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So I have been into this foreign bank account and wacky investment strategy stuff for a long time. So today I am happy to say that she just transferred all of the assets she had in US bonds overseas. My point in all this is that I am not only doing this myself but I am also pushing my family to do the same thing. That is a chart of the Brazilian Real vs the US dollar and Brazilian bonds are paying over 10%!!!
OK I gotta go help my daughter pack for her first overnight camp experience..But consider this a KICK IN THE PANTS!!!
My family is thinking about traveling to Panama in the future and my brother (who has traveled there several times) is scouting out land for us to purchase. You can see the downside here… Lots of banks around the world are now just refusing to take US customers. The OREA standard form agreements of purchase and sale provide for a closing “not later” than a certain time.
The moral of this story:   if you are the seller, as soon as the deal is closed (completed), it’s time to leave!
Marg Scheben-Edey is an award-winning real estate Broker who has successfully been helping people move since 1989. April 16 Portland, ORStudents United for Nonviolence sponsored event at Hoffman Hall on the Portland State University campus.1833 SW 11th Ave. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
A federal court has ruled that under existing Kentucky law, a school district must provide due process when revoking an inter-district transfer once it has been granted for that school year. Both the state of Kentucky law and Owensboro Public School district regulations have expressly adopted regulation that states that expulsion from school requires a hearing. If you believe that your child’s transfer has been terminated unjustly, please contact The Law Office of Gregory R. Tagged expelling a student on an inter-district transfer, expelling an out-of-district student, G.C. A Federal Court of Appeals has just upheld the use of drug sniffing dogs where a student claimed his constitutional rights were violated by his forced separation from his belongings in order that a dog drug sniff could take place. The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit ruled in favor of a Springfield, Missouri, school district and two of its administrators in a suit alleging that its policy of having students wait outside of a classroom while drug sniffing dogs swept the classroom for illegal narcotics represented an unconstitutional seizure of the student’s possessions. The crux of the legal case was whether separating the student from his belongings constituted an unconstitutional seizure of his personal belongings.
In a concurring opinion, one justice argued that this separation does not even rise to the level of a seizure. Regardless though, under the assumption that a seizure did in fact take place, the seizure here was not unreasonable. The court also noted that the government possessed a legitimate interest in keeping drugs out of schools. In the case, two twin brothers, Sean and Steven Wilson, created a website called NorthPress, part of which contained a blog.
During December, 2011, the twins added posts to the NorthPress blog which included a variety of sexist and racist content. In additional testimony, the Wilsons stated that they only told five or six other students about the site, but by December 16, 2011, the student body was definitely aware of the site’s existence, and school administrators became aware of it that same day. During this hearing the District argued that student body wide discovery of the site had indeed caused substantial disruption.
A federal district judge ruled in the boys’ favor, holding that while the speech may not be protected, the boys were suffering irreparable harm by not being able to attend their regular school. The court’s decision is in line with a number of Federal Courts of Appeals holdings addressing student off-campus speech which creates a campus disruption.
In addressing the issue of irreparable harm to the twins, the 8th Circuit held that the school the boys were to attend was accredited and would allow the twins to graduate on time. The case brought up another novel legal issue which the Court was able to dispatch without ruling on its merits. The three judge panel made no determination as to whether the CDA applied here, since the point was moot. In the end, the decision of what is to happen to the boys pending a final decision on their case was left to the lower court. At first, Andrew was given a 10-day suspension, but the school board later voted to extend the suspension citing the district’s zero-tolerance policy for weapons policy which states that students who use a weapon to threaten, intimidate, or injure another student are subject to expulsion for a 365 period absent extenuating circumstances.
In all this, the fact that the student was an honor student who wrote letters of apology to each of the victims and also offered restitution to the families in the form of raking leaves at their homes seems to have never been taken into consideration. The lower court, despite upholding the school board’s decision, noted in its holding the absurdity that Andrew could be expelled for shooting spit wads, but if he had instead simply walked up and punched a student in the face, the maximum punishment would be a 10-day suspension. In this case, Andrew, an honor student, was preparing himself to gain entrance into the U.S.

