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This is an excerpt from an email I got from a reader earlier this week… Have you ever felt this way before?
So the next time you’re lacking motivation to exercise try one or two or ten of these tips!
The purpose of this email is to show readers that I’m an actual person who wants to help them start making positive changes in their life. When I first started doing this I was expecting to get lots of different replies, but almost every email I have received has had the same theme: laziness. Unfortunately, people tend to think of motivation as one of those things that you either have or you don’t.
The people who can seemingly force themselves to get up and work like Trojans all day, while you can’t even get out of bed, understand the process of getting motivated. But where do you start? These are all great reasons to exercise, but they aren’t specific.
You need to think about what’s most important to you, and what small steps you can take towards achieving it.
Write it down: You can write it down in your journal, on a post-it note, on your phone, or on your computer. If I had known about step 1 (above) I would have had one, clearly defined goal in mind and could have got started right away.
For those of you who are like me and are suffering from paralysis by analysis, I created the Beginner Bodyweight Workout. Once people have got over the initial feeling of hating exercise, they start to want to do a little better each time they work out. Having a record of how many push-ups you did in your last work out will give you that drive to do more.
A good support group or close friend will encourage you to stay committed to your goals because you don’t want to let them down.
In his book, The Power of Habit, Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business, Charles Duhigg explains how habits are formed. As time goes by, you will find that the reward from exercise is the way it makes you feel afterwards, or the fact that your support group tell you how great you are doing.
GET YOUR FREE EBOOK (AND MORE)!Enter your email to receive your free copy of the Beginner Bodyweight Workout that you can do anywhere, at any time. Travel Strong is an award-winning blog helping over 100,000 monthly readers get stronger, leaner, and fitter, anywhere. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we were always motivated to do the things we know we need to do.  Cleaning the garage, preparing taxes, and, of course, exercising!  Why is it that we don’t need a Coach to motivate us to do things like take a vacation, meet buddies to watch the game, or watch the season premiere of our favorite TV show?  Wouldn’t life be sweet if getting up 45 minutes earlier than normal was as easy as giving in to the dessert tray?  Ahhhh, let’s take a moment and dream of that magical land.
The word that jumps out at me in that definition is ACT.  You may think you have a deep desire to exercise and eat better, but you keep telling yourself you will act on that ‘when you find the motivation’. These are ok answers to start with, but if that has been your answer and you still haven’t taken action because you lack motivation then obviously those reasons aren’t a real motive that ‘causes a person to act’. But what if we start with one of those standard answers and dug a little deeper?  We can start with a simple answer like “I want to drop a pant size”, but if we ask a few more questions we might find out the real reason someone wants to exercise is because they lost their Dad to heart failure. Most people would have stopped there and thought that was a good solid goal.… Not Coach Jimmy! WOW! That’s a much deeper motivation than just wanting to drop a few pounds before swimsuit season! Once we find our WHY story, that doesn’t mean we are going to spring out of bed every morning excited about our workout. I invite you to stop by my Facebook page and let me know what motivates you to exercise even when you don’t feel like.
Regular exercise is such an important part to our everyday health, but some of us cannot find that constant motivation to follow through on our goals that so many of us set for every New Year’s Resolution. Giving yourself a reward such as a smoothie or being able to sit down and watch your favorite show after you exercise can help create a “habit loop”, which involves a cue to trigger the behavior (setting out your gym shoes next to your bag, the routine (making it to the gym), and then the reward.
This one may be a bit more extreme but holding yourself to a commitment to yourself makes it a little easier to “get out of”. Visualizing the benefits of a behavior can help you create that motivation to get up to run in the morning or get to the gym after work. No matter your motivation factor, you’ll know you’ve succeeded when the day comes and you can’t imagine skipping your workout.
Many people have lost the motivation to exercise because they have misconceptions about what it takes to see results.
You can regulate appetite and stress levels, stand a little straighter, and even fill your days with more strength and energy. Health experts say a simple, well-rounded fitness plan is all it takes for sustainable weight loss, but the key is being consistent. When it comes to motivating yourself to exercise, it’s so hard to get your brain in the game—and keep it in the game—that’s why we created a program specifically for it.
