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Before we figure out how to get organized, the first question we need to answer is do you need to be more organized? Do you find yourself buying the same items more than once because you either can’t find the first one or forgot you had a duplicate?
Do articles that contain the words “how to get organized” cause an immediate headache?
I don’t care if everything matches or looks just so as long as the objects in my house fulfill some purpose. True organization is about being able to find what you’re looking for when you need it. Whether it’s 15 minutes of decluttering or 15 minutes of filing, take action every day. My worst organization problems came from a pile of things that had nowhere to go – papers that might need to be filed, an overwhelming amount of schoolwork papers, a screw I found on a desk that might belong to something important, etc. I’ve made the mistake too many times of getting one room organized, only to find that it returned to its prior state within weeks or months. If your storage is hard to get to, or if your organization system is complicated, you want use it and you know it. While we originally started as a frugal blog, we have now expanded and are proud to regularly feature family friendly activities, entertainment, recipes, products and much much more. Back to school means going back  to a daily routine with needed structure for kids to be successful in school. The Clean & Scentsible blog shares how to get organized for back to school with great tips and ideas to easily transition for back to school. Maintaining a system of reading Dr Seuss books and doing activities that go along with each book. Work on your skin, take shower daily, use quality cosmetics, don’t ignore the faults and most importantly stay calm. We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account. These are surface-level changes that bring short term relief or pleasure, but don’t address the deeper state we are actually seeking. Instead of being prepared, we aren’t sure what’s next, we don’t know what’s for dinner, we lose our keys.
Instead of knowing where each item belongs, we set things down absent-mindedly wherever and end up with random piles all over and we can’t find what we need when we need it. Instead of knowing our commitments and responsibilities, we just have a vague, nebulous sense of “ought” and guilt and obligation that we can’t nail down. When we feel frustrated and defeated and as if we’re banging our heads against a wall, it’s usually at least partly because our reality doesn’t line up with our expectations – how we expect life to go and how we want to be able to handle it. Now, sure, we have to deal with our reality and work on better habits and regaining some semblance of order.
On the one hand, we’re dooming ourselves to panic attacks or mental breakdown if we seriously expect we’re going to live up to the Perfect Ideal of Organized & Clean. On the other hand, we’re selling ourselves short if we therefore throw up our hands, decide it’s all impossible, and settle for mediocrity.
When we feel frustrated and defeated and as if we’re banging our heads against a wall, it’s usually at least partly because our reality doesn’t line up with our expectations. Rather than fixate on the disorderly piles or the lost keys, take small steps toward each of the three areas of organization. This habit of looking ahead and doing small steps to smooth the way for times you know you’ll be pinched for time or stressed is key. The project of finding homes for things, much less getting them there, can easily be a year or two-year project. How do you know whether or not you should say yes or no to any incoming request for your time?
Only careful thought and maybe discussion with your husband or a close friend can help you iron these things out.
One way to help you get to that point of clarity is to do a brain dump to get all the thoughts about your responsibilities and commitments and obligations out of a jumble in your head and onto paper, where you can sort through it all with more perspective. I have a short guide that will walk you through a thorough brain dump so you can get to clarity.

