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Connect with us on your favorite social media platforms and add a daily boost of motivation to your feed(s)!! Never Grow Up - Self Portrait - Scrapbookpasion Iniciar sesion Buscar Carrito: 0 producto Productos vacio Ningun producto Envio gratuito! 1 Comment   Grow Up or Grow Young It has been said to enter the kingdom, be as little children.
Marion Smith MOTLEY collection with vintage roller skates, auto buggy and bright color palette.
Found it very touching and truthful about how we all need to be reminded once in a while, to just be the moment and value and nourish the gift of the present!
Never Grow Up collection from Marion Smith Design features double sided scrapbooking papers including a so sweet cut up girl. Also, great reference to the "13 Angels" song, perfectly appropriate to encapsulate the message being received by me!
What one will be when they grow up is merely a role, a working role that’s part of living in this 3D world.

Puede obtener mas informacion, o bien conocer como cambiar la configuracion, en nuestra pagina sobre politica de privacidad.shipping & Returns\r\nEl transporte de su paquete\r\nLos paquetes son generalmente enviados en 48 horas despues de la recepcion de su pago. Growing up = becoming a drone, a slave like robot to the systems, to the working environment. Sea cual sea el metodo de envio seleccionado, vamos a presentar lo antes posible, un vinculo que le permite rastrear el envio en linea de su paquete.Gastos de envio incluyen el embalaje, la manipulacion y envio.
Pueden contener un fijo y una parte variable basado en el precio o el peso de su solicitud. They view these working roles with child like wonder, wide eyed anticipation of how absolutely marvellous it would be to be a doctor or teacher. It is like we are compartmentalized and incomplete until we become the magic number of a grown up age. What I mean by this term is I grow into youthfulness, re remembering my true authentic self that is child like: innocent, joyous and free. With this being said, we are constantly rejuvenated through reincarnation, we are growing young.

Through rebirth, we are born as a baby; we go back to being an infant, back to unlimited possibility. Career, house, marriage, children then death…does that sound like limitless potentiality to you? This shift of consciousness into a new world will break down these barriers that limit the soul.
We are born into this contrived world for the last time, for we are returning to our natural loving childlike state.

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