We use positive suggestion, repetition and reinforcement, relaxation techniques and visualization to help you “see” your future ideal shape and work toward it every day. Despite knowing the benefits of regular exercise, it can still be tough to motivate yourself to exercise. Try IdealShape 100% RISK FREE!  We know the power of this shake and our products.  That's why if you are unsatisfied with our product in any way, simply return the shake or product to us and we'll give you a refund of the purchase price up to 30 days after your order date. Obviously regular exercise is important; I can quote countless studies and research trials concluding the health benefits of working out regularly. I promise that you will find the motivation and inspiration you need to make your next workout legendary!

I wanted a routine that burned fat and built muscle simultaneously, made me strong, improved endurance, made me fast, and was so good that I would be able to do it for the rest of my life without having to think about changing it. Those months I wasted would have been spent making progress and finding out what type of exercise I really enjoy. People can lace up their shoes, head out, and try to go a little bit further than they did before.
Typical weight or bodyweight workouts include a number of different exercises, and unless you keep a log of what you have done it’s easy to forget when you come to your next session.
I have it with me during my workouts and write down everything I do as I go, but that’s just me.
They will encourage and congratulate you on your hard work, but also call you out when you skip a workout or overeat. When it was first invented, people were made aware of the benefits, but nobody bought it because there was no psychological reward. But if you’re just starting out you need to reward yourself with something you already enjoy, such as a bar of chocolate or glass of wine. You won’t have to have an internal argument about whether or not you are going to exercise today. If your goal is important to you, you need to get back on track as soon as possible after a setback.
You can take control of your life and begin to accomplish the things that always seemed impossible to you.
As a subscriber, you'll also receive exclusive tips that you won't find anywhere on the blog. I think the easiest way of making something into a habit is to do it at the same time every day.
But now that I asked, his desire to improve his health stemmed from wanting to encourage his parents to do the same so they would be around to see him start a family. Having an extrinsic reward is powerful because it helps your brain create a link to the “good behavior” making it worthwhile.
Instead, try making the commitment in front of friends and signing a contract agreeing to pay a friend $20 every time you skip a gym session or pilates class. According to Gabriele Oettingen, PhD, psychologist at New York University and author of Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation says that these “feel-good” fantasies are effective when accompanied by more realistic problem-solving methods. Research looking at monetary incentives found that people who were paid $100 to go to the gym doubled their attendance rate. The important thing is that you’re exercising on regular basis, and you’re doing it for you. In fact, the best way to motivate yourself to start exercising is by committing to just 30 minutes of movement, three times a week.
As soon as you start building muscle, you’ll start burning calories at an even faster rate. Brain training is a wonderful tool for rewriting beliefs and, in turn, creating unshakeable exercise habits.
From procrastination, to fear, to simply not knowing what to do with those hand weights, the reasons not to exercise pile up pretty quickly.
You can break the cycle of exercise procrastination simply by embracing a positive self-image. You know them already – lower risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, better lung function, less chronic disease, etc, etc, etc. Often times people are intimidated by the gym or simply don’t like running and therefore lack the desire to exercise.
One of the absolute best motivators out there is to find a buddy with whom you share a common goal.
If you do the same exercises as part of the same workout at the same time most days of every week, you’re going to get burnt out. The shower is the trigger for brushing your teeth, and you therefore never forget to brush your teeth.
Having very clear and specific goals is critical to knowing what you’re achieving, and the more you achieve the more you want to keep going. The first time I heard the song Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas was toward the end of an intense workout. So for instance, it could be that you wake up, have a cup of coffee and then do your exercise. And they want to be a parent that sets a healthy fit example for their children.  Well THAT answer is much more likely to get someone off the couch than just the generic “I want to lose weight, if I could find the motivation”. Over time, your motivation will become intrinsic, and your brain will start to associate the sweat and pain with the surge of endorphins that you receive after a great workout. Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert, PhD, assistant professor of medicine at Stanford University who studies health decision science states that “It’s a simple notion of changing the cost. If you don’t have a benefactor to give you the money, check out the app Pact, in which a community of fellow users will literally pay you to stick to your schedule. Add to that an odd phenomenon which psychologists have discovered: we have an innate tendency to view our present selves as indulgent and our future selves as more disciplined. In “Motivation to Exercise for Effective Weight Loss,” David teaches you to let go of all past failures and false ideas (oh, I’m not an “exerciser”), and realize that you ARE that disciplined, motivated person—today!