If schools are going to continue to attempt school expulsions for disciplinary infractions of this sort, more court cases are sure to follow. While this student is out-of-luck, it can be hoped that the Court will take up such a case in the future and give guidance on the appropriate uses of zero-tolerance in school.
Because of a case I have been working on, I have recently been looking into young children being suspended and or expelled from schools based on charges that they broke school rules with regard to sexual behavior. I would argue that even if the boy was singing the song to the little girl, his actions do not constitute sexual harassment. School officials need to be mindful that the adult context of sexual offenses does not translate well at the elementary school level. It is important to note that the education code that defines what sexual battery is refers to specific sections of the California Penal Code.
If your child has been suspended and or is up for expulsion due to a sexually related offense, it is important for you to protect your child’s rights. A utilizacao do Software sera regida pelos termos do contrato de licenca para usuario final que acompanha ou esta incluido com o Software. Aceito tambem a instalacao da extensao do chrome que oferece automaticamente ofertas e descontos relevantes de acordo com minha navegacao. When it’s time for a move in or out of a bigger, smaller, better, more expensive, less expensive, newer, older, house, condo, farm, investment property, vacant lot or business, talk to Marg.
Nobody else will be able to log in because we have not figured out how to stop voluminous spam ruining the site. Lopez which held that the 14th Amendment’s Due Process Clause applies to suspension or expulsion from school where a state has conferred a property interest in public education. Springfield Public Schools,  was brought about when Springfield police arrived at Central High School during the 2010 school year. The students were out of the room for approximately five minutes before they were allowed to return. In 2009,  SPS contacted the Greene County Sheriff’s Department to request random drug sweeps during the 2009-2010 school year. The court noted that k-12 public school students do not possess the same expectation of privacy as does the general public. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit handed down a ruling this week that a blog created by Missouri high school students containing both sexist and racist speech was unlikely to be First Amendment protected speech.
It was shown during the case that one of the Wilson twins used a school computer for the purpose of uploading computer files necessary for the creation of their website. Following a brief investigation, the school suspended the two boys for ten days and referred them for expulsion. In the trial, the Wilsons argued that their website was satirical rather serious and that they were not racist. District argued that returning the boys to Lee Summit North would cause further disruption at the site and could endanger the boys’ safety.
Applying the Tinker standard, the court reasoned that here, while it was contested whether or not the speech occurred on campus or not, the speech had as its target the students of Lee Summit North. Further, on the issue of college scholarships, the Court held that potential scholarships were too speculative in nature to constitute harm to the boys. The lower court had found that the twin’s post had been disruptive to the school, not just the single post of the third student.
Supreme Court has turned down a case involving application of a school district’s zero-tolerance policy regarding weapons to a student who shot spit wads in class. During lunch one day, he made the unfortunate choice to shoot small plastic pellets from the broken tube of a ball point pen at three students during the break.
This is another example of how zero-tolerance policies are being used in ways that make zero sense and children’s lives are being harmed in the process. While everyone wants schools to be safe, expelling this student in this case does nothing to advance that goal.
According to Equal Rights Advocates, there are two types of sexual harassment that occur in schools. This occurs where due to unwanted comments, touching, or gestures, a student is prevented from benefiting from their education.
First, it is hard to imagine that the girl who was being serenaded, if you believe school officials, had her education experience so tainted that she was unable to benefit from instruction. Another California case illustrating this trend occurred in Hercules, California where at Port Lupine Elementary School, a first grader was suspended for sexual assault when, allegedly, his hand grazed the other boys private areas during a game of tag.
Having a suspension or expulsion for sexual violence or harassment on your child’s academic record can have far reaching consequences.
The news stories and photos posted are property of the original sources, original authors and any shortcoming in giving them credit is unintentional.
The next sentence in that clause provides that vacant possession is to be given “upon completion” of the transaction.
As is true in most if not all states across the United States, in Kentucky, a hearing is required before an expulsion can occur unless the student’s presence is dangerous or disruptive.

The dog did not alert to any drugs during the search, and the students reentered the classroom. The policy under which this search occurred had been implemented to address a known drug problem.
Given this interpretation, Judge Loken argued that no government seizure took place at all. Students can be required to not touch their possessions, be required to leave them outside the room, or to leave it in a secured area for school activities. SPS provided evidence to the court regarding the number of drug related incidents over the last 11 years. The racist posts discussed various altercations that had taken place at the school and mocked black students.In addition, a third unnamed student added another racist post.
District records also show that the website was accessed two other days, but District was unable to prove who accessed the site or whether they merely looked at the site or contributed files to it.
There ensued a hearing, then an appeal by the Wilsons, then a second hearing at the conclusion of which the Wilsons were suspended from Lee Summit North but were allowed to attend Summit Ridge Academy.
With its decision, the six-month school expulsion stands since the student has no further recourse. While the victims in the incident did report that the pellets left red marks, no one was injured by Andrew’s actions.
The district referred the incident to the criminal courts where the honor student was accused of assault.
The students were never in danger, nor was it even argued that the student intended to cause bodily injury to the other students. It is important to note that sexual harassment is perceived through the eyes of the person receiving the message, not the person who delivered it. Secondly, although I do not have access to all the facts, I find it difficult to believe that the young girl even perceived the song as a sexual overture.
The parent of the suspended child posted about it on school law blog and a massive uproar ensued, and the school eventually backed down. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ruled 2-1 that a student’s due process rights were violated when the school district terminated his inter-district transfer for disciplinary reasons without a hearing after the transfer had already been granted and the child had begun attending school. Where a student is deemed dangerous or disruptive, a hearing is still required, but the student can be suspended from school pending the outcome of the hearing. Under that policy, certain randomly selected rooms are chosen to be sniffed by police dogs trained to identify belongings containing illegal drugs. However, any person could access the website provided they knew the website address: NorthPress was not password protected. The boys testified that December 16, was pretty much like every other day at Lee Summit North. The gist of their argument was that as publishers of NorthPress,the boys were merely providers of a computer services, NorthPress, and they cannot be held responsible for the content of the third student’s racist post, which they contended during the case that if there was a disruption, it was due to that post, not theirs. Andrew was required by the court to attend a diversion program and took anger management classes and substance abuse classes. He has been informed that based on this incident and the ensuing disciplinary actions, it is virtually impossible for him to pursue his dream. This occurs where a person in authority offers a student some advantage in exchange for sexual favors, i.e. One particularly thorny issue is when a school disciplines a child who is not labeled as special education but for whom there exists a basis for reasonable suspicion that the student might indeed be a special needs student. Their additional testimony related to the fact that attending Summit Ridge Academy was deny them the opportunity to possibly attain a band scholarship and also to take honors level classes.
Due to this, he has now decided to try to get into the Virginia Military Institute instead.
After a meeting with the parents, their attorney, and the superintendent wherein they were informed that the revocation would stand based on the fact that G.C. There is certainly no argument that this occurred between the young Colorado student and the female to whom school officials assert he crooned his song.
The exception to this is egregious examples of sexual harassment such as sexual battery or the like. It is important to note that nearly all the statutes include a requirement that the action must have been undertaken for the purpose of sexual gratification, which at most ages of elementary school students is simply not possible.
Enrollment, the court stated, occurs when the student registers at the beginning of the school year. Generally, it is acknowledged that a person must have begun puberty to possess such an intent. Attendance, rather, is the on-going ability to attend the school once a student is enrolled.

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