restaurant reviews, you might have restaurants begging you to come try out their menus free of charge!

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