For me, the biggest key to staying motivated is to find something that you really LOVE and then go do it!
Set up dates and times with this person that you will exercise and then do all that you can to stick with it!

The fresh air, the ever-changing scenery, and just the sheer variety of exercise available outdoors is enough to keep workouts varied, interesting, and exciting.
It seems like I can usually get an additional rep or two per set or pick up my pace while running for that 3-4 minutes. We’re all about praises for a job well-done and being showered with rewards any time we succeed.
But did you know that your attitude and thinking before a workout can actually have a huge effect on how successful it is?
You know what route you took last time, or what distance you covered, and you only need to go a little further.
Eventually, that cup of coffee will become the trigger, and your body’s circadian rhythm will adjust so that it is most ready for exercise in the mornings. After you’ve trained your brain to recognize that the workout itself is the reward, you won’t even want the treat. I say I’m going to make a commitment to do something for a certain amount of time, such as exercises 30 minutes three times a week for 12 weeks.
After identifying your wish and visualizing the outcome, you have to identify what’s holding your back (mental contrasting).
If you miss your session, you authorize the app to charge your credit card or PayPal account.
For a few walks in the park each week, you can start to cut your risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Our newest CD, “Motivation to Exercise for Effective Weight Loss,” is designed to help you develop a realistic exercise routine you will actually stick to--because a little exercise goes a long way!
Listening to the “Motivation to Exercise” CD for 28 consecutive days will help you create a desire to exercise regularly and a firm belief that you will create and maintain your ideal shape for life. What happens when working out for the sake of working out just isn’t enough of a push to get you to do it? Trust me – you will be a lot more motivated to go if you know that someone is going to be there waiting for you. Overcoming monotony is key to motivating workouts – take things outdoors and identify the things you love about being out there! Keeping your music fresh is an excellent way to stay motivated and energized throughout your workout. This perceived lack of progress is one of the main reasons people become disinterested and ultimately give up. You log your workouts, get points for the exercises you have done, can set yourself challenges, and people in the same boat as you offer support and advice. Anything that instantly gratifies is picked over something you have to invest in and wait for a return. For the next couple years, whenever I heard it, no matter what I was doing, I had to work out then and there.
In a study of 51 female students who claimed they wanted to eat fewer junk food snacks, researchers asked each woman to imagine the benefits of nibbling on better foods.
When you reach your goal, you get paid out of a common pool funded by yourself and other pact-breakers. Of course, it’s a never-ending cycle–when tomorrow comes, we’ll be our “lazy” selves again. This is hard, and I’m tired, and the sun is hot, and my feet hurt, and I would just rather be home right now,” how long do you really think that run will last? Taking a before picture (and putting it somewhere you can see it!) provides you with an accurate baseline that you can refer to often and see what kind of improvement you’re making. It could be as soon as you get home, as soon as your lunch hour starts, or as soon as you wake up.
Those who identified the trigger that made healthful snacking difficult for them, and came up with a plan to reach for fruit when cravings hit, were more successful at sticking to their goal. Today I am sharing my top 10 tips to motivate and inspire you to complete your next workout. From the 50 Best Running Songs to the Best Workout Songs of the 2000’s, Tone and Tighten has you covered!
And when you get back home how likely are you going to be to get back out and run in the next day or two?
If you’re bored and lacking motivation to workout, try doing something you’ve never done before!
Maybe find something to reward yourself with to keep your spirits up, but the real reward will be months or years down the road.
If you’re feeling too tired to go the gym after work, “after your imagine the obstacle, you can figure out what you can do to overcome it and make a plan” explains Oettingen. For example, switch to a morning or lunchtime workout or heading straight to the gym instead of going home first. If you enjoy doing an activity you will find yourself looking forward to it and making time for it instead of dreading it!

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