A planner or binder will help you keep track of all the tedious tasks and hopefully lighten the mental load. Have a wrapping party with friends. A little hot cocoa or maybe some wine make it a fun, relaxing event. Don’t wait until Black Friday! Do yourself a favor and purchase gifts throughout the year.
Keeping your holiday decor and gift wrapping necessities neatly stored in marked containers saves you both time and money.
You can repurpose egg cartons, shoe boxes and larger cardboard boxes to store your beautiful ornaments.
Find the right ornament and gift wrapping storage containers to keep your closets tidy and organized. Always double check for delays or gate changes a few hours before departure. Those airports like to keep you on your feet when you least expect it.
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I finally realized that the ticket for me was to find the Goldilocks level – just right.
The initial big push to get organized must include some thought and planning into how to maintain what you’re accomplishing. Zoning your house means dividing it up into smaller portions to make it easier to get some real work accomplished. Write the actual chores in a permanent marker and mark them off with dry erase marker as you do them.
Get more photo about home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad.Full size is 700X790 (Link to full-size image) pixels. We have to make sure we know what our goal is and what we mean by our words before we can achieve it.
When we’re not organized, we feel the pressure of the opposites and it makes us want to crawl under the covers and not even begin the day. You have to know what your top responsibilities are and whether or not you have extra time and energy after fulfilling those.
But it is worth the mental effort required, because when you have that groundwork laid, you have a filter which makes decisions easier and you banish vague guilt about saying either yes or no. And by that, I mean it is time to share the greatest and newest organizational ideas with you! Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, compares our visible clutter to that of our state of mind. More and more stores are offering Black Friday pricing mid year to make up for revenue slumps.
In fact more financial institutions used to offer Christmas savings accounts, but as the economy changed so did our budgeting habits.
There are countless times I’ve bought wrapping paper and ribbons, only to find that I had an unopened roll in the closet. There are a few factors completely out of our control like Mother Nature and airline delays.
Keeping all your necessary travel documents where you can easily find them will save you time and prevent the eye rolls from the excessively long line behind you.
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I like my house and office to be in some semblance of order (it drives me nuts when I can’t find things), but it does not bother me at all to have some clutter around. I only recently adopted this practice and I can’t begin to express how much easier it is to find things.
Your house should be zoned into something like bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, kitchen and dining areas, entryways, and extras cleaning. This will show you what has been accomplished and what needs done so that you stay on task and organized, no matter how hectic the rest of your day may be. I'm Kim a working mom of 2 kids (probably guessed that by the name didn't you) and we also have some other great friends, family and writers who help make this site possible.

If there's content you'd like to see us add to make visiting more fun for you or your family, let us know! You have to know whether or not this incoming request is something that fuels you or drains you.
I can tell that you all love organizing as much as I do, which is why I love to bring you these ideas every once in awhile. It’s always best to get started early, so now is the perfect time to get yours put together. Staying organized and year round planning can make a huge difference for those of us who are budget conscious. You’re not only adding to your Christmas budget, you are prepping your home for the influx of guests. You could even divide it up into sections, like the first three rooms of the house, the middle three, and so on. Then there are the dressers or tables that need to have papers and other odds and ends placed where they belong. Also, by doing it in this manner, you don’t have to waste time rewriting the list every week.
For example, Monday can be dedicated to bedrooms, Tuesdays can be dedicated to living areas, and so on. However, unless we begin with our heads and our hearts rather than our closets, our efforts will likely be doomed.
And we have to be willing to go through times of trial and error to figure it all out, being open to grow and stretch and learn.
Gather the library books tonight and stick them in the car so they’re ready to go in the morning? You have to know whether or not this or that activity furthers your goals in your areas of responsibilities or if it will distract you from those goals. From ribbon organization (genius) to saving money by organizing your laundry routine, these new ideas are so great! On the other hand, the traveling, wrapping, and shopping madness, well…it can be OVERWHELMING! Why not maximize your time spent by getting your grocery and gift shopping done all at once? We lay everything out and pack once we’ve double checked that we have everything on the list. I always have the urge to add more surfaces since you always need more places to put things, but have decided I’m better off clearing off the flat surfaces that are already in my house.
If they have no home, they will always constitute a disorderly pile, no matter where they are. When November comes rolling around, withdraw your funds and reduce the amount you spend from your monthly budget! This even comes in handy when you go to clean the rooms, too, because you can have a zoned list to keep your organized and on track as to what you should be doing.
If you have three bedrooms in your home, you start with the master room and pick up floors, declutter tables, and anything else you need, then move on to the next room. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but it doesn’t need to be over-done or complicated. All of these tips on how to get organized are from bloggers that linked up with me at Whimsy Wednesday. Think like a Boy Scout and hit the season with the motto “be prepared.” So come join me and get organized for Christmas!
I’m not sure what it is about organizing, but when you get a little crafty with it, you can actually create a beautiful space in your home and that feeling can be addicting!
By scheduling things in this manner you know you’ll have the time to actually do them.

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