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For a woman celebrating her half-century Barbie is remarkably unchanged from the young, fresh-faced Wisconsin girl who first came into the world on 9 March, 1959. Barbie Millicent Roberts is a woman with a very controversial reputation and mostly it stems from her long legs, tiny waist, ample bosom, slender neck and flowing blonde locks. Some argue her body shape would be unobtainable and unsustainable if scaled up to life-size. That's a lot more achievable than one in 100,000, giving weight to the argument that pressure is put on girls and women to be an unrealistic size. I'm sure part of Barbie's problem if she were life-sized would be the extremely small size of her feet. Several generations of girls have now played with Barbies, and yet grown into women who are more than ever educated, accomplished, competitive in all industries, involved in politics and governments. Ok, let's assess the woman's logic who has surgery to look like Barbie: 'It's empowering to change your looks and not settle for what you are born with.' Does she even know what empowering means? Barbie dolls came after my time, but when I first saw one, I thought it looked completely weird.
From CosmopolitanKelli Masters grew up in a football town in Oklahoma, where sports were always a part of life.
They claim she would not be able to stand up because her body frame would be so unbalanced. Academics from the University of South Australia suggest the likelihood of a woman having Barbie's body shape is one in 100,000. Mattel has a standard set of measurements for Barbie, but dolls can vary slightly so any self-respecting researcher would measure one themselves. She would surely have a hard time staying upright on those tiny feet with those enormous breasts. My brother recently received a Ben 10 doll, should I be worried my brother will grow up wanting plastic surgery to look like an alien villain?
I'm 5'8", I have a 28 inch waist, and a significant cup F bust that, yes, really is all mine and not Dr Plastic's. So I would like to see a psychological research paper proving that Barbie has a negative effect on young girls' development.
Girls, even grown women have been fed this idea that it's desirable to look undernourished and stick thin and end up with eating disorders trying to achieve it. She is meant to appeal to young girls, so it makes sense that she shares some features with them, such as being skinny with small hips, in order to engage more with her audience and make it easier for her players to project themselves onto her.
When it came time to pick a career, she first explored journalism, and then decided to go to law school, competing in pageants - including Miss America - to cover the cost.
Of those who have - usually critics or academics - no one has come up with a definitive answer as to exactly what her measurements would be.
She has run with the idea, making a lucrative career out of marketing herself as a life-size version of the doll.
When researchers at the University of South Australia scaled up Mr Barbie to life-size proportions, they concluded that the chances of a man having his body shape is one in 50.
All I seem to see of the Bratz dolls are their plastic knee-high boots, mini skirts and unconscious desire to become single teen mothers.
Only an anterior psychological problem could cause a person to want to model themselves to the image of a toy.

It is the very antithesis of empowering to go to such lengths to conform to a sexist stereotype of sexualised feminine appearances that you actually have surgery. Role models start at a very early age, dolls, magazines, fashion shows all contribute to this nonsense and the people responsible should be held to account. Brings a whole new dimension to the phrase 'lollipop head.' And for the record, I am 29 and have a successful career - my early (and ongoing) love of dolls has in no way disempowered me. While Masters was working as a lawyer, a retired athlete came in to ask for help with his foundation.
Researchers at Finland's University Central Hospital in Helsinki say if Barbie were life size she would lack the 17 to 22% body fat required for a woman to menstruate. As long as a child is brought up in a well-structured environment and has strong real-life female and male role models to look up to, it is irrelevant to question whether her dolls are called Barbie, Bratz or Polly. This is a great example of how women are socialised into gender stereotypes for social approval and then defend their actions as 'empowering' when they clearly have no education in what that word means when applied to female emancipation. Our kids should have a safe, sensible idea of being healthy and everyone is responsible to help them learn this. Beyond my childhood, I've not felt the urge to emulate him and if there has been any outside pressure to do so, I have unconsciously resisted it remarkably well. I'm pretty sure my girls don't expect to look like Barbie any more than I expect to look like Superman. Certainly no-one seems to be making similar complaints that Fred Flintstone presents children an unachievable role model - although his proportions similarly cannot be reproduced on a real human being. It horrifies me that children are given role models that require them to starve themselves AND have cosmetic surgery.
Masters is now one of a handful of successful female sports agents, boasting first-round NFL draft picks and Super Bowl winners on her growing roster of clients. She wants to help them create a legacy.I grew up outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where football is king.
I went to my first game at age 3 or 4, and I remember how much I loved the excitement of it. It was 1995, when the OJ Simpson trial was going on and the Oklahoma City bombing happened. I worked as an intern and as an associate producer whenever they needed someone to come in.
View gallery.The summer after my first year [in law school at Oklahoma State], I clerked for a law firm in Austin, Texas, and the following fall, I went to clerk for judge Gary Lumpkin on the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. My job was to prepare research on [other judges'] rulings and present it to my judge, emphasizing whether or not he should defend or concur with the opinion.
I chickened out from entering and did a smaller, local competition for Miss Shawnee instead. Then I had to take a year off from law school to fulfill all the speaking commitments and prepare to compete in Miss America that September.I traveled seven days a week around the state at speaking events, parades, and performances, talking about making positive choices, goal-setting, and self-esteem.
View gallery.When I went back to finish law school, I interned briefly for a law firm in Oklahoma City, and they hired me as an associate after graduation. I was hired to do litigation, but I agreed to come on board only if I could also work on nonprofit law. I had been so focused on achieving goals, and I think I hit a point where I realized all the medals and crowns in the world were not going to be ultimately fulfilling.

Working with nonprofit organizations would give me that purpose.In 2003, I was contacted by former OU star Josh Heupel [who is now a football coach at the University of Missouri]. He wanted help setting up his #14 Foundation [which raises money through events to help children in need]. A lot of players want to [use their money to help others] and they don't know how to go about it. I helped this former player and his family set up the foundation from scratch - including preparing all the necessary legal paperwork, advising on a business plan, and suggesting ways to market it - which led to interest from other athletes and their families.
I started asking questions about their world - how they were managed, whether anyone had asked them their goals and dreams, and what they wanted their legacy to be.
Players were coming out of college, some of them from backgrounds where they never had the opportunities or the money or the platform before. They were coming into the system being represented by agents who would do the contract and not much else. I realized I had a chance to influence influencers, to impact lives of young men who will have a far greater reach than I ever will. I could teach them how to maximize income opportunities, help their communities, and build their legacy.I called Kristen Kuliga, who was one of the first female NFL agents, and asked as many questions as I could.
I only take on a few cases with the firm, and about 90 percent of my legal work is with my players. The whole [application] process with the NFL Players Association starts in January and you go to D.C. If you pass the test, you pay dues to the union, pay for professional liability insurance, and then it's, good luck! View gallery.I set up my own company separate from the law firm, while still working as a litigator, trying to build up my roster of clients. I signed my first client my first year as an agent: Cody Hodges, the quarterback from Texas Tech. 3 pick in the NFL draft, which made me the first woman to represent a first-round pick in the NFL. I reach out and make contact with them or someone who knows them, hoping to get a conversation or a meeting.
There are agents constantly trying to compete against me, saying whatever they have to say to get a player away from me. Others have given back to the community by providing meals and gifts to needy families during the holidays. My players have also traveled to Uganda on humanitarian trips and have sponsored orphans in Haiti.
One of the most memorable experiences with my players was when I took a group of them with me to Haiti. The experience had such a lasting impact on all of us and opened our eyes to the many opportunities we have to make a difference in the lives of others, whether it's in our own communities or around the world.

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